What Is Elit Vodka? (Ingredients, History + More)

Stolichnaya is a famous Russian brand with a rich history and a bestseller status. To further carve out a place for themselves in vodka history, Stoli came up with Elit.

If this is your first time hearing about Elit, then you might be wondering what Elit is and how Elit is different from Stoli Vodka. I did the research, and here is what I found!

What Is Elit Vodka?

Elit vodka was previously called Stoli Elit and is owned by Stoli Group, which is a company under SPI Group owned by Russian billionaire Yuri Shelfer. Additionally, Elit is an unflavored vodka with the same DNA as the classic Stoli, but Elit is made purely from wheat and undergoes freeze filtering.

If you are curious about Elit vodka and how Elit vodka compares to Stoli vodka, keep reading!

What Is The Difference Between Stoli And Stoli Elit?

Stoli vodka is made from a combination of wheat and rye. Additionally, Stoli undergoes quadruple distillation and is filtered through quartz sand and birch-activated charcoal.

Afterward, Stoli vodka is diluted with artesian water and bottled at 80 proof or 40% ABV.

On the tongue, Stoli vodka has a silky texture with sweet and creamy notes and traces of lemon zest. After swallowing, there is a mild warmth and a subtle burn.

In comparison, Elit is made purely from winter wheat and is distilled only 3 times. However, Elit undergoes the same filtration process as Stoli vodka and is diluted with the same water.

However, Elit is also freeze filtered, meaning Elit vodka is placed in below-freezing temperatures for a certain period, resulting in a smoother mouthfeel.

As for taste, Elit’s palate has hints of caramel, citrus, and grains with a mostly warm finish. Overall, Elit is smoother, cleaner, and richer than Stoli in terms of flavor notes.

What Is Elit Vodka Made From?

Unlike Stoli vodka which is made from both wheat and rye, Elit is derived from 100% winter wheat. Furthermore, Elit vodka is diluted with artesian water to bottling strength.

Moreover, Elit claims to contain no additives like glycerin or citric acid.

Is Stoli Elit Potato Vodka?

Elit is not a potato vodka because Elit is made from winter wheat, making Elit vodka a grain vodka.

Is Stoli Elit Gluten-Free?

Is Stoli Elit Gluten-Free?

Elit is considered gluten-free. While Elit is made from wheat, the thorough distillation Elit vodka undergoes eliminates all the gluten from the final product.

Nonetheless, some people believe grain vodka is not completely safe for celiac sufferers to consume.

Is Elit Good Vodka?

Elit is labeled as an ultra-luxury vodka with a smoother mouthfeel than the classic Stoli vodka. However, whether Elit is superior to Stoli and other vodkas depends on the person.

Nevertheless, the Wine Enthusiast gave it the highest rating of 96-100, making Elit vodka a highly recommended spirit by experts based on its excellent quality.

What Does Elit Taste Like?

Elit vodka’s aroma is mostly dry with traces of litchi and burning charcoal. Upon sipping, you will be greeted with Elit’s oily texture and bittersweet taste.

As the drink progresses, Elit’s flavor turns spicy and grainy. Finally, Elit finishes on a sweet note that is reminiscent of candies.

What Proof Is Elit Vodka?

Elit Vodka has 40% ABV or 80 proof, which is the same as Stoli vodka.

Where Is Elit Vodka Made?

Elit’s winter wheat is harvested at Kerchinskoye Estate, which is located in Russia’s Tambov region. Moreover, the Kerchinskoye estate is known for being the ideal terroir for growing grain.

Afterward, Elit is transported to Riga, Latvia, specifically to the infamous Latvijas Balzamas Facility, which is where Elit vodka is diluted with artesian well water until the vodka reaches 40% ABV.

How Many Times Is Stoli Elit Distilled?

Elit is distilled three times through an extremely meticulous process that guarantees the removal of all methanol from the rectified spirit.

How Do You Drink Elit Vodka?

Unlike Stoli vodka which is mainly used as a base spirit for cocktails, Elit vodka makes for an excellent sipper as well.

If you want to enjoy the nuances in Elit vodka’s flavor, you will want to drink it neat. It is highly recommended that you put Elit vodka in the freezer first to better appreciate the vodka.

On the other hand, if you are going to use Elit vodka as a base spirit, cocktails like long lotus, danza d’amor, and gypsy queen are highly recommended.

Who Owns Stoli Elit?

Elit is owned by the Stoli Group, which is in turn owned by the SPI Group, a beverage company with headquarters in Luxembourg.

Moreover, SPI Group is owned by Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler who bought it from Russian government-owned VVO Soyuzplodoimport in 1997 for $285,000.

However, the Netherlands’ supreme court ruled in 2020 that the rights to Stolichnaya vodka should be owned by Russia.

Additionally, a 2018 ruling forced SPI Group to repay Russia with Stoli’s profits from 1999 to the present.

This is part of the two-decades-long struggle SPI Groups has with the Russian government over the right to Stoli vodka and the billions of dollars in revenues Stoli makes annually.

How Much Is Stoli Elit?

A 750-ml bottle of Elit vodka costs $45.99 – $49.99. While the prices may change depending on where you’re purchasing Elit vodka, the margin wouldn’t normally exceed this range.

What Is The Difference Between Stoli Elit And Grey Goose?

While both Elit and Grey Goose are made from winter wheat, Elit is produced in Russia and Latvia, while Grey Goose is produced in France.

Moreover, Elit undergoes more distillation than Grey Goose because Grey Goose believes distilling their vodka more than once robs Grey Goose vodka of its character.

As for taste, Elit has an oily texture with hints of caramel and grain. Additionally, Elit is also described as being smooth with a sweet finish and a mild burn.

In comparison, Grey Goose has a predominantly neutral taste with traces of wheat and slightly sweet notes.

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Elit vodka, formerly called Stoli Elit, is the enhanced version of the classic Stoli vodka. However, Elit is made from 100% wheat, while Stoli is made from wheat and rye.

Furthermore, Elit undergoes freeze filtering, which is a process that makes it smoother than Stoli vodka. Nonetheless, Elit is not the stronger spirit, as both Elit and Stoli have 80 proof.

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