Iced Orange Juice (Is It Better, Ice Cube Orange Juice + More)

On its own, freshly squeezed orange juice is refreshing. But it may not be enough in the hot summer months when you’re looking for something that can really cool you down.

If you’ve considered making your citrus drink even more invigorating, you might have wondered about the particulars of iced orange juice. I was equally curious and here’s what I found!

Iced Orange Juice

Iced orange juice is simply orange juice mixed with ice and is flexible enough to be a standalone drink or a mixer for other kinds of beverages. You can blend iced orange juice with tea, coffee, or any alcohol for a more diverse drinking experience. Conversely, you can consume iced orange juice plain if you prefer a diluted, subtler taste.

Eager to explore more about iced orange juice, including the mixes that go well with it? Continue reading below!

Is Iced Orange Juice Better Than Refrigerated Orange Juice?

Deciding which is better between iced and refrigerated orange juice is down to preference. Both drinks have their perks, and you may find one more appealing than the other.

If you find pure orange juice sourced straight from the fruit too sweet or flavorful, you can ice it to water it down. You’ll get a more subdued version that gets diluted over time.

On the other hand, if you prefer your freshly squeezed orange juice chilled but not lacking in flavor, you should put it in the fridge. It won’t get watered down and you can enjoy its full flavors chilled.

How To Do Ice Cube Orange Juice?

You can easily do ice cube orange juice at home with the help of any type of ice cube mold.

It won’t matter if you use silicone, plastic, or metal mold. You’ll still have cube-shaped orange juice as long as your freezer’s cold enough.

You can use store-bought orange juice or go the extra mile and squeeze fresh juice. Once the liquid is uniform and pulpless, pour it in even amounts in your chosen ice cube mold.

Store the mold containing the orange juice in the freezer for two to four hours or until the juice has solidified.

Does Freezing Orange Juice Affect Vitamin C?

Iced Orange Juice 

If you freeze your orange juice correctly, it will be no different than freshly squeezed juice once defrosted. It won’t affect the taste and quality, nor the vitamin C content.

Not only will your orange juice retain its vitamin and mineral content in the freezer, but it will also help you absorb nutrients quicker.

What Is Iced Orange Juice With Coffee Called?

Iced orange juice with coffee goes by many names depending on the store that sells it. It can be called Sunrise, Good Morning Vietnam, OJ Express, or even just plain Orange Cold Brew Coffee Spritz.

What all these have in common is cold orange juice mixed with floating hot espresso. It tastes unique, with the right balance of coffee flavor and citrusy tang.

What Do You Call Tea With Iced Orange Juice?

There’s no definite name for a tea and iced orange juice drink. You can call it anything you want, but the most common practice is to name the drink after the type of tea used.

Can You Drink Iced Orange Juice With Alcohol?

Iced orange juice is often mixed with different types of alcohol because of its versatile taste. Be it whiskey, vodka, gin, or rum, you can combine iced orange juice with any type of alcohol to create cocktails.

One of the most common mixtures is iced orange juice and vodka, resulting in a drink called the screwdriver. Another is blending iced orange juice with tequila, known as tequila sunrise.

Can You Drink Ice Orange Juice With Mimosa?

Mimosa is a mixture of champagne and any citrus drink, including iced orange juice. Mixing these two will give you a bubbly drink with tart.

You can either mix orange juice straight with champagne or sparkling wine or use ice cube orange juice for a subtle fruity taste.

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Iced orange juice is a great alternative to refrigerated freshly squeezed juice if you prefer a diluted, less sweet-sour taste. You can combine it with a variety of beverages, including tea and coffee.

Additionally, iced orange juice goes well with any kind of alcohol. You can choose to blend it with rum, vodka, champagne, gin, or even whisky to explore different flavors.

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