Does Orange Juice Wake You Up? (OJ vs Coffee, Effects + More)

Ever noticed yourself feeling sleepy one second then more than a little zestful the next? Well, maybe that glass of orange juice over breakfast is the culprit.

Orange juice is certainly delicious and it’s become a breakfast staple. But does orange wake you up? I did the research and here’s what I gathered!

Does Orange Juice Wake You Up?

Orange juice contains flavonoids that are effective in waking you up. These flavonoids, combined with other vitamins and minerals in orange juice, can increase energy levels, concentration, and reduce fatigue. A glass of orange juice over breakfast or in the first half of the day can keep you up, strengthen the immune system, and stimulate positive emotions.

Keen on knowing whether orange juice can wake you up, its caffeine content, and the best and worst times to consume a glass? Keep reading!

Can Orange Juice Wake You Up Better Than Coffee?

Even though orange juice does not contain caffeine, it can still wake you up better than coffee. That’s because OJ contains antioxidants called flavonoids.

Flavonoids increase concentration, boost energy, and stimulate alertness better than caffeine. They also boost brain activity and improve reaction time.

Combined with the natural sugar and vitamin C found in orange juice, flavonoids give you a better, healthier raise than coffee.

Does Orange Juice Contain Caffeine?

Homemade, freshly squeezed orange juice is 100% caffeine-free, but commercial ones may contain caffeine depending on their manufacturing process.

Caffeine is a naturally-occurring ingredient in coffee beans and cacao. However, citrus fruits like oranges do not contain caffeine.

Unless the brand tweaked the OJ’s formula with more than a few additives to extend shelf life and improve effects, then store-bought ones are also caffeine-free.  The labels should indicate whether your juice has extra stimulants.

Does Orange Juice Help Fatigue?

Yes, orange juice can reduce fatigue.

OJ is rich in several antioxidants that are effective in managing oxidative stress. In particular, the ascorbic acid in orange juice minimizes exhaustion by targeting free radicals and cell damage.

Additionally, orange juice is proven to diminish muscle fatigue. Drinking orange juice after a workout is not only refreshing but can also reduce tiredness.

Can Orange Juice Make Me Sleepy?

Yes, orange juice can make you sleepy but only if you drink too much.

You should only consume a glass of orange juice daily. That’s about 8 ounces a day. Children should consume fewer amounts, about 4 to 6 ounces of juice.

OJ is rich in sugar, which in turn increases blood glucose. With the right amount, it can provide enough energy to perform day-to-day activities.

However, too much orange juice can create an imbalance and make you feel sleepy. It can lead to a sugar crash and extreme tiredness.

Should I Drink Orange Juice At Night?

Does Orange Juice Wake You Up?

There’s a reason why orange juice is not recommended before bedtime, and this is because it can keep you awake.

Orange juice is high in sugar, both organic and commercial kinds. Sugar is known to increase blood glucose which can interrupt your sleep.

Sugar is a stimulant, and orange juice has enough sugar to provide you with an unwanted buzz in the middle of the night.

In addition, OJ is also acidic with a pH level of 3.5. Acidic beverages can cause acid reflux and send you on frequent trips to the bathroom.

Does Orange Juice Make You Feel Better?

Orange has the right blend of vitamins and minerals that can help you feel better.

It is a known immune booster that lessens inflammation which is vital if you’re sick or suffering from the flu.

Drinking orange juice can also evoke positive emotions which are helpful when you’re in a slump or feeling down. It can also make you more productive and leave you feeling refreshed.

When Is The Best Time To Drink Orange Juice?

The best time to drink orange juice is during breakfast or in the first half of the day.

Orange juice is a refreshing beverage that has a collection of vitamins and minerals to keep you alert and awake. Drinking a glass of OJ as part of your breakfast routine can increase energy levels and concentration.

Additionally, orange juice can also boost the immune system and improve mood. Consuming a glass stimulates positive emotions, allowing you to start your day on a great note.

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Drinking a glass of orange juice every morning or in the first half of the day can increase energy levels, boost focus, and stimulate concentration. This is due to its combination of natural sugars, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Since orange juice can give you an energy boost, drinking it before bedtime is not recommended. Additionally, its high pH level can result in frequent visits to the bathroom.

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