Does Mustard Powder Go Bad? (Shelf Life, Storage Tips + More)

Mustard powder is processed to retain the strong mustardy flavors while staying fresh for a long period of time.

A lot of factors contribute to its shelf life but can mustard powder eventually go bad? Here’s what I found out about it!

Does Mustard Powder Go Bad?

Mustard powder does not typically go bad. However, the unique aroma of mustard and its strong flavor concentrated in the powder will eventually deteriorate if not used for a long time. In addition, storing mustard powder properly helps it retain its flavor for longer and prevents it from spoiling easily.

So how do you know if the mustard powder in your pantry is losing quality? When is the time to replace your mustard powder? Learn more below!

How Do You Know If Mustard Powder Has Gone Bad?

Mustard powder that has gone bad usually just means that it has a weak aroma and the flavor is not as potent as it initially was.

Once there are significant changes in the color and the texture of the powder, it is best to refrain from using it in your dishes and food.

If mold and moisture have accumulated inside the container, then it is definitely time to throw away your mustard powder and replace it. Mold is usually a tell-tale sign that the product is unsafe to consume

Treat your mustard powder like any other powdered spice. Your senses will be enough to tell you if there is something wrong with the texture, color, feel and smell of the powder.

How Do You Store Mustard Powder?

In order to keep the mustard powder at its best, store the mustard powder in a cool, dark place, typically away from direct heat or sunlight. Changes in temperature may cause condensation and bacterial growth.

Bacterial growth will lead to molds and unwanted chemical changes, so it is best to keep your mustard powder away from areas that are highly susceptible to changes in temperature.

Moreover, make sure your mustard powder container is tightly sealed. Leakages in the lid or the container will allow moisture to enter and ruin the powder.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Mustard Powder?

Does Mustard Powder Go Bad? 

Mustard powder will last you 3-4 years unopened, well past its “best by” date if it is properly stored. Peak quality is ensured as long as storage conditions are fitting.

Opened mustard powder will also last 1-2 years when stored properly at room temperature and an indefinite time when refrigerated.

Most “best-by” dates from manufacturers are dates given up until the mustard powder will still have its peak flavor and quality.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the mustard powder has gone bad. It may still be safe for consumption.

Is It Safe To Use Expired Powder Mustard?

Packaged powder mustard, even with the best by date, can still be safe to consume as long as you do not see anything wrong with it.

For example, if the powder is still the same coloring as when bought and the smell is what it is supposed to be for mustard powder, then it is fine to use.

However, if the powder has lost most color or has significant discoloration, has signs of moisture in it, and has molds inside the container, then it is definitely not safe to consume or to add to food.

Can Eating Bad Powder Mustard Make You Sick?

Eating bad powder mustard is like eating any other bad spice. It can taste unpleasant and cause stomach discomfort.

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Used mostly as a spice or seasoning, powder mustard is not as prone to spoilage when kept well because it is in powder form.

Though natural preservatives keep most of their quality for a long period of time, the unused powder will still lose its quality.

Spoilage will only come second because the powder will first lose its strong taste and kick before it ever truly goes bad.

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