Why Do We Drink Orange Juice In The Morning? (All You Need To Know)

Orange juice has a place at the breakfast table in nearly every household. It is second nature to have a glass of it when you’re prepping for the morning rush.

It’s also a great beverage at any time of day. So why do we drink orange juice particularly in the mornings? I did the research and here’s what I found out!

Why Do We Drink Orange Juice In The Morning?

Drinking orange juice in the morning has been the standard practice ever since Albert Lasker promoted it as a healthy breakfast beverage. As orange juice is rich in vitamin C, it provides an energy boost and promotes positive emotions, both great for starting the day. Additionally, orange juice is even better than coffee in the morning as it stimulates the brain more. 

If you’re eager to uncover the reasons behind drinking orange juice in the morning, the benefits it will provide, and why it is better than coffee, then keep on reading!

When Is The Best Time To Drink Orange Juice?

Orange juice is best consumed during breakfast or the first half of the day. It contains high amounts of complex carbohydrates that digest better at these hours.

You can also opt to drink orange juice before or after a workout to restore your body’s energy levels.

Additionally, it is also great when consumed with a raw vegetable dish because OJ has alkalinizing properties helpful for digestion.

Why Is It Good To Drink Orange Juice In The Morning?

Orange juice is good to drink in the morning because it provides the body with an energy boost to help you perform well throughout the day.

Moreover, orange juice is rich in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and is effective in improving attention, motivation, and reaction time.

Consuming 100% orange juice is also beneficial because it evokes positive emotions and helps you start the day in a better mood.

On top of this, orange juice also aids the body in absorbing nutrients better, especially if you drink it alongside your morning supplements.

When Did Americans Start Drinking Orange Juice For Breakfast?

When Did Americans Start Drinking Orange Juice For Breakfast?

Americans started drinking orange juice for breakfast in the late 1920s.

This was due to a successful marketing campaign to solve orange overproduction. Albert Lasker concocted the hit campaign “Drink An Orange” which promoted orange juice as a morning glass of healthfulness.

This immediately led to Americans consuming it over breakfast as they were particularly health-conscious at the time.

Is It Good To Drink Orange Juice On Empty Stomach?

Drinking orange juice on an empty stomach is helpful because it keeps you full for longer hours due to the complex carbohydrates it contains.

Aside from this, the nutrients a glass of OJ offers can better be absorbed during this state as there is no other food in the way of digestion.

Also, it is proven that orange juice has an alkalinizing effect even though it is highly acidic. This means that consuming a glass when your stomach is empty can purify your digestive system and improve your pH level.

Which Is Better Coffee Or Orange Juice In The Morning?

Orange juice is better than a cup of coffee in the morning because it has more activity-boosting properties and is packed with more nutrients.

It has also been proven that orange juice stimulates alertness more than coffee and makes you energetic for longer.

Both of these beverages have high amounts of antioxidants, but different kinds. Coffee contains caffeine known to increase focus and physical performance.

On the other hand, orange juice contains much better antioxidants called flavonoids that stimulate brain function, prevent cell damage, and minimize stress.

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Orange juice in the morning is a common practice that stemmed in the 1920s due to a marketing ad to solve orange overproduction.

Promoted by Albert Lasker as a glass of healthfulness, oranger juice began dominating breakfast tables in and out of America.

Filled with vitamin C, flavonoids, and other nutrients, drinking a glass of orange juice in the morning is sure to keep you awake, alert, and feeling happier.

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