Does Dijon Mustard Go Bad? (Shelf Life, Expiry + How To Tell)

The expiration dates of condiments are often overlooked. Dijon mustard is no exception. Because only a little of it is used at a time, products like this seem to last forever.

So how long exactly is the shelf life of dijon mustard and can it go bad? Here is what I discovered!

Does Dijon Mustard Go Bad?

Dijon mustard does go bad even if most of the ingredients in it contain natural preservatives. Opened bottles of dijon will last up to a year if refrigerated properly. On the other hand, unopened bottles will last up to 3 years in proper storage conditions. However, over time, it will still eventually lose quality and spoil.

To learn more about why dijon mustard doesn’t have a long shelf life, how to tell if your dijon mustard has gone bad, and much more, keep on reading!

How Does Dijon Mustard Go Bad?

Although most of the ingredients used in dijon are natural preservatives, this does not stop the condiment from actually going bad over time.

Dijon can go bad if not properly stored. If the seal is not tight enough or if it is stored in a place where direct sunlight reaches it, the mustard will spoil.

Molds can also develop inside the bottle if moisture gets inside. This will make the dijon unsafe to eat.

Does Unopened Dijon Mustard Go Bad?

Unopened Dijon may be good for 2-3 years if stored properly and away from direct sunlight. A tightly sealed container helps in preserving the condiment but it still has a shelf life.

Once you notice swelling or pressure in the bottle, it is best to check if there is bacteria or mold accumulation inside.

If a popping noise is made by the bottle when opened, the dijon must be discarded.

Does Organic Dijon Mustard Go Bad?

Organic and inorganic dijon are only separated by very few ingredients. The natural preservative in both of them is still vinegar.

So in the same way that inorganic dijon can go bad, organic dijon will go bad too. This will still be determined by how long they are kept, properties of storage, and the manufacturer labels.

Is It Okay To Eat Expired Dijon Mustard?

Does Dijon Mustard Go Bad?

When you see the expiration date on most mustards, remember that it is mostly for quality and shelf purposes rather than the actual spoil date.

As long as the dijon is not spoiled, smelly, moldy, and doesn’t give off a bitter taste, then it is still safe to consume.

How Long Does Dijon Mustard Last After Opening?

Dijon mustard will last as long as 9 months to a year if kept refrigerated. If not refrigerated, however, it will only last about a month.

How Long Does It Take For Dijon Mustard To Expire?

Dijon mustard’s expiration depends on the manufacturer’s given shelf life. Most manufacturers give a definite sell-by-date for their products.

How Can You Tell If Dijon Mustard Has Gone Bad?

When dijon loses all its quality, flavor, and coloration, it has not necessarily gone bad but it will no longer be of much use by then.

Texture-wise, if dijon is very runny or very chunky and doesn’t mix well anymore, then it has expired.

In the same way, if you see mold inside the bottle or tragic discoloration, the mustard is not safe to consume anymore.

Does Dijon Mustard Go Bad In The Fridge?

Refrigerated dijon will rarely go bad as long as the bottle is tightly sealed. But once it is contaminated by other external factors or if moisture accumulates inside, dijon will still spoil.

Although refrigeration and the natural preservatives in its ingredients will help preserve the mustard, the first to go if kept for too long will be the quality.

Is Unopened Dijon Mustard Good After Expiration Date?

Unopened Dijon mustard is typically good for 2-3 years past the expiration label, granted that the mustard is stored properly and has no leaks in the seal.

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Dijon mustard will go bad. The time frame before that happens will be longer than most food products due to the preservatives in its ingredients but it will still spoil eventually.

In order for its taste and texture to last, dijon mustard has to be stored properly. But the longer you keep it, the more you lose the quality and the taste that make dijon such an enjoyable condiment.

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