What Is Prepared Mustard? (Ingredients, Types + More)

As if there isn’t already a number of different types of mustard to take note of, prepared mustard adds to the list.

You may be familiar with everyday mustard such as regular, Dijon, and honey. But what is prepared mustard? Here’s what I discovered about it!

What Is Prepared Mustard?

Prepared mustard refers to the ready-to-eat condiment you find in store-bought bottles and jars. It is a paste form condiment that is commonly used on meats or sandwiches. Prepared mustard can also be incorporated in sauces and dressings, thus making it a very versatile food product. 

If you’re still curious about prepared mustard and want to know all there is about it, keep reading below!

What Is Prepared Mustard Made Of?

There are several kinds of prepared mustard but the mustard seed is always a common ingredient. It can either be of the brown, yellow/white or black variety.

Some form of liquid is then added to the mustard seeds and can be anything to your taste such as vinegar, beer, water, verjuice, or wine.

Where each preparation diverges, however, is in the spices and flavorings added. These will differ depending on the country, the brand, or simply the preference of the person making prepared mustard.

What Are The Different Types Of Prepared Mustard?

There are so many different varieties of prepared mustard that almost every country has one of its own. Here are a few examples:

Yellow Mustard

Yellow mustard is by far the most popular variety of prepared mustard.

Also known as American mustard, this bright yellow condiment is most often smeared on top of a hotdog or spread on a hamburger.

Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard is a French variety of prepared mustard and is very popular among chefs and cooks because of its taste and its culinary use.

English Mustard

English mustard is another variety of prepared mustard and is considered to be one of the hottest types.

It comes in a powder form and is mixed with water prior to use. The most popular brand is Colman’s of Norwich.

Spicy Brown Mustard

Spicy Brown mustard is also called deli mustard. This prepared mustard is coarse in texture and is commonly paired with deli meats and sandwiches.

Honey Mustard

Honey mustard is a sweet prepared mustard and is usually used for dipping or made as a salad dressing.

Hot Mustard

What Is Prepared Mustard?

Hot mustard is the spicy prepared mustard variety and is most usually used to refer to either Chinese hot mustard or English hot mustard. Either way, both of these mustards offer up more heat than the rest.

German Mustard

German mustard refers to the kinds of prepared mustard made in Germany with Dusseldorf mustard being the most well-known all over the world.


Kasundi is a Bengali prepared mustard made by fermenting mustard seeds in a long process that involves many rituals and spiritual rites.

There are several types of prepared mustard all around the globe with new ones surfacing every now and then as mustard grows to be more and more popular in the world of condiments.

Who Invented Prepared Mustard?

Even though so many old cultures used mustard as it is, the ones credited for using it as a prepared condiment are the Romans.

They were the first to mix ground mustard seeds with unfermented grape juice and produce a paste that would go with their food.

Their first recipe consisted of a vast amount of spices mixed with the paste to serve as a glaze for roasted boar.

Production then soared when the Romans exported mustard seeds with their mustard-making knowledge and introduced it to the world.

Additionally, France became the first country to experiment and make their own prepared mustard and they have been quite successful with it.

The English then followed and soon it was the whole world making their own recipes and putting their own twist on the condiment.

Where Can You Buy Prepared Mustard?

Prepared mustard can be found at almost any grocery store, supermarket, convenience store, or food shop all over the world.

Online sites are also great ways to get your mustard fix, especially if you want the hard to come by ones or the artisanal and gourmet variants.

How Do You Store Prepared Mustard?

Prepared mustard may come in glass jars, plastic bottles, or squeeze tubes. It does not actually require refrigeration but storing it in the fridge helps.

In order to make prepared mustard last, make sure the container is tightly sealed so it does not lose its pungency or oxidize over time, and keep it away from sunlight and heat.

Additionally, the sooner you consume an unsealed jar, the better for you and for the mustard. Frequently opening and closing the jar of prepared mustard over a long period of time will cause it to lose its aroma and taste more quickly.

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Prepared mustard is the general term given to the condiment made from mustard seeds. It has so many varieties that it is now difficult to name and keep track of all of them.

Though there are almost thousands of its kind, most people love and stick to the traditional ones and what they know best.

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