Orange Juice vs. Apple Juice (Sugar, Ingredients, Taste + More)

Orange juice and apple juice are two of the most popular fruit drinks. Each of these beverages has its own personal charm.

You may find yourself choosing sides between orange juice and apple juice. To help you make an informed decision, I looked into both juices, and here’s what I found out!

Orange Juice vs. Apple Juice

Orange juice and apple juice are both popular fruit beverages known for their delicious taste and energy-boosting effects. Orange juice tastes sweet and tart-like, has lesser calories, and contains more vitamin C, A, and potassium which is great for keeping you awake. On the other hand, apple juice tastes saccharine, has higher sugar content, and contains more phosphorus and sodium. 

Want to dive deeper into the differences between orange and apple juice, their similarities, and much more? Continue reading!

Which Has More Sugar Orange Juice Or Apple Juice?

There are typically 30.96 grams of sugar in every 12-ounce glass of 100% orange juice while 100% apple juice contains 35.76 grams in the same serving.

Both of these juice have high amounts of sugar, even when unsweetened and freshly juiced. For context, a single orange contains 12 grams of sugar while an apple has 19 grams of sugar.

Several of these fruits are needed to fill a glass of juice. Consequently, there will be an even higher sugar content in the drink.

Is Orange Juice More Popular Than Apple Juice?

Both orange and apple juice are sought-after, however, orange juice is more favored and accounts for almost 15% of the total fruit juice consumption.

Orange juice is America’s favorite fruit beverage and amounts to about 497,000 metric tons of consumption in the USA alone.

On the other hand, apple juice comes in a close second with 9% of the total fruit juice demand.

Which Tastes More Delicious Orange Juice Or Apple Juice?

Orange juice tastes sweet and tart-like with traces of bitterness and a zesty aroma adding up to its unique flavor combination.

On the other hand, apple juice is saccharine, caramelized, and tastes exactly as a fruit juice would.

Both juices are delicious but possess different flavor profiles which makes them easier to differentiate from each other.

If you prefer sweet juice with a little astringent taste, then go for orange juice. But if you like honeyed sweetness, pick apple juice.

Which Is Better To Drink In The Morning Orange Juice Or Apple Juice?

Orange Juice vs. Apple Juice

Generally, fruit juices are recommended for consumption during breakfast, before or after working out, or during the first half of the day.

They are best taken during these hours as the complex carbohydrate content digests better during the morning providing you with energy throughout the day.

However, the reason why orange juice is mostly served at breakfast tables is that it has immune-boosting properties and makes you more alert and happier.

On the other hand, apple juice is also a great option as it leaves you feeling fuller for longer due to its high fiber content.

Which Has Higher Calories Orange Juice Or Apple Juice?

Apple juice contains 46 kcal per 100 grams which is equal to about 117 calories in every 8 oz glass.

On the other hand, orange juice holds 45 kcal per 100 grams amounting to 112 calories in the same glass serving.

There is a small caloric difference of 2% between the two juices which is not a cause of concern when you’re watching your daily calorie intake.

Which Is More Acidic Orange Juice Or Apple Juice?

Apple juice contains malic acid while orange juice is rich in citric acid.

Orange juice has a pH level ranging from 3.3 to 4.3 while apple juice has a pH value of approximately 3.35 to 4 meaning both beverages are acidic.

Contrary to the popular misconception that orange juice is more acidic, both fruit juices fall in the same pH range.

Why Orange Juice Is Better Than Apple Juice?

Apple juice may contain fewer extra calories than orange juice but the latter is jam-packed with more vitamins and minerals.

In particular, orange juice contains 50 mg of vitamin C per 100-gram serving, which is 54% more than what apple juice contains.

Orange juice is also superior in vitamin A and potassium content which is responsible for the immune system, fluid balance, and muscle control.

On the other hand, apple juice has more phosphorus and sodium than OJ but only in little amounts.

Is Orange Juice Or Apple Juice Better In Keeping You Awake?

Both orange and apple juice have similar energy-boosting properties which help keep you awake and focused all day.

In particular, these juices are rich in vitamin C and sugar which reduce fatigue and lower stress levels.

However, orange juice is richer in flavonoids which are proven to further improve blood flow to the brain, providing a quick mental boost and better brain cell communication.

On the other hand, apple juice may contain traces of melatonin which in certain amounts can cause feelings of sleepiness and induce better sleep quality.

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Orange and apple juice are two of the most popular drinks in the U.S. with orange juice dominating fruit juice consumption by 15% and apple juice coming in second place with 9%.

Both of these juices are great breakfast beverages, contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, and fall in the same pH range.

However, orange juice and apple juice have different flavor profiles, nutrient focus, calorie counts, and sugar content.

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