32 Vodkas Made From Wheat (Complete List)

While there’s a predominant belief that vodka is primarily made from potatoes, the current vodka market is saturated by more wheat-based vodkas.

If you’re into vodkas with a light palate and citrusy notes then you should reach for vodka from one of the brands in this complete list of wheat vodkas!

Vodkas Made From Wheat

1. Absolut

Absolut is a Swedish brand made from wheat and water sourced in Ahus, and Absolut has a thick body with sweet and grainy undertones.

2. Ketel One

Ketel One is a Dutch brand that uses copper pot stills and charcoal filtration, meaning Ketel One vodka has a soft and smooth texture with sweet and toasted bread-like tastes.

3. Belaya Rus

Balaya Rus is a Belarusian brand made from rye, hard winter wheat, and pure artesian water, resulting in a softly textured vodka with a rich, grainy taste.

4. Danzka

Danzka is a Danish brand made from whole grain and demineralized Nordin water that undergoes a continuous distillation process.

As such, Danzka is an aromatic wheat-based vodka with a balanced flavor containing citrusy notes and a mild burn.

5. Fris

Fris is a Danish brand made from 100% whole grain and water collected from wells in the north of Denmark, and Fris is Freeze Filtered to purify the vodka.

Consequently, Fris became known for having a clean palate and smooth finish.

6. 42 Below

42 Below is a product of New Zealand and is made from wheat and volcanic spring water, and 42 Below possesses a mildly grainy and sweet flavor with an oily texture.

7. Ultimat

Ultimat is a Polish brand made from a combination of wheat, rye, and potatoes that undergoes a ceramic candlelight filtration to purify the vodka after distillation.

As a result, Ultimat has a neutral flavor that is soft to the mouth and contains sweet and peppery notes.

8. Dragon Bleu

Dragon Bleu is a French brand made from rye, wheat, and barley and manufactured in the Grande Champagne area of France.

Additionally, Dragon Bleu has a rich, sweet flavor that fades into a peppery finish.

9. Svedka

Svedka is a Swedish brand made from winter wheat and spring water and is distilled 5 times, so Svedka has a clean flavor with a grainy taste and a slight alcoholic burn.

10. Khortytsia

Khortytsia is a Ukrainian brand made from wheat, oats, and natural water, creating a vodka that has a clean and creamy texture with toasted bread undertones.

11. Grey Goose

Grey Goose is a French brand made from Picardie winter wheat and Gensac spring water. Additionally, Grey Goose has a neutral flavor with sweet notes and mild burn.

12. Jean-Marc XO

Jean-Marc XO is a French brand made from wheat and spring water that is distilled 9 times using copper alembic stills.

Moreover, Jean-Marc XO has a gentle palate with floral, ripe fruit, and coconut notes.

13. Adnams

Adnams is a British brand made from wheat, oats, and malted barley, creating a vodka that is crisp and creamy with an interesting taste of toffee.

14. VKA Vodka

VKA Vodka is an Italian brand crafted from certified organic soft Tuscal wheat and water from the Apennine hills.

Additionally, VKA Vodka has a mineral and silky texture with hints of wheat and juniper.

15. Bong Spirit

Bong Spirit is a Dutch brand that is distilled 6 times and filtered 4 times using sheet, candle, and charcoal, yielding vodka that is extremely clean, creamy, and a little spicy.

16. Vox

Vox is a Dutch brand that is made purely from wheat and distilled 5 times, resulting in a vodka that is exceptionally smooth and crisp with vanilla tones.

17. Kauffman

Kauffman is a Russian brand that distills the wheat 14 times and filters the vodka twice using birch coal and quartz sand.

This results in a vodka that is gentle on the palate and has wheat notes and subtle hints of fruit.

18. Kryshtal Etalon

Kryshtal Etalon is a Belarusian brand made from grain ethyl rectified alcohol and flint-processed water. Additionally, Kryshtal Etalon is distilled 4 times and filtered only once.

Moreover, Kryshtal Etalon has a creamy mouthfeel with a light, almost undetectable sweetness.

