What Is Grey Goose? (Alcohol Type, Ingredients + Related FAQs)

Vodka may have originated from Poland and Russia, but they are not the only countries that produce some of the finest vodkas in the market.

One of the best-selling vodkas is a French brand called Grey Goose. If you never had Grey Goose before, you might be wondering what  Grey Goose is. Here is what I found!

What Is Grey Goose?

Grey Goose is a premium vodka brand made from Picardie winter wheat and artesian water from Gensac-la-Pallue. Additionally, Grey Goose comes in 6 flavors inspired by fruits and botanicals. Furthermore, Grey Goose was founded by American businessman Sidney Frank, formulated by French Cellar Master Francois Thibault, and is currently operated by family-owned spirits company Bacardi.

If you are curious to learn more about Grey Goose vodka and whether  Grey Goose suits your preferences, keep reading!

Is Grey Goose Vodka Or Whiskey?

While Grey Goose uses grains and undergoes distillation,  Grey Goose cannot be classified as a whiskey because Grey Goose is not aged, and Grey Goose is considered vodka.

To produce whiskey, it is integral that the distilled spirit derived from a fermented grain mash is matured in oak barrels to generate rich flavors and achieve an amber color.

Unlike whiskey, Grey Goose is diluted and bottled to proof after distillation, and  Grey Goose has a clear liquid and a neutral flavor profile, making Grey Goose vodka.

Is Grey Goose Rum?

Grey Goose cannot be classified as a rum because Grey Goose is made from winter wheat, not sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice, which are the primary ingredients for rum.

Additionally, rum is aged in oak barrels, giving rum a toasted sugar and oak flavor. Meanwhile, Grey Goose tastes neutral like traditional vodka.

What Is Grey Goose Made Out Of?

Grey Goose is made from winter wheat harvested in Picardy and well water collected from Gensac-la-Pallue, France.

As for flavored Grey Goose vodka, they are infused with real fruits and botanicals harvested mostly in France, but some flavored  Grey Goose vodkas come from America, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

What Does Grey Goose Taste Like?

Grey Goose has a smoky aroma with hints of grain and mint. On the palate, Grey Goose has a silky texture with wheat undertones and subtle sweetness and crispness.

As for the aftertaste, Grey Goose is mostly dry. Some report that Grey Goose does not cause any burn, while others claim otherwise.

How Much Alcohol Is In Grey Goose?

Grey Goose’s flagship vodka has 40% alcohol by volume or 80 proof. Similarly, Grey Goose Le Citron, La Poire, and L’Orange are bottled at 80 proof.

Meanwhile, Grey Goose’s Essences line has a much lower alcohol content at only 30% ABV or 60 proof.

Is Grey Goose Filtered?

Grey Goose is filtered, presumably twice since they use pads of charcoal and cellulose. However, Grey Goose has not confirmed the number of times  Grey Goose vodka is filtered.

Additionally, the water used to dilute Grey Goose is also to achieve optimum smoothness.  Grey Goose does this by using a machine that treats the water through double reverse osmosis.

Is Grey Goose Pure Vodka?

Traditional vodka is made only of 40% ethanol and 60% water. Since Grey Goose does not claim to use additives on their unflavored vodka, Grey Goose can be considered pure vodka.

However, pure vodka must not be mistaken for pure ethanol because pure ethanol is not consumable. Additionally, there is nothing to say that a vodka’s purity is based on its proof.

Is Grey Goose Organic?

Grey Goose is not organic, and Grey Goose has not made any claims of being an organic vodka.

Moreover, Grey Goose is not the same as American Harvest, an organic spirit brand made by Sidney Frank Importing, the same company that originally produced Grey Goose.

Does Grey Goose Come In Flavors?

Does Grey Goose Come In Flavors?

Grey Goose comes in two flavored lines. Firstly, there is the flavored line consisting of Grey Goose Le Citron, L’Orange, and La Poire, which are lemon, orange, and pear respectively.

Secondly, there’s the Grey Goose Essenes line, which is made up of Grey Goose Strawberry & Lemongrass, Watermelon & Basil, and White Peace & Rosemary.

What Is Special About Grey Goose Vodka?

Grey Goose distinguishes itself from other vodka brands in many ways. One of them is through Grey Goose’s bottle design, which intentionally has a longer neck than most bottles.

By giving Grey Goose’s bottle a longer neck, Grey Goose becomes more eye-catching for consumers.

Additionally, Grey Goose bottles and corks are washed only with Grey Goose, since Grey Goose vodka has enough ethanol content to kill bacteria and other microorganisms.

Moreover, Grey Goose was formulated by French Cellar Master François Thibault, who has also developed recipes for other popular liquor brands.

Is Grey Goose Top Shelf?

Grey Goose is considered a top-shelf vodka partly because of Grey Goose vodka’s price, and partly because of Grey Goose’s quality.

Why Does Grey Goose Not Give You A Hangover?

Apart from being made with quality ingredients and processes, Grey Goose does not typically induce hangovers because Grey Goose is vodka.

Unlike other spirits, vodka is normally distilled enough times to eliminate all impurities, including congeners, which are substances linked to hangovers.

What Vodka Is Comparable To Grey Goose?

Here is a list of wheat vodkas that are comparable to Grey Goose:

  • Till American Wheat Vodka
  • Effen Vodka
  • Russian Standard Vodka
  • Ketel One Vodka
  • Oyo Vodka
  • Wheatley Vodka
  • Absolut Vodka
  • Chopin Wheat Vodka

Why Is Grey Goose Vodka So Expensive?

Grey Goose is expensive because they use higher quality ingredients compared to most vodka brands.

Furthermore, Grey Goose uses locally sourced materials for Grey Goose’s packaging, from their bottles to the ink they use on their labels.

Why Is Grey Goose Called Grey Goose?

Grey Goose reportedly got its name from the geese that drink from the fountain of Hotel de Ville, which is located in Cognac, France. Additionally, this is where Grey Goose is made.

Another theory is that the name “Grey Goose” complements Grey Goose’s tagline, which is “fly beyond.”

Who Sold Grey Goose?

American businessman Sidney Frank sold Grey Goose to Bacardi for $2.3 billion in 2004. This is reportedly the highest amount that a single liquor brand has ever been sold.

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Grey Goose is a premium vodka brand with a huge following all over the world. Unlike most vodka brands, Grey Goose is particular about the quality of the ingredients they use.

Paired with a sleek bottle design, excellent branding, and top-notch marketing efforts, Grey Goose easily established itself as the vodka of choice of more sophisticated consumers.

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