Is Mustard A Spice? + Other Common FAQs

Most people think mustard is a condiment since mustard is often put over foods like hotdogs or as a fun dip.

However, you may be wondering if mustard is a spice since mustard is also used in cooking. I did the research, and here is what I discovered!

Is Mustard A Spice?

When people say “mustard”, they are almost always referring to the mixture of mustard powder and a liquid. So no, “mustard” is not a spice because mustard is a condiment. Prepared mustard is the better term for the condiment but it is almost always known as just mustard. However, mustard seeds and mustard powder are considered spices. 

Do you want to learn more about what makes mustard a spice or a condiment? Keep reading!

Is Mustard A Spice Or Seasoning?

Mustard seeds and mustard powder are considered spices. Spices and seasonings are usually the same things, but some seasonings may come in liquid form.

Spices are referred to as an addition to food as flavoring, color, or preserving ingredient, so mustard seeds and mustard powder can qualify as a spice.

Mustard seeds have long been used in cooking and the earliest records of mustard seeds were from 3000 B.C.

Additionally, mustard powder has been considered as early Europeans used mustard powder as a spice and mustard powder is a staple in Indian cuisine.

Generally, any form of a prepared mustard is considered a condiment.

Is Mustard A Seed Or Spice?

While it may be confusing, mustard is a plant. Mustard greens and flowers are considered herbs while mustard seeds and mustard powder are spices.

Moreover, prepared mustard created from ground mustard and liquid is a condiment.

Mustard plants have many varieties but the three most used and most known mustard plants are the Yellow, Brown, and Black mustard plants, and each of these produces different seeds.

Once the seeds are made into a powder, the mustard powder is considered a spice. If you use mustard powder while you cook, the mustard powder is still a spice.

When the mustard powder or mustard seeds are incorporated with an acidic liquid or water and mixed in with other ingredients or flavorings, it is now known as a condiment.

Is Mustard Powder A Spice Or An Herb?

Is Mustard Powder A Spice Or An Herb?

Mustard powder is a spice because a spice comes from herbs, plants, or roots, and mustard powder is made from the mustard seeds that come from the mustard plant.

Spices are flavorings and are usually added to food, which is what mustard seeds and mustard powder is for.

Mustard leaves and mustard flowers are considered herbs because they can be eaten and incorporated into dishes.

Is Yellow Mustard A Spice?

Yellow mustard, most commonly known as American mustard, is a condiment. However, yellow mustard seeds and yellow mustard powder are known as spices.

In the United States, yellow mustard is the one that comes in a squeezy bottle and is served with other condiments at a restaurant.

Is Mustard Flour A Spice?

Mustard flour is another name for mustard powder, dry mustard, or ground mustard powder, and these terms are interchangeable.

Since they all mean the same thing, mustard flour is still considered a spice.

Is Ground Mustard A Spice?

Ground mustard is a spice, and this includes finely ground or coarsely ground mustard.

Is Dijon Mustard A Spice?

Dijon mustard is not a spice because Dijon mustard is already a form of prepared mustard.

Dijon, which is originally from Dijon, France, is a combination of mustard powder or mustard seeds with vinegar.

Since there are other ingredients added to Dijon mustard, Dijon mustard is considered a condiment.

Some forms of Dijon may have more than vinegar or may replace vinegar with another liquid, but Dijon mustard is still a condiment and not a spice.

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Since there are so many types of mustard, it can be hard to know if mustard is a spice or a condiment.

However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that mustard with additional added ingredients, especially a liquid, is prepared mustard while ground mustard is considered a spice.

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