What Does Dijon Mustard Taste Like? (Hotness, Types + More)

There is a familiarity to the taste of dijon mustard, so much so that one reasonably expects “mustard-y” to be among the first words used to describe it. But at the same time, there are flavors unique to it.

Thus the million-dollar question is asked. What does dijon mustard really taste like? We scoured the web for the best answer and found other interesting tidbits about dijon mustard, too. Take a look!

What Does Dijon Mustard Taste Like?

Dijon mustard has a tangy, tarty, and nutty flavor that pairs well with a variety of food. It is also spicier and more aromatic than regular mustard. Additionally, many have compared the taste of dijon mustard to horseradish and wasabi as dijon has a slick kick to it.

If you want to know what gives dijon mustard its unique flavor, how it differs from other condiments, and what can be used to replace it, then read on!

Dijon mustard has a more complex flavor profile than regular mustard. It ranges from mild to very spicy depending on the brand, and it gives off tarty and nutty flavors as well.

Moreover, aside from being spicier, tangier, and more aromatic than regular mustard, its mustard-y taste will be more pronounced.

What Does Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard Taste Like?

Grey Poupon is known for its whole-grain and dijon mustard that is less aggressive and a little tartier and more watery than the original.

What Does Honey Dijon Mustard Taste Like?

Honey dijon mustard is just honey blended with the classic French mustard.

The result is a condiment that is sweet and creamy but with the characteristic tang of dijon mustard.

Does Dijon Mustard Taste Like Regular Mustard?

Dijon mustard differs from regular mustard in both color and taste. In terms of color, they are both yellow, but regular mustard is a brighter yellow compared to dijon mustard’s pale and creamier yellow.

As for taste, dijon mustard has a tangier, spicier, and more intense flavor because it’s made from brown mustard seeds which are more acidic than the white mustard seeds from which regular mustard is made.

Is Dijon Mustard Sweet or Spicy?

What Does Dijon Mustard Taste Like?

Dijon mustard is not considered sweet mustard, but you might notice the tinge of sweetness it produces in your palette if you really look for it.

What’s certain is that dijon mustard is spicy and is, in fact, a spicier and tangier alternative to regular mustard.

Why Is Dijon Mustard So Spicy?

Dijon mustard is made from brown mustard seeds which are hotter and more pungent than the white ones from which regular mustard is made, but milder than the black mustard seeds.

On top of this, sinigrin, a compound found in mustard seeds, releases an enzyme called myrosinase when the seeds are crushed and mixed with liquid. This creates a mustard-y and spicy flavor.

Why Does Dijon Mustard Taste Like Horseradish?

Prepared horseradish has a similar flavor profile to mustard because they come from the same family of plants.

Like mustard seeds, the root of horseradish releases oil when crushed, producing an intense spicy flavor that can be felt in the sinuses.

Because of this, dijon mustard tastes similar to horseradish, but brown mustard, being spicier than dijon mustard, is actually closer to horseradish in flavor.

Why Does Dijon Mustard Taste Like Wasabi?

Although wasabi has a much hotter flavor profile than dijon mustard, they taste similar to most people because they are made from plants belonging to the same Brassica family.

Additionally, to keep costs down, most wasabi outside Japan don’t contain Wasabia japonica, the Japanese native herb originally used to make wasabi, and are really just a mixture of horseradish, mustard, and food coloring.

Is Dijon Mustard The Same As French Mustard?

French mustard, classed as “moutarde douce” in France, is not the same as dijon mustard.

Compared to dijon mustard, French mustard is a sweeter type of mustard and has a darker, almost brownish color.

Is American Mustard The Same As Dijon?

American mustard is not the same as dijon mustard.

While there are hints of similarity in their tastes, American mustard is milder, sweeter, and has more tart.

Are Dijon Mustard And Honey Mustard The Same?

Dijon mustard and honey mustard are not the same.

Honey mustard is simply honey and mustard mixed together to create a sweet, creamy, tangy, and mustard-y condiment. However, honey mustard can also be made by combining honey specifically with dijon mustard instead of regular mustard.

The addition of honey will make the condiment sweeter and will blunt the heat of the mustard, giving it a unique flavor profile.

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Dijon mustard is one of the most popular and versatile condiments in the world, but its unique taste profile is hard to pin down.

Moreover, dijon mustard has been compared to and substituted with horseradish, wasabi, and other mustards, but few, if any, can perfectly replicate its characteristic tangy and spicy kick.

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