Raw Eggs In Orange Juice (Why Do People Do This?)

When it comes to orange juice, you think you’ve seen it all and tasted it all, be it a refreshing fruit juice blend or a rare cocktail combo. But not so fast.

Raw eggs in orange juice is as weird as they come. I’ve gathered everything there is to know on this bizarre drink. Here’s what I found!

Raw Eggs In Orange Juice

Putting raw eggs in orange juice can make you feel full for longer and provide you with an energy boost to tackle your day. Aside from this, drinking raw eggs in orange juice can help hangovers because of its revitalizing properties. Cocktail mixtures also combine orange juice and raw eggs, including Grown-Up orange juice and Orange Julius. 

Curious about this unusual blend of raw eggs in orange juice? Check out all the juicy details below!

Why Do People Drink Raw Eggs In Orange Juice?

People drink orange juice with raw eggs to feel full for longer. Combining both of them may be uncommon, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t done.

Orange juice itself is filling because it contains fiber which is heavy on the stomach. In addition, eggs are also high on the satiety index, making you feel full for longer hours.

When you combine the two, the drink will provide you with extra energy to function and improve performance. Additionally, it can stave off hunger and help with weight loss.

Does Orange Juice With Raw Eggs Cure Hangovers?

Drinking orange juice with raw egg is a practice done to cure hangovers. You can simply crack one egg into your glass of orange juice, stir, and drink it up.

Eggs are rich in a chemical called cysteine which improves body functions while orange juice is rich in vitamin C which can energize and revitalize the body.

This means that the unusual glass of orange juice and egg have the right content to kickstart your body’s metabolic process. You can eliminate the alcohol in your system to make you feel less groggy.

What Is Egg White And Orange Juice Good For?

Egg white and orange juice combination can give you a tonic that can refresh your nerves. If you’re not a fan of OJ and raw eggs with yolk, then try including only the whites.

You can make this tonic quite easily by mixing orange juice and egg whites. Adding condensed milk or nutmeg is optional if you prefer it a bit sweeter.

Can You Mix Raw Egg With Orange Juice And Alcohol?

Raw Eggs In Orange Juice 

You can mix raw egg with orange juice and alcohol and it will give you a beverage called Grown-Up orange juice. In particular, rum is added but you can also use other variants.

For the recipe, you can either choose store-bought orange juice or squeeze it straight from the fruit. Add the juice and rum to the blender and mix in the egg.

You can choose how many parts are OJ and rum, but it is common to add a 50:50 ratio for a fruity alcoholic taste.

Pulse until the mixture is smooth and then add in ice cubes. Once the ice has blended well with the liquid, you can add a garnish of your choice.

Can You Make Raw Egg And Orange Juice Smoothie?

Blended smoothie with raw egg and concentrated orange juice is commonly known as Orange Julius. It also has milk and sugar in the mix to make a fruity, frothy mixture tasting like an orange creamsicle.

Simply add all the ingredients to the blender, put in some ice, and your Orange Julius is ready to drink. You can also opt to add bananas or whip cream depending on the flavor you’re going for.

This smoothie was invented by Julius Freed and Bill Hamlin to reduce the acidity of orange juice. If your stomach is sensitive, you can give Orange Julius a try.

Can You Mix Raw Quail Eggs In Orange Juice?

There is no stated rule that you should only mix chicken eggs with orange juice. In fact, using quail eggs in the mixture is a common practice in Mexico.

These raw eggs are known as huevos de codorniz and three of them are combined with orange juice. This mix tastes strongly of citrus, with no traces of rawness from the eggs.

You can usually find this drink at the fruit stands, or you can make the recipe at home by cracking the eggs into your citrus glass. It is filling and high in vitamins.

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Mixing raw eggs in orange juice is uncommon, but doing so can make you feel energized and full for longer hours. In addition, you can also drink this mixture if you’re suffering from hangovers as it contains nutrients that improve body functions.

Several beverages also use raw eggs in orange juice as their ingredients. This includes grown-up orange juice which is a cocktail that typically uses rum or Orange Julius with milk in the mix.

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