Recipes With Orange Juice (23 Easy Recipes)

You’ve known orange juice as a beverage that goes well with breakfast foods like bacon, but have you ever wondered how else you can use orange juice?

You may be curious about finding recipes with orange juice. I did the research, and here are 23 recipes with orange juice you must try!

Recipes With Orange Juice

1. Orange-Sesame Noodles With Grilled Shrimp

You can try to upgrade your instant sesame noodles with orange juice. This peanut soba noodle salad with liberals amounts of freshly squeezed OJ tastes savory and light.

Topped with grilled shrimp, you can take the noodle dish a notch further by using orange juice as a marinade, or you can add extra orange zest for more tanginess.

2. Orange Ricotta Pancakes

You can whisk orange juice with egg, cheese, milk, butter, and zest to make orange ricotta pancakes.

These orange ricotta pancakes will be a crowd favorite as the milk and fruity flavors jive together to create a unique experience.

Plus, you can add a touch of maple syrup or confectioner’s sugar for extra sweetness.

3. Ham Steak With Orange Glaze

Another must-try recipe is a ham steak with orange glaze, which has the deep, rich flavors of ham highlighted with the fruity flavors of orange glaze.

This ham teak recipe is convenient to cook and only needs several common ingredients to boot. Pair your ham steak with hot java rice or plain bread to make the meal more filling.

4. No-Bake Citrus Granola Bars

If you’re in the rush but still want something to eat, these no-bake citrus granola bars are for you. Mix the ingredients and freeze the granola for a few hours before cutting up.

Moreover, you can add in your own toppings as this granola recipe is customizable.

5. Orange-Glazed Pork Loin

If you need a center dish, then this orange-glazed pork loin recipe will be your best bet.

This orange-glazed pork loin recipe has a flavorful exterior while the inner meat has a surprising salty citrus taste.

Additionally, the leftover orange glaze can even be preserved for other grilled at-home dishes, making this orange-glazed pork loin dish a no-throw recipe as well.

6. Halibut Steamed With Ginger, Orange, And Lime

Halibut flesh is mildly sweet and may taste bland for some, but you can make halibut flavorful with this recipe for halibut dish steamed with ginger, orange, and lime.

You can easily taste the citrus notes in the halibut without the raw flavors you usually expect. Adding a bit of Asian chili oil can spice up the fish for those who like spicy flavors.

7. Vegan Chocolate Orange Oat Bars

These vegan chocolate orange oat bars will let you enjoy the distinct flavor of oranges that are perfectly paired with choco and oats.

Adding orange zest as a topping can add color and tanginess to go with the sweet, bitter notes of cocoa. You can also customize the oat bars by adding other fun ingredients.

8. Orange-Glazed Pork With Sweet Potatoes

You can never go wrong with pork tenderloins baked with several tasty vegetables in a sheet pan.

This orange-glazed pork with sweet potatoes recipe is not messy, will not require you to do too much cooking, and tastes good no matter the mix.

In this orange-glazed pork with sweet potatoes, the pork and sweet potatoes are warm, sweet, and contain the right blend of spices, giving you a cozy, warm feeling.

9. Scallops with Chipotle-Orange Sauce

If you’re looking for the right dish to add to your recipe box, then scallops with Chipotle-orange sauce might just be what you want.

These scallops are spunky and sweet while the butter mellows out the flavors and blends the tastes quite well.

Moreover, the scallops have a bright flavor that blends well with the spicy chipotle. However, be careful when adding chipotle peppers as chipotle can be very spicy.

10. Orange Zest Scones

When you serve orange zest scones, be ready for people to ask for more!

Lightly sweet with notes of citrus, the drizzled buttercream icing on top of these scones is a welcome addition to those particular about their sugars.

11. Tilapia with Citrus Sauce

Whether paired with java or white rice, there is no denying that this tilapia with citrus sauce is a sweet-sour dish you’ll serve on repeat.

The tilapia tastes pleasant, catching the zesty flavors of orange and lime combination without the overpowering sourness.

You can choose to drizzle the orange and lime sauce on the tilapia fillets or use the orange and lime sauce as a side dip, or both!

12. Fresh Orange Sorbet

This three-ingredient dessert is a great treat during the summer months because this fresh orange sorbet recipe features sweet and light flavors.

When serving, you can add mint or orange ridge on top of the fresh orange sorbet for color and added citrus taste.

13. Honey-Orange Brocolli Slaw

Slaw doesn’t need to be complicated, nor does slaw require hard-to-find ingredients because this easy honey-orange broccoli slaw works as an appetizer or palate cleanser.

