What Is UV Vodka? (Ingredients, Taste + More)

With a large assortment of vodkas in the market today, it can be a challenging task to pick a high-quality brand that comes at an affordable price, and fortunately, there is UV Vodka.

If you are unfamiliar with UV Vodka, you are probably wondering what UV Vodka is. I looked into it, and here is what I found!

What Is UV Vodka?

UV Vodka is an American vodka brand owned by Phillips Distilling Company. Moreover, UV Vodka is made with yellow corn harvested from the Midwest and water collected from an aquifer in Princeton. Like other brands, UV Vodka comes with a wide assortment of vodka flavors, from raspberries and oranges to whipped cream and cake.

If you are interested in learning more about UV Vodka and how UV Vodka differs from other brands, keep reading!

What Does UV in UV Vodka Stand For?

UV Vodka’s name was inspired by the word “ultraviolet,” which is often referred to by its abbreviation, “UV”.

Additionally, ultraviolet means “beyond violet,” and the makers of UV Vodka wanted to use the name to imply brightness and color, as it plays a crucial role in UV Vodka’s branding.

What Is UV Vodka Made From?

UV Vodka is made from American Midwest yellow corn and water collected from deep aquifers in Princeton, Minnesota.

To purify the alcohol from the corn, UV distills the fermented corn mash four times.

Moreover, UV vodka is filtered activated carbon to enhance the smoothness of their vodka.

As for UV’s flavored vodka, they use all-natural ingredients, including a wide variety of real fruits like vine-ripened raspberries and green apples.

Furthermore, UV Vodka claims that they use no additives, artificial ingredients, or sugar in any UV Vodka products.

Since UV Vodka has dessert-flavored vodkas like UV Cake and UV Whipped, it is safe to assume that they are made with natural concentrates.

What Flavor Is UV Vodka?

UV’s flagship vodka is unflavored, just like traditional vodka. Nevertheless, UV Vodka does come in a wide assortment of flavors from raspberries to pink lemonade.

How Many Flavors Of UV Vodka Are There?

UV Vodka comes in over a dozen different flavors. Here is a list for your reference:

  • UV Blue
  • UV Cherry
  • UV Cake
  • UV Lemonade
  • UV Pink Lemonade
  • UV Blue Raspberry
  • UV Apple
  • UV Sour Apple
  • UV Orange
  • UV Grape
  • UV Citrus
  • UV Whipped
  • UV Coconut
  • UV Vanilla
  • UV Peach
  • UV Sriracha

Additionally, UV Vodka had discontinued some of its flavored products, such as sweet green tea, candy bars, and salty caramel pie.

What Proof Is UV Vodka?

Unflavored UV vodka is bottled at 40% ABV or 80 proof. Meanwhile, flavored UV Vodka is typically bottled at 30% ABV or 60 proof.

Furthermore, the classic UV Vodka has a 103 proof or 51.5% ABV counterpart designed for mixing in cocktails.

Does UV Vodka Have Carbs?

UV Vodka, UV Silver, and UV 103 do not contain carbs. However, the rest of the UV flavored vodkas do, and the flavored UV vodkas have a carb content ranging from 2-10 grams per 1.5-ounce serving.

How Much Sugar Is UV Vodka?

UV Vodka products do not contain any sugar.

Is UV Good Vodka?

UV Vodka is a bottom-shelf brand that most people use for mixing. Considering UV Vodka’s price and purpose, many people consider UV Vodka satisfactory.

Despite UV Vodka’s bottom-shelf status, the Wine Enthusiast Magazine gave UV Vodka 90-95 points, which means they highly recommend UV Vodka for its taste.

Ultimately, it depends on the person whether they think UV Vodka is a good vodka.

Is UV Vodka Bottom Shelf?

Is UV Vodka Bottom Shelf?

UV Vodka is considered bottom shelf because of UV Vodka’s quality and cheap price.

However, some people argue that while UV Vodka is cheap, UV Vodka’s taste is similar to some middle and top-shelf vodkas.

Does UV Vodka Glow Under Black Light?

While UV Vodka’s name may suggest that UV Vodka glows when exposed to black lights, the truth is that UV Vodka will not glow by itself unless you mix UV Vodka with beverages like tonic water.

Nevertheless, UV Vodka’s photochromic bottle designs change color when UV Vodka’s bottle is under UV sunlight.

Does UV Vodka Expire?

Just like other vodka brands, UV Vodka has an indefinite shelf life, which means UV Vodka does not necessarily expire.

Over time, UV Vodka will weaken because the alcohol content will evaporate. When this happens, UV Vodka will taste weaker and may develop an off-putting smell.

However, if UV Vodka is stored correctly, UV Vodka is still safe to drink, but your UV Vodka may not taste the same.

Moreover, an unopened UV Vodka has a higher chance of lasting for years in good condition because the UV Vodka will have undergone less oxidation.

Nonetheless, it is best to finish your bottle of UV Vodka within the first 2-3 years upon purchasing or opening.

What Is UV Silver?

UV Silver is one of the three unflavored vodkas under the UV brand. Additionally, UV Silver is bottled at 80 proof and designed to be smoother than the rest of the UV Vodkas.

Consequently, UV Silver is branded as the “smooth operator.”

Is UV Silver Vodka Good?

UV Silver is considered by most consumers as a decent vodka considering UV Silver is usually used for mixing and not for drinking straight.

What Is UV Blue?

UV Blue is UV’s raspberry-flavored vodka. Made from vine-ripened raspberries, UV Blue has sweet notes that make UV Blue ideal for mixing with fruity cocktails and mixers.

Who Makes UV Vodka?

UV Vodka is owned by Phillips Distilling Company, which was established in 1912 and is based in Minnesota.

Apart from UV Vodka, Phillips Distilling Company also owns Prairie Vodka and a host of other spirits like gin, rum, brandy, schnapps, and Canadian whisky.

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UV Vodka is a good brand to use if you want to make a good quality cocktail with affordable vodka.

Since UV Vodka comes in a large assortment of flavors, you have more than enough options to create a delicious vodka drink.

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