Gin And Orange Juice (Drink Names, Ingredients + More)

Orange juice is great to have when the sun is bearing down on you. But come the cool of the evening, it doesn’t lose its appeal and can only get more interesting on nights out.

Blending fruit juices in alcoholic beverages isn’t uncommon. So maybe you want to know what gin and orange juice will give you when mixed. I’ve tried it and here’s what I found out!

Gin And Orange Juice

Gin and orange juice is a classic combination generally known as Orange Blossom. However, there are many different versions born from the gin and orange juice mix such as Gin and Juice, Sunrise Gin and Juice, Under Old Solitaire, and St. Clemens. Additionally, gin and orange juice can combine well with other liquor, like champagne and Triple Sec. 

If you want to learn more about the cocktail combinations made from gin and orange juice, keep on reading!

What Drink Is Made From Gin And Orange Juice?

Mixing gin and orange juice will give you a cocktail called Orange Blossom. This drink can have many different variations, depending on the additional ingredients used.

However, the most basic version of Orange Blossom includes only orange juice and Old Tom, a sweeter kind of gin. Some include sweet vermouth to add spiced floral flavors and balance the taste.

Can You Mix Tanqueray Gin And Orange Juice?

Tanqueray tastes strongly of juniper and lemon zest with bits of subtle sweet taste making it a classic cocktail base. If you combine it with orange juice, you get strong citrus flavors that go down smooth rather than dry.

You only need to add Tanqueray gin and orange juice to a shaker and shake vigorously. You can also add pineapple juice and a squeeze of lime for a hint of tangy, tropical taste.

Does Gin And Orange Juice Mix To Make Sunrise?

You can blend gin and orange juice to create a variation of the original 70’s tequila sunrise. This will give you a morning cocktail called Sunrise Gin and Juice that tastes sugary and refreshing on the palate.

To create this mix, just blend orange juice and gin of any kind. Add a teaspoon of grenadine syrup for added color at the bottom to imitate sunset.

What Cocktail Is London Dry Gin And Orange Juice Called?

Gin And Orange Juice

A London dry gin and orange juice cocktail is called Gin and Juice and is created by mixing one part dry gin and three parts orange juice.

This cocktail tastes strongly of citrus mixed with the tangy sweetness of orange juice. You can also add an orange slice or twist for more sourness.

Does Old Tom Gin Go Well With Orange Juice?

Old Tom Gin goes well with orange juice and creates a famous cocktail called Under Old Solitaire. It tastes fruity sweet with a light malty taste and bits of juniper.

You will need to add Old Tom Gin, freshly squeezed orange juice, cherry simple syrup, and Cocktail Punk Colorado to an iced mixing glass. Shake and double strain to mix the flavors.

What Does Plymouth Gin And Orange Juice Taste Like?

When you combine Plymouth gin and orange juice, you get a unique combination of pines and sour-sweet citrus in a glass. This cocktail is better known as St. Clemens and makes a fantastic drink.

For the recipe, combine Plymouth gin, orange juice, Lillet Blanc, and lemon juice in a shaker with ice. You can also top it with orange-flavored champagne for stronger citrus notes.

Can You Blend Gin and Orange Juice?

You can blend gin and orange juice to make a cocktail known as Blended Ramos. This cocktail packs a strong alcohol punch with the right amount of sweet and tart taste of orange juice.

Navy strength gin is the kind used in this recipe, which is known for its neat, hot citrus taste. Pour it into the blender with orange juice, lemon juice, cream, and ice cubes.

Put sugar syrup and more ice as you see fit. You can also add orange zest and egg whites for a more tangy and frothy texture.

Does Bombay Sapphire Gin Mix Well With Orange Juice?

Bombay Sapphire gin goes quite well with orange juice. In fact, several cocktails can be made with this combination with several added ingredients.

If you want something that tastes of pure orange with alcohol mixed in, you can try Bloody Sun. Just add Cointreau and red-orange liquor to the mix and pour over a glass with ice cubes for a sweet orange cocktail.

On the other hand, you can create an Old Flame cocktail by adding sweet vermouth and Campari bitters to the Bombay Gin and orange juice blend. You can also include orange liquor for a more refreshing citrus flavor.

Does Gin and Orange Juice Go With Triple Sec?

Blending gin and orange juice with triple sec can give you a sought-after cocktail called Gin Crush. It has a strong orange and alcoholic taste with little traces of sourness.

You can easily create Gin Crush at home by adding gin, orange juice, triple sec, and ice in a shaker. Once cold and it has reached preferred consistency, add in lime soda for a carbonated fix.

Is There Gin and Orange Juice Mimosa?

Gin and orange juice mimosa is called Orange 75, a citrus twist to the original French 75 cocktail. It tastes refreshing, like a chilled fruit punch with a little pine flavor.

You can make this gin cocktail with a few simple ingredients by combining gin, orange juice, and orange simple syrup in an iced cocktail shaker. Shake for five to ten seconds and strain.

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Gin and orange juice is a versatile blend you drink as it is or combine with other ingredients to create unique cocktails. Simple gin and orange juice are called Orange Blossom, with only sweet vermouth added.

On the other hand, if you use different gin brands and varieties, you can create beverages such as St. Clemens and Under Old Solitaire. Additionally, you can also blend gin and orange juice to create a smoothie cocktail called Blended Ramos.

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