Does Orange Juice Quench Thirst? (All You Need To Know)

It can be tempting to pass on a flavorless glass of water and opt for a sweet, refreshing serving of orange juice instead.

While a glass of it is delicious and brimming over with vitamins and minerals, does orange juice actually quench your thirst? Here’s what I discovered!

Does Orange Juice Quench Thirst?

Orange juice can quench thirst and provide hydration because it is made of 90% water. However, orange juice is not a substitute for water because it contains natural sugars, vitamins, and minerals that can be harmful in excessive amounts. Additionally, orange juice is acidic which can cause a dry mouth and leave you parched.

Dying to know whether that glass of orange juice is enough to quench your thirst, if it can be a substitute for water, and what its hydration properties are? Find out below!

Does Orange Juice Make You Thirsty?

No, orange juice does not make you thirsty. This citrus drink contains electrolytes that are effective in hydrating the body.

Moreover, freshly squeezed orange juice is rich in antioxidants which improve cell health and promote hydration. However, orange juice is low in sodium which helps the cells retain fluid.

Does Orange Juice Make Your Mouth Dry?

Yes, orange juice can make your mouth dry.

Drinking OJ can upset the balance of your mouth’s acidity because it thrives in an alkaline environment.

The combination of orange juice (pH 3.5) and the mouth’s basic saliva (pH 6.2 to 7.6) can cause a chemical reaction that makes your mouth dry.

Does Orange Juice Dehydrate You?

No, orange juice does not dehydrate you unless you’re consuming excessive amounts.

Freshly-squeezed orange juice is made from 90% water which makes it hydrating. However, you should check the sugar content, especially if you’re drinking processed and store-bought orange juice, as too much sugar in the body can cause your water retention to drop.

Does Orange Juice Count As Water Intake?

Does Orange Juice Quench Thirst?

No, orange juice does not count as water intake. It is mostly made of water, but it does have other contents that make it unfit as a substitute for pure H2O.

Drinking OJ and other fruit juices, in general, can give a variety of health benefits such as a strengthened immune system, better skin, and a healthy digestive system.

However, nothing can beat pure water especially when it comes to healthy calorie-free hydration and flushing out of body toxins.

What Happens If You Drink Orange Juice Instead Of Water?

If you substitute water with orange juice, you leave yourself open to dehydration and other health risks.

While it is true that orange juice can be more hydrating than water, it does not have the purity of a regular glass of water.

Moreover, the sugars and additives present in orange juice that make it a great hydrator can be the culprit of health problems if taken in excess and its carbohydrates can even lead to weight gain.

Can You Live Off Orange Juice?

No, you cannot survive by consuming orange juice alone. You can survive for three days at the maximum on a liquid diet of orange juice alone.

While OJ may be rich in vitamins and nutrients, these are not in any way enough to meet the body’s daily requirements.

Moreover, the sugar content is alarming even when you use freshly squeezed oranges.

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Orange juice is a hydrating fruit beverage made up of 90% water. It is a capable thirst quencher that aids in better hydration.

However, OJ should not be a substitute for water because it contains nutrients that can be harmful in excessive amounts.

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