How Much Orange Juice In One Orange? (Varieties + Volumes)

Uncertain about the number of oranges you should juice for that next picnic out with the family or confused about your grandma’s family recipe?

It’s tricky trying to measure ingredients by eye, so exactly how much orange juice is in one orange? I did the research and here’s what I’ve learned!

How Much Orange Juice In One Orange?

One regular-sized orange can give 70 ml of juice while a large one can yield 100 to 140 ml of juice. The amount of orange juice extracted depends on the kind of orange used. Navel, Valencia, Mandarin, Clementine, Tangelo, and Blood orange all contain different amounts of juice because they vary in juiciness and size.

For more information about how much orange juice different types of oranges contain and the number you’ll need to fill a glass or two, keep on reading!

How Much Is The Juice Of One Orange In Ml?

One regular-sized orange contains 70 milliliters of juice, which is equal to two ounces, or one-fourth of a cup.

However, one thing to take note of is that the amount of juice extracted from oranges will depend on the size, variety, and ripeness of the fruit.

Some oranges give more juice than others because of their unique properties.

Which Oranges Produce The Most Juice?

Navel oranges produce the most juice as they are large in size and naturally juicy.

Additionally, valencia oranges and blood oranges also contain a significant amount of juice as compared to other orange varieties. They are lush and have thin citrus peels.

How Many Oranges For One Cup Of Juice?

On average, you will need four standard-sized oranges to fill one cup of juice.

This is considering that you use medium-sized oranges. If you only have smaller or larger ones in your pantry, then the number of citrus fruits will change.

How Much Juice In One Large Orange?

One large orange contains 100 to 140 ml of juice.

Typically, you will need two large oranges to collect one full glass of orange juice but this will depend on how juicy and fresh the orange is.

How Much Juice In One Navel Orange?

One regular-sized navel orange can yield ⅓ to ¼ cup of juice.

Navel oranges are considered one of the best options for orange juice extraction because they are larger compared to other citrus varieties.

Additionally, navel oranges are seedless which lessens the workload of juicing them and they are available all year round.

How Much Juice In One Blood Orange?

How Much Orange Juice In One Orange?

One blood orange can give 80 to 85 ml of juice. This is equal to one-third of a cup.

Additionally, blood orange juice can last a few days without getting spoiled.

How Much Juice In One Mandarin Orange?

Only three tablespoons of juice can be extracted from one mandarin orange. So you’ll need four or six of these oranges to fill a cup.

Mandarin oranges produce less juice than other orange counterparts, including blood and navel ones. This is because they are only two to three inches in size.

However, these oranges are good for juicing as they are sweet and less acidic.

How Much Juice In One Clementine Orange?

Clementine oranges yield only 30 to 40 ml of juice per fruit. This is equal to about 2 tablespoons.

Being the smallest variant of mandarin oranges, clementine oranges only grow between two to three inches. To fill a cup of juice, you will need about 7 to 8 clementine oranges.

How Much Juice In One Valencia Orange?

One Valencia orange contains 60 to 80 ml of juice. This can easily fill one-fourth of a cup.

These oranges range from 2.7 to 3.5 inches in size. To make a single serving of Valencia orange juice, three medium to large fruits are required.

Since Valencia oranges grow in the summer and have very few seeds, they are one of the popular choices for juicing.

How Much Juice In One Tangelo Orange?

One tangelo orange can give around 10 to 12 tablespoons of juice which is equivalent to almost three-fourth of a cup.

Tangelo oranges are medium in size, ranging from three to five inches. They are as big as a human fist.

Can I Juice A Whole Orange?

Yes, you can juice a whole orange. This includes the citrus peels which are usually discarded.

While most people peel the oranges before putting them in the juicer, it does not necessarily mean you should follow this practice too.

Orange juice is a byproduct of the fruit and contains only a part of the whole offered nutrition. On the other hand, the peels are packed with 50% of the health benefits.

Juicing a whole orange helps in maximizing the perks you can get including fiber, vitamin B, and calcium.

How Much Juice Do 2 Oranges Make?

Two oranges can give you half a cup of juice.

If you have large oranges such as the navel variety, then it will only take one fruit to fill one-half of a cup.

How Many Oranges Does It Take To Make 16 Oz Of Juice?

It will take about eight medium oranges to extract 16 ounces of juice. This is equal to two cups or 500 ml of pure orange juice.

The quantity can increase or decrease, depending on the juiciness, variety, and size of the oranges in stock.

How Many Oranges Does It Take To Make A Gallon Of Juice?

To make a gallon of juice, you will need thirteen pounds of orange.

This can range from 32 to 50 oranges depending on the variety of orange used.

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A typical orange can give you 70 ml of orange juice. However, there are different things to consider such as the size and variety of the orange used.

For example, navel oranges which are the largest of the bunch can yield 100 to 140 ml per fruit. The smallest mandarin variety known as clementine only yields 30 to 40 ml of juice.

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