What Is Mustard Used For? (Complete Guide + Other FAQs)

Mustard is a versatile food product that is loved around the world, making mustard a staple in many households.

However, you may not know what mustard is exactly used for. I did the research, and here is what I discovered!

What Is Mustard Used For?

Mustard is widely known as a table condiment, typically accompanying foods like hotdogs and meats like how you would use ketchup. However, there are many types of mustards, meaning you can use mustard as a spice, meat rub, vinaigrettes, and more, making mustard a versatile kitchen ingredient. 

Mustard is more than a condiment, so what are other ways you can use mustard? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Mustard Used For In Cooking?

Mustard as a condiment is very versatile but when used in cooking dishes and recipes, mustard is even more useful.

Any type of mustard is a great ingredient used to spice up a sauce, dressing, a vinaigrette, rub, or more.

Additionally, mustard’s unique flavor and tangy kick of heat is a much-needed addition to a dish that lacks flavor.

With mustard’s combination of acid, salt, spices, and heat, mustard offers a much-needed balance to bland dishes.

What Is Mustard Seed Used For?

Mustard seeds are where the mustard condiment starts from, and mustard seeds can be yellow or white, brown, or black, which are the most common types of mustard seeds.

Typically, mustard seeds are used more often in Indian cooking and are a staple in most Indian dishes.

Indians tend to use the mustard seed whole, just fried or toasted a little, then added to a dish.

Different kinds of mustard seeds may be used for different recipes and are sometimes not interchangeable in certain recipes due to the mustard seed’s varying flavor profiles.

Indian cuisine often uses mustard seeds for pickling and as an aromatic spice in cooking.

For instance, some Indian recipes involve heating mustard seeds in hot oil until the seeds pop, then mixing the seeds into other foods.

What Is Mustard Oil Used For?

One of the most controversial by-products of the mustard plant is mustard oil.

Though mustard oil is very popular in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, mustard oil is banned in the United States for cooking.

In Indian and Pakistani cuisine, mustard oil is valued for mustard oil’s strong flavor, high smoke point, and aroma.

Generally, mustard oil is used in sauteing, frying, and sometimes added to vegetables and meat in cooking.

What Is Ground Mustard Used For?

What Is Ground Mustard Used For?

Ground mustard, also called mustard powder or mustard flour, is made by grinding mustard seeds until fine then the mustard seeds are sifted to make the mustard seeds finer.

On its own, ground mustard is not as strong or pungent as whole mustard seeds because the potency and pungency of ground mustard come out when the ground mustard is soaked in liquid.

Typically, ground mustard is used as a spice, as a rub on meats, in sauces and dressings, and as a seasoning to cut through rich and creamy dishes.

What Is Yellow Mustard Used For?

Also dubbed the “American mustard,” yellow mustard is a staple on hotdogs, corn dogs, and pretzels.

Additionally, yellow mustard is a common addition to potato salads and barbecue sauces in gatherings and parties.

What Is Chinese Mustard Used For?

Unlike mustard powder, Chinese mustard is a powder, but Chinese mustard powder is not typically used in cooking.

Chinese mustard powder is used as a condiment in most restaurants and is mixed in with water before consumption.

Once mixed with water, Chinese mustard releases its pungency and heat after soaking for a short while.

Chinese mustard is hotter than most mustards and is enjoyed thoroughly by people who like using Chinese mustard’s heat to cut the taste of their food.

What Is Dijon Mustard Used For?

Dijon mustard usually gets paired with meats in sandwiches, such as roast beef, pastrami, and ham sandwiches, as Dijon mustard is great at cutting through rich meats.

Additionally, many salad dressings are amazing with Dijon mustard thanks to Dijon mustard’s tangy taste and rich texture.

What Is Whole Grain Mustard Used For?

Whole grain mustard is used as an addition to cheese boards as dip or condiment and is great with the creamy texture of cheese because whole grain mustard gives a very different coarse texture.

Other uses for whole grain mustard are toppings for sausages, bratwursts, and meat sandwiches because whole grain mustard has a great taste and unique texture.

What Is German Mustard Used For?

There are many varieties of German mustard, and each type of German mustard has its own use.

For instance, Bavarian sweet mustard is traditionally used to pair with veal, or pork and bacon sausages because Bavarian sweet mustard cuts the saltiness of the meats.

Medium mustard is paired with pates and fish and is sometimes eaten with horseradish.

Additionally, German spicy mustard is usually used as a condiment and as a garnish for cold cuts, smoked meats, grilled sausages, and German bratwurst.

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Mustard is more than a condiment and dip as there are many types of mustards that have various uses.

Mustard is versatile as a condiment, pairing well with almost anything you can think of, and mustard is also a great addition to meat dishes, salads, bread, spread, and more.

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