IHOP Orange Juice (Do They Service It, How Much Pulp + More)

IHOP is a famous breakfast hub known for its pancakes and other mealtime offers. If you’ve ever seen an IHOP menu, you might be curious about their fruit drinks.

In particular, you want to find out more about their orange juice. Here are some details about IHOP orange juice, check them out!

 IHOP Orange Juice

IHOP orange juice is sourced from 100% pure, organic oranges with no added sugar, colorings, or preservatives. There are two main brands of IHOP orange juice, namely Tropicana and Florida’s Natural, which are both trusted brands in the market. Although IHOP orange juice is not available for a refill, you can include them in your breakfast bundle as a side beverage. 

If you want to know more about IHOP orange juice, including what sizes and brands are used, then keep reading!

Does IHOP Serve Orange Juice?

IHOP serves orange juice as a drink option from their extensive list of beverages, and IHOP sells orange juice at varying prices depending on the size.

Typically, IHOP’s regular-sized orange juice is worth $1.99, large ones cost $2.69, and their carafe is sold for $4.99 each.

Does IHOP Orange Juice Contain Added Sugar?

All orange juice variants offered at IHOP do not contain added sugar or any other preservatives. These beverages are from 100% orange juice made with fresh, organic oranges.

Instead of added sugar, IHOP orange juice only has natural sugars in its ingredients, and this applies to all their OJ services no matter the size or brand.

What Brands Are Sold As IHOP Orange Juice?

Two orange juice brands have created a partnership with IHOP, namely Tropicana and Florida’s Natural, and both of these are organic orange juices not sourced from concentrate.

You can be sure that these brands are 100% pure orange juice, and Tropicana is the leading refrigerated orange juice in the US market.

Moreover, Florida’s Natural has an extensive history of providing fresh OJ to different chains nationwide.

How Many Calories Is In IHOP Kids Orange Juice?

Kids size orange juice at IHOP is 12 fl oz. and generally contains a total of 140 calories.

Eleven percent of this total calorie count is from carbohydrates, six percent are from protein, and the others are from different vitamins and minerals.

How Much Pulp Is In IHOP Orange Juice?

How Much Pulp Is In IHOP Orange Juice?

Both Tropicana and Florida’s Natural orange juice have pulp, but this depends on the kind you will order at IHOP. If you pay for pulp-free orange juice, then you won’t have any pulp in the mix.

This also applies if you place an order for extra pulpy OJ, and you can opt to request an even higher level of pulp in your orange juice depending on brand availability.

Are There Free Refills For IHOP Orange Juice?

IHOP does not offer free refills for IHOP orange juice because IHOP’s promo for free refills does not include fruit drinks.

Therefore, you won’t get any refills for your cup of orange juice, so it’s better to order a large one if you tend to drink your beverages quickly.

Does IHOP Offer Orange Juice For Breakfast Combos?

IHOP has several breakfast meal varieties offered with their well-known buttermilk pancakes. You can opt to add a glass of orange juice to their combos for a more American-style breakfast.

These meals are available for the whole day and are not limited to the early hours of the morning.

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IHOP orange juice comes from two well-known brands, particularly Tropicana and Florida’s Naturals. They are 100% orange juice that does not contain added sugar or any preservatives in the mix.

However, one thing to take note of is that IHOP does not offer refills for their orange juice. You may want to upsize your drink from the get-go to avoid running out of beverages.

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