What Does Orange Juice Taste Like? (Fresh, Fermented + More)

Orange juice can be found in most pantries, but you may belong to the minority who do not partake of citrus beverages.

While orange is a common enough flavor found in different products, you may specifically wonder what orange juice tastes like? Here’s what I found out!

What Does Orange Juice Taste Like?

Orange juice has a sweet and sour taste that can turn slightly bitter when exposed to heat or when you’ve just finished brushing your teeth. Homemade orange juice has a natural zesty flavor because it is made 100% from organic citrus fruits. Processed orange juice leans more towards the artificial orange flavor due to the presence of chemical additives.

If you want to learn more about the taste of orange juice, why it’s bitter after brushing, and what will happen after mixing it with other ingredients, this is the article you’re looking for. So be sure to read on!

Is Orange Juice Sweet Or Bitter?

Organic orange juice is mostly sweet, tarty, with a hint of a bitter taste.

However, it only turns bitter after some time due to a substance called limonin.

Limonin is a bitter compound found in most citrus that gets stronger in flavor the more the OJ is exposed to heat. This is why you should consume your orange juice immediately if it’s sitting at room temperature.

On the other hand, store-bought orange juice rarely has a bitter taste. This is because it has added flavorings and artificial sugar in the formula, unlike its natural counterparts.

Is Orange Juice Tasteless?

Orange juice bought from the store is originally tasteless, but artificial flavorings are used to provide you with that orange flavor.

Since commercial orange juice undergoes a lengthy process to ensure that it won’t spoil easily, the natural orange taste gets stripped off.

To compensate for it, flavor packets are added to provide an artificial fruity sweetness.

Why Is Fresh Orange Juice So Tasty?

Freshly squeezed orange juice tastes delicious because it is organic and all-natural.

Additionally, fresh orange juice has no added preservatives and has not undergone any chemical process that makes it taste bland and flavorless.

For that reason, when you drink fresh orange juice, you get the whole quality experience of both the taste and smell you can’t find in store-bought OJ.

Why Does Orange Juice Not Taste Like Oranges?

Commercial orange juice does not taste like oranges because of the additives and the preservation process.

Since traditional OJ is made from organic fruits, it can quickly go bad. This is why the juice is processed to remove oxygen and preserve it for a longer period of time.

However, this removes the original flavor of the extract. As a result, orange flavorings and fragrances are added to restore the orange essence and attempt to make the OJ taste like citrus again.

What Does Bad Orange Juice Taste Like?

Bad orange juice tastes sour and unpleasant.

When orange juice is left out for too long, a chemical reaction will occur which will ultimately transform the sugar in the juice into alcohol. The juice will ferment and will taste like bad beer.

What Does Fermented Orange Juice Taste Like?

Randomly fermented orange juice tastes like putrid wine, but intentionally fermented OJ tastes pleasant. It is subtly sweet with a little bit of an acidic taste.

In addition to being unpleasant, it is not safe to consume orange juice that has been left outside and fermented as there are harmful microorganisms in the mix.

On the other hand, lacto-fermented drinks are safe for drinking because they are processed in a closely monitored environment.

What Does Blood Orange Juice Taste Like?

Blood oranges are sweeter than regular oranges so the same can be expected of their juice

The flavor of freshly squeezed blood orange juice is described as a sweet orange with the right combination of red grapefruit, cherries, and raspberries.

What Does Vodka And Orange Juice Taste Like?

What Does Orange Juice Taste Like?

A combination of vodka and orange juice is called a screwdriver cocktail. It is smooth, a little spicy, with a touch of fruity aftertaste.

For the recipe, just combine vodka and orange juice in a glass with ice. You can use freshly-squeezed OJ or store-bought ones depending on your preference.

What Does Amaretto And Orange Juice Taste Like?

An amaretto and orange juice drink has a unique taste of nutty and fruity flavors without the overwhelming bit of alcohol. But it can taste slightly bitter if the mixture has more amaretto liquor.

Amaretto is sweet alcohol that jives well with any type of citrus beverage, but mixing it with orange juice specifically brings out a balance of sweet and sour.

What Does Orange Juice Taste Like After Brushing Teeth?

Orange juice tastes strangely bitter after brushing teeth. This is because of the temporary effect of sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) in our taste buds.

SLES is a surfactant that aids the toothpaste bubble and spreads better. It suppresses the sweet receptors in the tongue making it impossible to distinguish the pleasant taste of OJ.

Additionally, SLES also promotes the breakdown of phospholipids in the tongue which stops you from picking up bitter notes.

As a result, the bitter flavor is maximized for a short time after brushing your teeth

What Does Orange Juice Smell Like?

Orange juice has a sweet, tangy scent. Just like any other citrus, it has a unique zesty aroma with a hint of pleasant sourness.

Some orange juice may smell sweeter than others, like those made from navel oranges. It has a cheerful flowery aroma that is good for stress relief.

What Does Orange Flavor Taste Like?

The natural orange flavor tastes like fresh citrus extracts and provides a distinct taste that is a close imitation of the original fruit. It is sourced from orange peels’ essential oil which is why it is dubbed as natural.

On the other hand, an artificial orange flavor that is found in most commercial-grade OJ is purely made from chemicals. It tastes a little sweeter but synthetic.

Both of these flavors are made to replicate the unique taste of certain products.

Why Is Orange Juice Addictive?

Orange juice may be addictive due to its sugar content.

While it’s touted as a healthy drink and does have certain nutritional benefits, orange juice contains just as much sugar as soda with 20–26 grams in a cup.

What’s more, science has shown that sugar is addictive in rats and the same may be true in humans with some people consuming sugary drinks in a similar pattern seen in addiction and substance abuse.

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Orange juice is a mixture of sweet, sour, and occasionally bitter tastes. It has strong notes of zest and has a refreshing citrus flavor.

While homemade orange juice mainly tastes sweet because it is made with fresh ingredients that are naturally sourced, it becomes bitter when exposed to air and heat for some time.

On the other hand, commercial, pasteurized orange juice has an artificial taste due to the chemical additives used to extend its shelf life.

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