What Is Orange Juice Concentrate? (Origins, Types + More)

As an orange juice aficionado, you think you’ve seen it all and tasted it all—fresh and store-bought orange juice made from all the different varieties of oranges.

But it seems you’ve missed something and you’re left wondering what is orange juice concentrate? I looked into it and this is what I discovered!

What Is Orange Juice Concentrate?

Orange juice concentrate is regular orange juice that has undergone a dehydration process aside from the usual pasteurization. The water from orange juice extract is removed making it seven times more concentrated than orange juice. Concentrated orange juice was formulated in 1945 to supply the American soldiers with vitamin C during WWII.

Eager to learn more about concentrated orange juice, its origins, and its preparation process? Then this article is for you!

What Exactly Is Orange Juice Concentrate?

Orange juice concentrate is the dehydrated version of orange juice and is seven times more concentrated.

The excess water is removed from orange juice and the resulting product is then compressed and frozen for easier packaging and transportation.

What Are Orange Juice Concentrate Ingredients?

Concentrated orange juice’s main ingredient is orange extract.

Orange juice concentrate has preservatives that lengthen shelf life and add pigment to enhance color. It can also contain several additives such as sugar, water, and honey to enhance flavor and sweetness.

Because concentrated orange juice does not contain much water, it has a shelf life of about one year. However, it can last indefinitely when kept at constant 0°F.

What Is Orange Juice Not From Concentrate?

Orange juice not from concentrate is sourced from the juice of oranges.

This type of orange juice is not dehydrated or compacted. It is simply treated to kill off bacteria and other foreign microorganisms before preparing it for the market.

Orange juice not from concentrate that is sold chilled has a shelf life of one to two weeks while those on dry shelves can last for three to six months.

What Is The Difference Between Fresh Orange Juice And Concentrate?

What Is Orange Juice Concentrate?

Fresh orange juice is 100% pure orange extract that hasn’t undergone any processes and is free from additional ingredients. It is simply the juice from oranges in its natural form.

On the other hand, concentrated orange juice also comes from real citrus fruits but has been processed to extend shelf life.

What Is The Origin Of Orange Juice Concentrate?

Orange juice concentrate was invented in 1945 during WWII. Although many tried to come up with a formula, it was Richard Stetson Morse who succeeded.

It all started when the US Army got desperate to supply vitamin C to their soldiers to improve their immune systems and boost energy levels.

Florida scientists developed a process to evaporate water from fresh juice by using low temperatures which Morse utilized.

Morse set out to create an orange juice that could be transported over long distances without going bad. He succeeded and built the Florida Juice Corporation to start his concentrated orange juice business.

What is the First-Ever Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate?

Minute Maid is the first-ever frozen orange juice concentrate. It was first introduced in the market in 1946.

Richard Morse renamed Florida Foods to Vacuum Foods Corporation and released a product called Minute Maid which was a frozen concentrated orange juice.

Minute Maid frozen orange juice concentrate became a hit in 1948 and rapidly grew in sales due to a partnership with Bing Crosby who was a well-known entertainer.

Is 100% Juice From Concentrate Real Juice?

Yes, 100% juice from concentrate is made from real juice extracts.

Concentrated orange juice is made from the extracts of orange fruits. However, it is syrupy because the majority of the water from the organic orange juice is removed.

Moreover, orange juice from concentrate is the real deal, but it has gone through a series of processes to make it lighter and more shelf-friendly.

What Is Better Orange Juice From Concentrate Or Not?

Both kinds of orange juice have undergone a pasteurization process but only concentrated orange juice has undergone dehydration.

As a result, concentrated orange juice can last for years as long as it is kept in the freezer while not from concentrate orange juice has a shorter shelf life.

Choosing which one is better depends on your preference. Concentrate and not from concentrate generally have the same nutritional value. It’s the shelf life that makes a difference.

What Are The Different Kinds of Orange Juice Concentrate?

There are two types of orange juice concentrates. These are:

  • 100% orange juice concentrate has no added sugar or flavorings. It was simply pasteurized, dehydrated, and sold straight in the market without additives.
  • Powdered juice concentrate underwent the same process and was additionally freeze-dried to achieve powdered form to take up less space.

What is the Process of Reconstituting Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate?

Frozen orange juice concentrate is reconstituted by hydrating it with 80% of the water content that was originally removed in the dehydration process to make the concentrate.

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Orange juice concentrate was formulated out of a need to provide American soldiers with vitamin C during WWII. It is simply orange juice that has been dehydrated to remove most of the water to extend shelf life and compress it for easier packaging and transportation.

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