Does Mustard Have Sugar? + Other Common FAQs

Mustard is one of the world’s leading condiments and mustard has always been under the spotlight for mustard’s delicious taste and texture.

However, you may be wondering if mustard has sugar. I found the facts, and here is what I discovered!

Does Mustard Have Sugar?

Mustard in its most simple form is sugar-free because mustard’s basic ingredients are mustard powder and liquid, which contain zero sugar. However, certain types of mustards will add sugar or sugar-containing ingredients like honey to their mustards to add a sweeter flavor. Some mustards that contain sugar are yellow mustard, honey mustard, and fruit mustard.

Are all types of mustard sugar-free? Which mustards have added sugar? Keep reading to find out!

Does Dijon Mustard Have Sugar?

Dijon mustard is supposedly sugar-free, but some brands may have their own mixture that can contain sugar.

Therefore, you may want to check the label of your Dijon mustard to see if the Dijon mustard has sugar.

Grey-Poupon Dijon mustard contains about 0.01% of Glucose, meaning Grey-Poupon Dijon mustard is not entirely sugar-free though the sugar content is very small.

Other variants of Dijon, like Dijon honey mustard, contain sugar because of the added sweetener.

Does Yellow Mustard Have Sugar?

Yellow mustard may have little to no sugar, and some brands have claimed that their mustards contain zero sugar per serving, but not the product as a whole.

French’s yellow mustard boasts zero grams of sugar on their label, making French’s yellow mustard sugar-free.

Other brands of mustard may be sugar-free as well, as yellow mustard does not call for sugar in the recipe.

However, some mustard brands may contain small amounts of sugar depending on the manufacturer.

Does Honey Mustard Have Sugar?

Does Honey Mustard Have Sugar?

Honey mustard always has sugar because honey is a form of sugar. While honey is considered a natural “sugar,” honey is still processed by the body similarly to table sugar.

Most honey mustards contain about 16 grams of sugar, but the exact amount will depend on the brand you choose.

Does Fruit Mustard Have Sugar?

Fruit mustard has sugar because fruit is sugar since fruit is considered natural sugar, and our bodies process fruit like sugar.

How much sugar fruit mustard contains will depend on the brand, but every fruit mustard will always contain sugar.

Does French’s Mustard Have Sugar?

Some French’s mustard contains sugar since each of French’s products has different ingredients. Typically, French’s flavored mustards contain sugar due to the added ingredients.

For example, French’s yellow mustard and horseradish mustard are sugar-free mustards while French’s Honey Mustard contains about 1 gram of sugar.

Some other examples of French’s mustards that contain sugar are Brown Sugar Stone Ground Mustard, Sweet Buffalo Mustard, and a lot more.

Does Spicy Brown Mustard Have Sugar?

Whether spicy brown mustard has sugar will depend on the brand since either brand will have a unique recipe for spicy brown mustard.

For instance, French’s spicy brown mustard contains a little sugar.

Therefore, it is best to check the label of spicy brown mustard to see if the spicy brown mustard contains sugar.

Does Chinese Hot Mustard Have Sugar?

Chinese hot mustard does not contain sugar because Chinese hot mustard is made of ground mustard seeds mixed with water, making Chinese hot mustard sugar-free.

Does Colman’s English Mustard Have Sugar?

Colman’s English mustard contains sugar, and Colman’s usually has half a gram of sugar per portion of English mustard.

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Most plain recipes of mustards do not contain sugar, but it will depend on the brand since each brand will have unique recipes.

Generally, flavored mustards like honey mustard and fruit mustard contain sugar because of added ingredients.

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