What Is Watermelon Vodka? (Taste, Brands + More)

Vodkas come in a variety of flavors, most of them inspired by fruits and botanicals, and flavored vodkas are a great way to enjoy your vodka, especially if you are not fond of its classic neutral taste.

One popular flavor in the market today is watermelon vodka. In case you’re curious to learn more about watermelon vodka and what it’s like, I looked into it, and here is what I found!

What Is Watermelon Vodka?

Watermelon vodka is simply watermelon-flavored vodka, either sold commercially by popular brands like Absolut and Ciroc or made at home. Additionally, watermelon vodka can also refer to watermelon soaked in vodka. Consequently, the watermelon will taste like vodka when eaten. Moreover, watermelon vodka is a popular summer drink that is usually made sugar-free.

If you want to know more about watermelon vodka’s taste, sugar content, and which brands make watermelon vodka, keep on reading!

Is There A Watermelon Flavored Vodka?

Numerous vodka brands have released their own watermelon-flavored vodka, including Absolut, Smirnoff, Ciroc, Grey Goose, Veil, and Skyy.

Additionally, you can also make watermelon vodka at home using fresh watermelons and your preferred brand of unflavored vodka.

What Does Watermelon Vodka Taste Like?

Watermelon vodka tastes differently depending on the brand you drink and the recipe you follow, in case you are making a homemade infusion.

Generally, all watermelon vodkas possess the sweetness of watermelon, but this may vary depending on how a distiller chooses to formulate and process its watermelon vodka.

Additionally, watermelon vodka has a refreshing flavor with a bright fruity zest. In case yours is homemade, your watermelon vodka could also have a grainy texture depending on how well you strain the watermelon vodka.

Does Watermelon Vodka Get You Drunk?

Watermelon vodka is typically bottled at a lower proof than its unflavored counterparts, with ABVs usually ranging from 30-35%.

Nonetheless, watermelon vodka still has a high alcohol content, and if you do not drink it in moderation, watermelon vodka can easily get you intoxicated.

Does Watermelon Vodka Have Sugar?

Currently, all watermelon vodkas in the market claim to have no added sugar, and this applies to brands like Absolut, Ciroc, Veil, and New Amsterdam, to name a few.

How Many Calories Are In Watermelon Vodka?

Watermelon vodkas typically have a calorie count lower than 100 per standard shot.

However, it must be noted that the higher the ABV of the watermelon vodka, the higher the calories also.

Here is a list of the most popular watermelon vodkas in the market and their corresponding calories:

  • Smirnoff Watermelon Twist 1.5 oz = 93 calories
  • Ciroc Summer Watermelon 1oz = 64 calories
  • Absolut Watermelon 1.5oz = 91 calories
  • Grey Goose Watermelon & Basil 1.5oz = 73 calories

What Is The Best Watermelon Vodka?

So far, no official research has been made to identify which watermelon vodka is the best. Additionally, people will have varying opinions about which watermelon vodka is superior.

In terms of popularity, some of the most recommended watermelon vodkas are Absolut Watermelon, Grey Goose Watermelon & Basil, and Ciroc Summer Watermelon.

What Is The Best Mixer for Watermelon Vodka?

What Is The Best Mixer for Watermelon Vodka?

If you are going to mix watermelon vodka with another beverage, it is recommended that you choose something with a mild or plain flavor.

As such, sparkling water, lemonade, lime soda, simple syrup, sparkling wine, lemon soda, tonic water, and seltzer are the leading mixers for watermelon vodka.

In case you want something more flavorful, soda, cold brew, grapefruit juice, and watermelon juice are great options to mix with watermelon vodka.

Additionally, you will want to blend them in a highball glass with plenty of ice and garnishes like a lemon wheel, lime wedge, or watermelon wedge.

What Is Absolut Watermelon?

Absolut Watermelon is a watermelon-flavored vodka that is bottled at 38% ABV or 76 proof. Additionally, Absolut Watermelon contains no sugar, fats, carbs, or proteins.

Moreover, Absolut Watermelon is marketed as the perfect summer drink for parties and casual occasions alike. You can take Absolute Watermelon neat or in a delicious cocktail.

As for its appearance, Absolut Watermelon has a pink tinge to it and is sold in clear bottles so that consumers can easily identify Absolut Watermelon’s flavor.

When Did Absolut Watermelon Vodka Come Out?

Absolut Watermelon came out in the summer of 2021 as part of Absolut’s growing list of flavored vodkas.

How Much Sugar Does Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka Have?

Smirnoff WatermelonTwist does not contain any sugar.

Can You Take Shots With Watermelon Vodka?

You can drink watermelon vodka by knocking it back as shots. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended that you sip watermelon vodka instead so that you can enjoy watermelon vodka’s flavor.

What Does Watermelon And Sprite Taste Like?

Watermelon vodka and sprite will have the citrusy zest of sprite and the sweet notes of watermelon vodka. Additionally, you will detect a mild heat from its alcohol content.

To create a balanced drink, it is best if you use just one or two shots of watermelon vodka to a can of sprite.

Stir sprite and watermelon vodka in a highball glass with ice then garnish with a lemon wedge.

How Do You Mix Watermelon Vodka With Cranberry Juice?

To produce a delicious drink with watermelon vodka and cranberry juice, you will need to combine watermelon vodka and cranberry juice with mint leaves, simple syrup, and lime juice.

First, you will have to muddle the simple syrup with 3-5 mint leaves at the bottom of a cocktail mixer. Next, add the rest of the ingredients along with plenty of ice and shake.

Strain the drink twice so that there won’t be mint leaves in your drink. Afterward, pour the drink in a highball glass then add your desired garnish.

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Watermelon vodka has been growing in popularity in recent years thanks to its refreshing taste. As a result, more and more vodka brands are releasing their own watermelon vodka.

Some of the first brands to produce watermelon vodka are Absolut, New Amsterdam, Ciroc, Grey Goose, Veil, and Skyy.

Additionally, most of the watermelon vodkas today are sugar-free and have less than 100 calories per standard shot.

Further enhancing watermelon vodka’s appeal is the mildly sweet and zesty flavor that makes watermelon vodka a great sipper and base spirit for a wide variety of cocktails.

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