Does Orange Juice Keep You Awake? (All You Need To Know)

We could all do with a nice beverage in the morning. But if coffee and tea are not your, well, cup of tea, there are other alternatives to consider. You may prefer energy drinks or something more refreshing like fruit juice.

Orange juice, in particular, has become a popular breakfast beverage. While it hasn’t yet knocked coffee off first place, many have traded their cup of Joe for it. But does orange juice keep you awake? I did the research and here’s what I uncovered!

Does Orange Juice Keep You Awake?

Orange juice is not a pre-bedtime drink because it contains vitamins and nutrients that can keep you awake. Taking a glass of orange juice over breakfast or during the first half of the day can increase energy, improve mood, and fortify the immune system. Additionally, the right serving of orange juice can ward off fatigue, and boost concentration and alertness.

Wondering if and how orange juice keeps you awake? Read on to learn more!

Does Orange Juice Keep You Awake Better Than Coffee?

Yes, orange juice can keep you awake better than coffee.

Orange juice does not contain caffeine but it does have flavonoids which are superior antioxidants.

Aside from fighting off oxidative stress, they improve blood flow to the brain. This leads to improved concentration, focus, and better bodily functions. In addition, flavonoids are known for boosting cell activities.

A cup of OJ contains 30 mg to 130 mg of flavonoids. This is enough to almost fulfill the daily recommended intake of about 150 mg.

Does Orange Juice Keep You Awake At Night?

Yes, orange juice keeps you awake at night. That’s why it’s advised not to take it as a pre-bedtime beverage.

The pH level of orange juice ranges from 3.3 to 4.2, making it an acidic drink. This can keep you awake even after bedtime hours because of the constant urge to go to the bathroom.

Moreover, OJ is high in sugar which can interrupt sleep. This applies to both freshly-squeezed orange juice and processed ones.

Does Orange Juice Make You Sleepy?

Does Orange Juice Keep You Awake?

Yes, orange juice can make you sleepy if you drink way beyond the limit.

You should only drink 8 ounces of OJ a day. This amount is enough to reap the benefits without gathering any side effects.

Orange juice is sourced from citrus fruit which has the ability to lower and regulate blood pressure. If you have low blood pressure, your body feels the need to sleep.

Additionally, orange juice has a glycemic index ranging from 66 to 76. This can stimulate brain activity for a short while. However, when it wears off, it causes a sugar crash.

Can Orange Juice Help With Fatigue?

Yes, orange juice is helpful in staving off fatigue.

If you’re working out, a glass of orange juice is enough to reduce muscle fatigue. This is due to the rich vitamins and minerals it contains.

Additionally, the natural sugar in OJ helps with keeping tiredness at bay. Sugar is a stimulant and helps release hormones that make you feel good.

What Is The Best Time To Drink Orange Juice?

Drinking orange juice over breakfast or during the first half of the day is the best time to maximize its effects.

Orange juice is loaded with vitamins and minerals that offer plenty of benefits. Vitamin C, in particular, boosts immunity and prevents fatigue.

Combined with flavonoids, orange juice is a surefire way to give you a boost whenever you’re in a slump.

Moreover, drinking a glass of orange juice early in the day helps you increase your energy and detoxifies your body. In addition, it can give you a great start as it promotes positive moods.

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Orange juice is a fruit beverage that not only tastes delicious but offers a lot of benefits. It can boost energy levels, improve focus, and strengthen the immune system.

A glass of orange juice daily is enough to wake you up and provide you with a boost to perform your activities. It is best consumed during breakfast or early in the day.

If you drink orange juice in excess, you may feel sleepy because of its sugar content.

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