19. Pearl

Pearl vodka is a Canadian brand made from soft winter wheat and Canadian Rocky Mountain water. Furthermore, Pear vodka is distilled 5 times and filtered 6 times.

On the tongue, Pearl vodka starts off light and sweet, turns bitter midpalate, and ends with a warm alcohol taste.

20. Stolichnaya

Stolichnaya is a Russian brand made from wheat, rye, and artesian water. Moreover, Stoli is distilled 3 times and filtered through quartz, sand, activated charcoal, and cloth.

Additionally, Stoli has a creamy mouthfeel with hints of black pepper, aniseed, and sweet citrus.

21. Youri Dolgoruki

Youri Dolgoruki is a Russian brand that uses wheat and pre-treated glacier water. After distilling the spirit 4 times, the vodka is diluted with water and filtered through Russian birch charcoal.

Additionally, Youri Dolgoruki has a bright and crisp flavor with light medicinal tastes and you will also detect citrus and pastry dough notes.

22. Double Cross

Double Cross is a Slovak Vodka made from single-source winter wheat and water collected from the Tatra Mountains.

Moreover, Double Cross has a pleasant mineral taste with grainy notes and a citrusy finish.

23. V44

V44 is a Slovak brand that is organically farmed and sustainably produced. Additionally, V44 is distilled 4 times and filtered 16 times.

As for taste, V44 has a delicate mouthfeel with an oily consistency and a soft finish.

24. Mariette

Mariette is a French brand made from non-GMO whole wheat and water collected from the Ambes Spring in Bordeaux.

Regarding Mariette’s taste, Mariette has a clean palate with hints of whipped cream and citrus zest.

25. Pinnacle

Pinnacle is an American brand produced in France using whole grain winter wheat from Brie and water from the Charente region.

On the tongue, Pinnacle is dry and mildly warm with juniper, white pepper, and lemon peel undertones.

26. Explorer

Explorer is a Swedish brand with a clean and soft palate accentuated by a mild sweetness.

Additionally, Explorer was first marketed in the United States of America but failed, and was relaunched in the Sweden market to much success, making Explorer one of Sweden’s most popular vodkas.

27. Level

Level is a Swedish brand made from winter wheat and distilled using continuous distillation and batch distillation.

As a result, Level vodka has a balanced taste that is rich, grainy, and sweet with a slightly viscous finish that fades quickly.

28. Shustov

Shustov is a Russian brand made with neutral spirits distilled from grain. Additionally, Shutov goes back to 1863 in Russia and is still bottled in Russia to this day.

As for its taste, Shustove has a delicate palate with bittersweet and grainy flavors accentuated by mild acidity.

29. Purity Vodka

Purity Vodka

Purity Vodka is a Swedish brand made from malted barley and organic winter wheat. Additionally, Purity Vodka is certified organic in both America and Europe.

Furthermore, Purity vodka has a dry texture and a rich flavor with undertones of lemon peel and wheat.

30. Renat Vodka

Renat Vodka is a Swedish brand that uses wheat grown in Västergötland. Plus, Renat Vodka is distilled 10 times using a continuous distillation process and bottled at 37.5% ABV.

31. Nemiroff

Nemiroff is a Ukrainian brand made with wheat and artesian water that is filtered with minerals dating back millions of years.

Taste-wise, Nemiroff is light and has a grassy, earthy palette with just the right amount of sweetness. Moreover, Nemiroff sustains its flavor from start to finish.

32. Soyuz-Viktan

Soyuz-Viktan is a Ukrainian brand that uses a combination of barley, wheat, and rye. Additionally, Soyuz-Viktan vodka is distilled 5 times and filtered 14 times using “natural mountain crystals.”

When taken neat, you’ll notice that Soyuz-Viktan has a smooth, round body with undertones of sour rye. Moreover, Soyuz-Viktan vodka has an oily but otherwise light texture.

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Wheat vodkas currently dominate the vodka market, which is a testament to the accessibility, variety, and quality of wheat all over the world.

Although most vodkas today are made of wheat, each brand of vodka possesses a distinct trait that will keep your drinking experience fresh and pleasurable.

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