What Is Echo Falls Vodka? (Ingredients, Taste + More)

It is not unheard of for winemakers to venture into the spirits industry, which is the case with Echo Falls, a famous wine brand that recently introduced their very own vodka.

If you are a fan of Echo Falls wine, you are probably wondering what Echo Falls vodka is. I looked into it, and here is what I found!

What Is Echo Falls Vodka?

Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka is a product of Accolade Wines, which produces the best-selling Echo Falls wine. Additionally, Echo Falls Vodka is the first vodka product of Accolade Wine. They made Echo Falls Vodka to create a spirit that reflects the taste of Fruit Fusions wines and make the vodka just as successful.

If you are curious to know more about Echo Falls Vodka’s origin, taste, and price, keep reading!

What Is Echo Falls Vodka Made From?

Echo Falls Vodka does not specify the ingredients of Echo Falls vodka.

Nonetheless, since Echo Falls is originally a wine brand, it is safe to assume that Echo Falls vodka is made from grapes.

Additionally, Echo Falls originates from California, which makes it likely that Echo Falls sources their grapes and water in their vicinity.

Similarly, Echo Falls does not disclose how they flavor Echo Falls vodka.

However, theories persist that Echo Falls simply blends their Echo Falls Fruit Summer Berries wine with Echo Falls vodka.

Moreover, Echo Falls does not mention whether they use additives like glycerin or citric acid to either correct or enhance the flavor of Echo Falls vodka.

What Does Echo Falls Vodka Taste Like?

On the nose, Echo Falls Vodka is fragrant with notes reminiscent of berries. Once you sip Echo Falls, you will detect sweet notes that are much milder than what the aroma suggests.

Additionally, Echo Falls Vodka has a tangy taste with hints of raspberry and strawberry, and Echo Falls vodka does not have any aftertaste or burn.

What Flavors Does Echo Falls Vodka Have?

Echo Falls Vodka, which is also called Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka, is a flavored vodka inspired by the Fruits Fusions line of Echo Falls wine.

Unlike other vodka brands, Echo Falls does not have unflavored vodka. Additionally, Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka is currently the only vodka made by Echo Falls.

As per Echo Falls’ representative, Echo Falls ventured into the spirits industry to meet the demand of their consumers for flavored vodka.

Since Echo Falls’ Fruit Fusions are extremely popular, Echo Falls decided that giving Echo Falls vodka the flavor of summer berries was the way to go.

As for future vodka lines, Echo Falls has not disclosed whether they want to create unflavored vodka or more vodka flavors to follow up their Echo Falls Summer Berries vodka.

What Do You Drink With Echo Falls Vodka?

What Do You Drink With Echo Falls Vodka?

With Echo Fall Vodka’s predominantly sweet flavor, it is recommended that you pair Echo Falls vodka with plain-tasting drinks like sparkling water and tonic water.

Additionally, you can mix Echo Falls vodka with lemonade and fresh blackberries.

Generally, the ideal mixer should bring out or enhance the existing flavors of Echo Falls Vodka, allowing you to enjoy Echo Falls vodka’s taste the way their distiller wants you to.

To further improve your drinking experience, you can use a wide variety of garnishes like lemon wheels, dried hibiscus flowers, lime wedge, and cherries.

What Proof Is Echo Falls Vodka?

Echo Falls Vodka is bottled at 37.5% ABV or 75 proof, which is the minimum ABV required by the European Union on vodkas distributed within Europe.

Nonetheless, Echo Falls Vodka has the same ABV in the US, which requires a minimum of 40% ABV for vodkas.

However, since Echo Falls Vodka is flavored, Echo Falls vodka’s ABV is perfectly acceptable.

How Many Calories Does Echo Falls Vodka Have?

Echo Falls Vodka has around 95 calories per 1.5 ounces, which is the standard shot glass size in America.

Meanwhile, a 700-ml bottle of Echo Falls vodka has around 1,498 calories, putting Echo Falls vodka at par with popular vodka brands in America like Absolut and Smirnoff.

Is Echo Falls Vodka Gluten-Free?

While most vodkas are considered gluten-free, there is no way to confirm if Echo Falls Vodka can be classified as gluten-free.

Generally, flavored vodkas are more likely to contain gluten because flavored vodkas might be blended or exposed to ingredients that have gluten.

Unless Echo Falls Summer Berries specifically mentions that Echo Falls vodka is gluten-free, celiac sufferers are safer with vodkas that have gluten-free certifications.

Is Echo Falls Vodka Vegan?

While there is no confirmation as to whether or not Echo Falls Vodka is vegan, it is safe to assume that it is not because Echo Falls wines are not vegan-friendly.

As per Accolade Wines, the company that produces Echo Falls wine and products, Echo Falls use fining ingredients that contain milk derivatives, fish, and egg protein, among others.

Additionally, the lack of information about the ingredients and distilling process of Echo Falls Vodka makes it difficult to judge whether Echo Falls vodka is vegan unless Echo Falls says so.

Who Owns Echo Falls Vodka?

Echo Falls Vodka is owned by Accolade Wines, an international wine business under The Carlyle Group, which is an American private equity company.

Furthermore, Accolade Wines has its headquarters in Southern Australia, where Echo Falls is considered one of the top wine producers in the country.

Where Is Echo Falls Vodka Made?

Echo Falls wine is made in California, making it likely that Echo Falls Vodka is also made there.

However, Accolade Wines is based in Southern Australia, which opens the possibility that Echo Falls Vodka is produced there instead.

Currently, there are not many details released by Accolade Wines about how and where Echo Falls Vodka is made.

How Much Does Echo Falls Vodka Cost?

A 700-ml bottle of Echo Falls Vodka typically costs around $19. However, this price can increase or decrease depending on where you purchase your Echo Falls Vodka.

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Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka is a brand produced under the best-selling wine brand, Echo Falls.

Like the Fruit Fusions wine products from which it is inspired from, Echo Falls vodka has predominantly sweet notes that are reminiscent of strawberries and blueberries.

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