You can use store-bought broccoli coleslaw mix or create your own. Orange juice and zest make a great addition to this slaw with mayo dressing.

14. Orange Buttermilk Pancake

Orange Buttermilk Pancake 

Different from the traditional pancake, this orange buttermilk pancake recipe is a great way to change up your usual breakfast.

Fluffy pancakes with orange juice and zest create a fruity flavor that is light and refreshing, and you can add whatever fruit you like on top of the pancakes.

If you want something heavy and savory, you can add bacon or sausage as a side dish.

15. Crispy Orange Chicken

If you want an easy dish that is Chinese-inspired, then this crispy orange chicken recipe is what you need.

This recipe features tangy chicken nuggets rolled in orange juice, zest, and hoisin sauce combination. Typically, you can eat this popcorn chicken with cabbage or rice.

Plus, you can opt to double the sauce if you want more since this orange sauce goes well with the chicken, and may be poured over rice.

16. Crepes Suzette

Originally a french recipe, crepes are a classic dessert and this crepes Suzette recipe features the tastes of caramel and butter with the tangy, sweet-sour goodness of orange juice.

Generally, the crepes are flambeed, but you can opt to soak the crepes in a mixture of softened butter, orange juice, zest, and sugar. Add in some brandy then use a lighter stick to ignite.

You can adjust the taste by increasing the amount of orange juice or Grand Marnier, which is an orange-flavored liquor.

If the orange flavor is overpowering, you can add some powdered sugar.

17. Braised Fish With Orange and Soy

Orange juice concentrate can be used as a marinade to create braised fish with orange and soy since the flavors of orange juice seep through the fish flesh.

Moreover, you can opt to add ginger and soy sauce to balance the flavors while making the dish more savory.

Additionally, you can use any kind of fish fillet but the best fish to choose are halibut, cod, or salmon.

18. Seafood Jambalaya

Seafood Jambalaya is a cajun one-pot dish that combines shrimp, oysters, and crawfish with rice to create a recipe that is brimming with pleasant spice.

Adding orange juice and flesh to the Jambalaya can upgrade the already rich taste to another degree since the orange juice adds citrus and sweet-sour flavors to the savory seafood recipe.

If the orange tastes too strong, you can add orange segments as a topping to ensure the hot, spicy taste of the Jambalaya will be balanced with the sweetness of oranges.

19. Orange Barbecue Grilled Chicken

If you are in search of a recipe for the grill then orange barbecue grilled chicken is worth checking out.

Aside from being a savory dish, the orange barbecue grilled chicken features a strong orange taste and hints of ginger.

Moreover, this chicken recipe is convenient to prepare, only needing to put the chicken into a marinade of BBQ sauce mixed with orange juice, pineapple juice, and ginger

Be sure to leave the chicken in the marinade for a few hours to overnight for the flavors to fully seep into the chicken.

20. Orange Appeal

You can step up your fruit salad game with this orange appeal recipe, and you only need oranges, concentrated orange juice, almond, and coconut to make this fruit salad.

This bright fruit salad has a light, hearty citrus tastes ideal as a snack or an after-meal dessert. For added sweetness, add honey or confectioner’s sugar.

However, you should remove the white pith from the oranges to the best of your ability to avoid any bitter tastes in your fruit salad.

21. Beef And Orange Stir-Fry

Beef and orange stir-fry is a tasty take on the original Asian stir-fry cuisine made with convenience in mind, and you can create this by frying your beef strips with orange sauce.

Since the sauce is a blend of orange juice, rice vinegar, soy, and honey, you can expect a sweet-sour taste that goes well with noodles or rice.

If you want a spicy kick, you can add red chili and peppers, but you may want to remove the seeds from the chili because the added chili seeds can be too hot.

22. Vegan Orange Tofu

This vegan orange tofu recipe tastes like the real deal, and this vegan orange tofu dish is an easy thirty-minute meal for a simple weeknight dinner.

Crispy tofu is tossed in a sauce made from orange juice, garlic, and ginger, so the tofu tastes tangy. You can also opt to add extra orange zest or pepper for more flavor.

Ideally, you should put the sauce over the baked tofu right before serving the dish to avoid making the tofu soggy.

23. Happy Orange Turkey

If you need a recipe for Thanksgiving, this Happy Orange Turkey dish is eye-catching and flavorful.

This turkey recipe uses orange juice and champagne as a marinade while using orange flesh and orange zest as part of the turkey’s filling to create lots of tangy flavors.

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Orange juice is a tasty drink as it is, but you do not have to limit your orange juice to beverages.

You can incorporate orange juice in any of the recipes listed above to create tasty, citrusy dishes!

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