What Is Yamasa Soy Sauce? (History, Types + More)

There are so many brands of soy sauce available for you to use in your kitchen for all your dishes.

If you’ve ever heard of Yamasa soy sauce, you might be wondering if it is good. You don’t have to wonder anymore because I did the research, and here’s what I found!

What Is Yamasa Soy Sauce?

Yamasa soy sauce comes from a Japanese company called Yamasa that was founded in 1645 in Japan. Yamasa creates different kinds of soy sauces, but the soy sauces are all Japanese-style soy sauces and their most popular soy sauce is Yamasa Regular Soy Sauce because their regular soy sauce is versatile.

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What Does Yamasa Soy Sauce Taste Like?

Yamasa soy sauce’s exact flavor will depend on what kind of Yamasa soy sauce you get since Yamasa sells different kinds of soy sauces.

One of Yamasa’s most popular soy sauces is their regular soy sauce, which is a rich soy sauce that has a tangy and strong savory taste with a mild saltiness.

Therefore, the exact flavor of Yamasa soy sauce will greatly depend on what variety of Yamasa soy sauce you have.

Is Yamasa Soy Sauce Good?

Yamasa soy sauce is a good soy sauce brand if you want a Japanese-style soy sauce, but how good Yamasa soy sauce is will depend on your personal preference.

For instance, those who like stronger yet less salty flavors may prefer Yamasa soy sauce whereas others may prefer Kikkoman soy sauce because Kikkoman has a smoother and saltier taste.

Therefore, how good Yamasa soy sauce is will be based on your tastes, but Yamasa is a decent soy sauce brand for most cooking purposes.

Is Yamasa Soy Sauce Naturally Brewed?

Yamasa soy sauce is a naturally brewed soy sauce because Yamasa only uses traditional Japanese-style methods to create soy sauce.

Where Is Yamasa Soy Sauce Made?

To create Yamasa soy sauce, the manufacturers get an equal amount of soybeans and wheat. Soybeans get steamed while the wheat gets crushed and roasted, then the wheat and soybeans are combined.

Next, Yamasa manufacturers add a purely cultured seed Koji-mold to the wheat and soybeans, and the mixture gets left to develop for several days.

Salt gets dissolved into water then mixed into the Koji, wheat, and soybeans mixture and this mixture ferments for several months.

Once the fermentation process is complete, the mixture gets squeezed to separate the liquid, which is raw soy sauce.

Manufacturers then heat the raw soy sauce to a specific temperature to pasteurize the soy sauce, getting rid of the bacteria.

Once pasteurization is finished, the finished soy sauce gets inspected then bottled.

How Old Is Yamasa Soy Sauce?

Yamasa Corporation was founded back in 1645 and the company was incorporated in 1928.

What Kinds Of Yamasa Soy Sauce Are There?

Yamasa creates a variety of soy sauces, and their most popular soy sauce is Yamasa Regular Soy Sauce because you can use Yamasa regular soy sauce in most recipes.

Moreover, Yamasa creates other unique soy sauces, such as Less Salt Soy Sauce, Sushi Soy Sauce, Sashimi Soy Sauce, and more.

How Do You Use Yamasa Soy Sauce?

You can use Yamasa soy sauce as you would normally use any regular soy sauce since Yamasa soy sauce is versatile.

For instance, Yamasa regular soy sauce can be used in nearly every recipe that calls for normal soy sauce.

Some ways you can use Yamasa soy sauce are in marinades and dips, and you can also use Yamasa soy sauce as a seasoning or to add color to dishes.

Additionally, Yamasa has Less Salt Soy Sauce, which you can use for recipes that need soy sauce without consuming the same amount of sodium.

Moreover, Yamasa soy sauce creates other soy sauces with more specific uses, such as Sashimi Soy Sauce and Sushi soy sauce which are used to dip sashimi and sushi, respectively.

How Much Alcohol Is In Yamasa Soy Sauce?

Yamasa soy sauce typically contains around 2-4% alcohol, but the exact amount of alcohol Yamasa Soy Sauce contains will depend on the type of Yamasa Soy Sauce.

Is Yamasa Soy Sauce Vegan?

Yamasa soy sauce is vegan because it does not contain any animal products nor does Yamasa require animals in the process of making soy sauces.

Is Yamasa Soy Sauce Gluten-Free?

Yamasa soy sauce is not a gluten-free soy sauce because Yamasa soy sauce contains gluten from wheat.

What Can You Substitute Yamasa Soy Sauce For?

Generally, you can use any regular soy sauce to substitute Yamasa soy sauce since Yamasa soy sauce is a normal soy sauce.

However, it may be worth noting that Japanese-style soy sauces may be the best replacement for Yamasa soy sauce since Yamasa creates Japanese soy sauces.

For instance, Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce can be a good replacement for Yamasa soy sauce because they are both Japanese soy sauces.

However, you can still use other soy sauces, such as Chinese-style soy sauces like Lee Kum Kee, but there might be a slightly different flavor.

Therefore, you cannot use different types of soy sauces to replace Yamasa soy sauce, it has to be the same kind of soy sauce.

For example, you cannot use light soy sauce to replace Yamasa Less Salt Soy Sauce because they have very different colors and flavors.

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Yamasa soy sauce is a type of Japanese-style soy sauce and Yamasa is an old soy sauce manufacturer from Japan.

Yamasa creates a variety of soy sauces that are excellent choices if you need to use soy sauce, especially if you are following a Japanese recipe.

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