Who Own Effen Vodka? + Other Common FAQs

Effen vodka is a Dutch brand that is made from premium wheat and is widely recognized for Effen vodka’s clean taste and minimalist design.

If you like Effen vodka or you are interested in trying Effen vodka, you might be wondering who owns Effen vodka and how Effen vodka started. I looked into it, and here is what I discovered!

Effen Vodka Owner?

Effen Vodka is owned by Beam Suntory, Inc., which is the largest producer of spirits next to Diageo and Pernod Ricard. Contrary to popular belief, 50 Cent doesn’t own Effen Vodka and is only a minor stakeholder in the brand. Additionally, Effen Vodka was originally formulated by a Dutch baker and the recipe was refined by bartenders 120 years later.

If you want to learn more about who owns Effen Vodka and how Effen vodka originated, keep reading!

Who Invented Effen Vodka?

Effen vodka’s recipe was originally made in 1888 when Dutch baker Hero Jan Hoodhaudt discovered how to make vodka from grain.

After Hoodhaudht’s death, his family continued to operate the Hoodhaudt distillery and produce Effen vodka using the original recipe.

Years later, the Hoodhaudht family handed the 120-year-old vodka recipe to bartenders to update and refine the taste to make the vodka appeal to the palate of younger people.

In the early 2000s, three American entrepreneurs from Chicago partnered with the Hoodhaught distillery in Holland and branded their vodka as Effen Vodka.

Did 50 Cent Make Effen Vodka?

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, did not make Effen Vodka. Moreover, 50 Cent would only be associated with Effen Vodka 11 years after it launched in the USA.

Nonetheless, 50 Cent was attributed to the boost in Effen Vodka’s popularity in the US due to 50 Cent’s aggressive marketing efforts.

How Much Did 50 Cent Make From Effen Vodka?

In 2017, 50 Cent Tweeted something that made people assume he sold his stakes at Effen Vodka. In 50 Cent’s Tweet, he mentioned 60 million dollars and called out Effen Vodka.

Thanks to 50 Cent’s marketing efforts for Effen, it was widely known that 50 Cent was a minority stakeholder in the Effen Vodka brand.

However, 50 Cent himself confirmed via his social media platforms that the rumors are false and he is still a stakeholder in Effen Vodka.

Additionally, this debunks the gossip that 50 Cent earned 60 million dollars by selling his shares.

What Does Effen Mean?

Effen is a Dutch word that means “smooth, even, and balanced.

Moreover, Effen was named as such because its founders wanted to create a vodka that has an extremely smooth and balanced mouthfeel.

Where Is Effen Vodka Made?

Effen Vodka is made in Holland, specifically in the Dutch town of Groningen. Additionally, Effen Vodka is distilled by the Hoodhaudt distillery, which owns the original Effen recipe.

Nevertheless, Effen Vodka is promoted as a Chicago brand because that is where the idea for the Effen brand was conceived.

Moreover, Effen vodka is currently owned by Beam Suntory Inc., and Effen’s headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois.

What Alcohol Is Effen?

Effen is a vodka brand that is made in Northern Holland from wheat and bottled at 80 proof.

What Type Of Vodka Is Effen?

What Type Of Vodka Is Effen?

Effen vodka is classified as wheat vodka. Furthermore, Effen vodka is made from 100% wheat, giving Effen vodka the traditional traits of wheat vodka.

Additionally, Effen can be classified further as a grain vodka because wheat is a type of grain. Consequently, Effen is among the most common types of vodka in the market today.

What Year Did Effen Vodka Come Out?

Effen Vodka came out in 2003 in the US and 2006 in the UK.

What Happened To Effen Vodka?

Effen Vodka was boycotted in May 2016 in Cincinnati City, Ohio, after 50 Cent videotaped himself accusing a teenage airport janitor of being high on drugs while working.

Andrew Farrel was a 19-year-old student with autism and severe anxiety, and after clarifying that he was not high on drugs during his shift, 50 Cent received major backlash.

To support Farrell and denounce 50 Cent’s actions, numerous liquor stores and bars in Cincinnati announced that they were boycotting Effen vodka.

Moreover, supermarket company Jungle Jim removed all Effen products from their Fairfield and Eastgate stores, as well as from bars in Paradise Pavilion and Oscar Event Center.

Another two popular establishments to join the boycott were The Bellevue store and the Holy Grail.

To resolve the matter, 50 Cent made a public apology to the Farrell family and donated a hundred thousand dollars as per the family’s request.

Is Effen Vodka Discontinued?

Effen Vodka is still in distribution globally to this day. However, Effen Vodka was boycotted in Cincinnati, Ohio, following 50 Cent’s video of him accusing a teenager of being high at work.

While Effen vodka suffered from bad publicity, Effen vodka was able to recover as soon as 50 cent made amends with the people he offended.

Who Brands Effen Vodka?

Effen vodka is branded and promoted by Beam Suntory, Inc., which is an American multinational company and a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings.

Additionally, Beam Suntory, Inc. is recognized as the third-largest producer of spirits and other distilled beverages worldwide. Ahead of Beam Suntory are Diageo and Pernod Ricard.

How Much Is Effen Vodka Worth?

Currently, there are no sources that provide Effen vodka’s net worth.

However, it is safe to assume that Effen Vodka’s net worth is significantly lower compared to brands like Absolut, Grey Goose, Ciroc, and Smirnoff.

Since Beam Suntory, Inc. acquired Effen Vodka, Effen vodka reportedly sold 60,000 cases annually with net sales in Chicago, Florida, and Southern California of 10 million dollars.

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Effen Vodka is currently owned by Beam Suntory, Inc. with plans to expand its market to the rest of the US and worldwide.

Additionally, Effen Vodka was originally owned by Constellation Brands, but it was sold to Beam Suntory, Inc. for an undisclosed amount.

While Effen Vodka is widely associated with rapper and businessman 50 Cent, 50 Cent does not own Effen Vodka because 50 Cent is a minority stakeholder in Effen vodka.

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