Grey Goose VS Ketel One (Taste, Smoothness, Proof, Price, Reviews + More)

Just because some vodkas brands are considered top-shelf does not mean they share the same qualities or that the top-shelf vodka will suit your preferences equally.

This is particularly true with Grey Goose and Ketel One. For a regret-free purchase, you will want to know which brand is better. I looked into it, and here is what I found!

Grey Goose Vs Ketel One

Grey Goose and Ketel One are premium vodka brands that are made with high-quality ingredients and have an impressive heritage. However, Ketel One is superior to Grey Goose in terms of taste. Additionally, Ketel One is cheaper and has a larger sales volume in America and around the world. Nonetheless, both their flavored and unflavored vodkas are equally strong.

If you are interested in knowing more about which brand makes the superior vodka, keep reading!

Is Grey Goose Better Than Ketel One?

When it comes to quality, Grey Goose and Ketel One are at par with each other.

Grey Goose is proudly French, with winter wheat sourced from Picardy and water collected from Gensac-La-Pallue in the Champagne region of France.

Additionally, Grey Goose mills their own wheat and cleans their bottles and corks with Grey Goose Vodka to maintain the quality of Grey Goose products.

In comparison, Ketel One is not as forthcoming about their ingredients and processes, and Ketel One only discloses that they use 100% non-GMO wheat from Holland.

As for Ketel One’s water source, it remains unknown. Nevertheless, Ketel One is produced by the distinguished Nolet family, which has been in the spirits industry since 1691.

Furthermore, both Grey Goose and Ketel One follow impressive distillation processes.

While Grey Goose only distills their vodka once to retain the character of Grey Goose’s base ingredients, Ketel One tripe distills using a combination of column stills and pot stills.

Concerning taste, Ketel One is the superior vodka. Compared to Grey Goose, Ketel One has a richer flavor and a cleaner finish.

Moreover, Ketel One has a pleasant aroma that contains traces of lemon and citrus. While the vodka itself is flavorless, Ketel One has sweet and minty undertones.

Meanwhile, Grey Goose is notably smooth and neutral, but Grey Goose gives off a slightly bitter flavor that lingers after you have swallowed Grey Goose vodka.

While some people do not report experiencing any burn with Grey Goose, there are others that do. In contrast, Ketel One’s burn goes away quickly after swallowing.

Is Ketel One More Expensive Than Grey Goose?

Grey Goose is more expensive than Ketel One. While there are instances wherein a bottle of Ketel One is sold at the same price as Grey Goose, Ketel One is still more affordable.

In the American market in 2021, the prices of a 750-ml Grey Goose bottle could go for as high as $43.99 whereas the same sized bottle of Ketel One costs as much as $21.99.

As for flavored Grey Goose and Ketel One, a 750-ml bottle of flavored Grey Goose typically sells at  $19.99-$36.98 while a 750-ml bottle of flavored Ketel One sells at $19.99-$21.99.

Which Is Stronger, Grey Goose Or Ketel One?

Grey Goose and Ketel One have the same strength in terms of alcohol content. Both are bottled at 40% ABV or 80 proof, while some of their flavored vodkas have 30% ABV.

In particular, Grey Goose Essences and Ketel One Botanicals both have 60 proof.

On the other hand, Grey Goose’s other flavored vodkas like Le Citron, La Poire, and L’Orange have 80 proof. Similarly, Ketel One Citroen is bottled at 80 proof.

Is Grey Goose Smoother Than Ketel One?

Is Grey Goose Smoother Than Ketel One?

Both Grey Goose and Ketel One are considered smooth vodkas. However, Grey Goose’s bitter aftertaste detracts from its appeal, giving Ketel One the upper hand.

Additionally, some people report experiencing a burning sensation in their throat when drinking Grey Goose.

With Ketel One, there is also a mild burn, but the burn tends to fade quickly.

Does Grey Goose Sell More Than Ketel One?

Based on a report, Ketel One has a larger sales volume than Grey Goose in 2020.

While Ketel One sold 2.53 million 9 liter cases in the US in 2020, Grey Goose sold only 2.07 million 9 liter cases.

Furthermore, Ketel One ranks higher than Grey Goose in global sales according to 2021 statistics.

What Is The Difference Between Goose And Ketel One?

Despite the fact that they are both top-shelf vodkas made from wheat, Grey Goose and Ketel One have plenty of differences.

Firstly, Grey Goose is produced in France, and Ketel One is produced in Holland. While Ketel One distills their vodka 3 times, Grey Goose only distills theirs once.

Moreover, Grey Goose and Ketel One are both known to have neutral flavors compared to other vodkas. Nevertheless, Grey Goose tastes blander and leaves a stronger burn.

Additionally, Grey Goose has a peppery spice that is absent in Ketel One, making Ketel One the preferred vodka for drinking straight or on the rocks.

As a base spirit for cocktails, Grey Goose is better. Since Grey Goose has less flavor than Ketel One, Grey Goose vodka complements other cocktail ingredients nicely.

With regards to branding, Grey Goose is geared towards celebrities and more sophisticated consumers. On the other hand, Ketel One appeals to both high and middle-class consumers.

Even though Ketel One is generally perceived as the better-tasting vodka, Grey Goose has more marketing savvy, and it is regarded as the primary reason for Grey Goose’s success.

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Ketel One Vodka is superior to Grey Goose Vodka in numerous aspects. Taste-wise, Ketel One is smoother, has more nuance in terms of flavor, and causes only a mild burn after swallowing.

On the other hand, Grey Goose comes off as thin-bodied, bland, and overly bitter. Nonetheless, not everyone shares this opinion regarding Ketel One and Grey Goose.

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