What Is Elyx Vodka? (Taste, Flavors + More)

Absolut is a best-selling vodka brand that is recognized worldwide. A major part of Absolut’s success is that Absolut always has a brand new offering for consumers to enjoy.

One of Absolut’s grandest products to date is Absolut Elyx. Naturally, you would be curious about what Elyx vodka is and how Elyx vodka compares to Absolut vodka. Here is what I found!

What Is Elyx Vodka?

Absolut Elyx, which is also called Elyx vodka, is the more luxurious version of the classic Absolut vodka. Consequently, Elyx vodka uses similar ingredients and processes, but everything is refined by Master Distiller Krister Asplund and is manually distilled in vintage copper column stills. As a result, Elyx has a silky texture and hints of nuts, cereal, and white chocolate.

If you are curious to learn more about Elyx vodka and how Elyx vodka compares to brands like Grey Goose, Ciroc, and Tito’s Handmade Vodka, keep reading!

What Is The Difference Between Absolut And Absolut Elyx?

While Absolut and Absolut Elyx shares many similarities, they also have differences that make them two distinct vodkas.

Firstly, Absolut Elyx uses single-estate wheat sourced from the Råbelöf  Estate. Meanwhile, Absolut vodka uses wheat grown near the Absolut distillery.

As for distillation, both Absolut vodka and Absolut Elyx are distilled in two locations, namely Nöbbelöv and Åhus in Sweden.

However, when Absolut Elyx is transported to Åhus, Elyx vodka is not distilled using giant stainless steel columns, but in small copper stills.

Additionally, Absolut vodka’s distillation is completely automated, while Absolut Elyx’s distillation is manual, making Elyx vodka a handcrafted vodka.

As for mouthfeel, Absolut Elyx has a sharper and cleaner aroma than Absolut Vodka, and Elyx gives off more crispness and grainy notes.

Moreover, Absolut contains sweet and fruity notes while Absolut Elyx carries hints of butterscotch, vanilla cream, and hazelnut.

What Does Absolut Elyx Taste Like?

Absolut Elyx has a mild aroma rich with hints of nuts, white pepper, and grain.

On the tongue, Absolut Elyx is silky and delicate, with notes ranging from black pepper to sweetcorn. Additionally, Elyx vodka’s flavor is accentuated by hints of lavender and herbs.

As the taste exits your palate, you will detect a mild spiciness reminiscent of cracked pepper that lingers.

What Flavor Is Absolut Elyx?

Contrary to popular belief, Absolut Elyx is not a flavored vodka. Rather, Absolut Elyx is an enhanced version of the classic Absolut Vodka that is manually distilled in copper stills.

Additionally, if Absolut Elyx were flavored, it would be legally required to have the dominant flavor (orange, lemon, strawberry) on the label as Elyx vodka’s official name.

Is Absolut Elyx Gluten-Free?

Absolut Elyx is gluten-free. While Absolut Elyx is made with 100% wheat, the distilling Elyx vodka undergoes eliminates all the gluten proteins in the final product.

Moreover, Absolut Elyx has no known additives that contain gluten.

What Do You Mix Absolut Elyx With?

Absolut Elyx can be mixed with almost any beverage, including fresh fruit juices, lemonade, lime juice, club soda, tonic water, ginger ale, ginger beer, and Half & Half spindrift.

Who Makes Absolut Elyx?

Absolut Elyx is a product of Pernod Ricard, which is the second-largest spirits producer in the world, second only to Diageo.

Where Is Absolut Elyx Premium Vodka Made?

Absolut Elyx is made in Sweden, specifically in the Absolut Distillery in Nöbbelöv and Åhus.

How Much Does Absolut Elyx Vodka Cost?

How Much Does Absolut Elyx Vodka Cost?

A 750-ml bottle of Absolut Elyx costs $13.99 – $20.99. However, this price could increase with the bottle size and the distributor you are getting Absolut Elyx from.

What Is the Difference Between Absolut Elyx And Grey Goose?

Absolut Elyx and Grey Goose are both luxury premium vodkas, but they have several differences from origin and ingredients to distillation and branding.

Both Grey Goose and Absolut Elyx are made from single-origin wheat, but Grey Goose is made in France, and Absolut Elyx is made in Sweden.

Moreover, Grey Goose has a neutral flavor with sweet notes and hints of aniseed. Additionally, Grey Goose is smooth but reportedly causes a mild and lingering burn.

In contrast, Absolut Elyx is more nutty and creamy, with a crispness and mild spice that is reminiscent of pepper.

What Is the Difference Between Absolut Elyx And Belvedere?

Both Absolut Elyx and Belvedere are made from single-origin grain, but Absolut Elyx is derived from wheat while Belvedere is derived from rye.

Furthermore, Belvedere originates from Poland, and Absolut Elyx comes from Sweden.

Taste-wise, Absolut Elyx contains hazelnut, chocolate, and white pepper notes. Meanwhile, Belvedere has a creamy mouthfeel with traces of vanilla, chocolate, and black pepper.

What Is the Difference Between Absolut Elyx And Tito’s?

Absolut Elyx and Tito’s vodka both claim to be handcrafted, although it is generally believed that Tito’s is no longer 100% produced manually.

Additionally, Absolut Elyx is a premium vodka with a premium price while Tito’s belongs to a lower tier and comes at affordable rates.

As for ingredients, Absolut Elyx uses single-origin wheat in Sweden. Meanwhile, Tito’s uses American corn.

Taste-wise, Tito’s is sweeter because it’s made from corn and Tito’s contains hints of grain. In contrast, Absolut Elyx has a peppery spice with nutty undertones and a silky texture.

What Is the Difference Between Absolut Elyx And Ciroc?

Absolut Elyx and Ciroc are luxury premium brands, but Absolut is derived from wheat, and Ciroc is derived from grapes.

Furthermore, Ciroc is made in France, and Absolut Elyx is made in Sweden.

Regarding their distillation, Ciroc is distilled in column stills whereas Absolut Elyx is distilled in small copper pots.

On the tongue, Ciroc is smooth and has fruity notes reminiscent of lemons and honey. In comparison, Absolut Elyx has hazelnut notes and a black peppery spice to it.

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Absolut Elyx is the premium version of Absolut vodka. Contrary to what most people think, Absolut Elyx is not a flavor.

Compared to Absolut vodka, Absolut Elyx has a more refined taste because Elyx vodka is handcrafted and distilled using small copper stills.

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