What Is English Mustard? (Ingredients, Taste + More)

There are lots of mustard varieties available, and you may not be familiar with all the types of mustard.

One mustard you may be curious about is English mustard and what English mustard is. I did the research, and here is what I discovered!

What Is English Mustard?

English mustard is a variety of hot mustard made with yellow and brown mustard seeds. English mustard is mixed in with turmeric, giving English mustard a bright yellow color. Though English mustard comes bottled as a sauce, English mustard fares best when bought as a powder and mixed with cold water before using to unleash the heat and prime flavors. 

What makes English mustard so popular around the world? Keep reading to find out!

What Is English Mustard Made Of?

English mustard is a combination of ground yellow and brown mustard seeds and turmeric.

Moreover, English mustard does not contain vinegar because English mustard’s liquid of choice is plain, cold water, giving English mustard heat.

If vinegar is added to English mustard, the vinegar will tame the heat of English mustard.

Some English mustards contain wheat flour as a thickener, making most English mustards not gluten-free.

What Does English Mustard Taste Like?

Considered a type of hot mustard, English mustard is spicy and has more bite than regular mustard.

English mustard also has a stronger and more pungent taste than Dijon mustard, and English mustard may have an earthier flavor because of English mustard’s natural pungency.

English mustard is sometimes described to be “nose-clearing” because of how strong the flavor is since English mustard is only mixed with water, bringing out the pure heat.

What Is English Mustard Used For?

When you want a strong kick to your roasts or sauces, English mustard is the mustard for you, and English mustard is also best with sandwiches and meats, such as roast beef and ham.

English mustard is also used in cooking as a flavoring and is incorporated into the dishes during its powder form, which includes vinaigrettes, mashed potatoes, and deviled eggs.

Moreover, English mustard is also great as a meat rub, making the heat stay on the meat longer.

Additionally, English mustard is also amazing at cutting through the fat in super meaty dishes, such as hamburgers or meatloaves.

Though English mustard is good in any culinary use, English mustard is often used as a condiment and is usually found in every home in the United Kingdom.

What Are The Best English Mustard Brands?

What Are The Best English Mustard Brands?

According to many surveys, the best English mustard brand is Colman’s, which is a brand from the United Kingdom.

Coleman’s superfine mustard powder is in a yellow tin can, and Coleman’s English mustard has been a favorite of the British Royal family and the nation since 1814.

Colman boasts of local British ingredients that are natural and of great quality, thus making Coleman’s the most loved brand of English mustard to this day.

Though many English mustard brands have surfaced, they cannot seem to live up to the standards and flavor of Colman’s English mustard.

What Are English Mustard Substitutes?

For dry English mustard, the best substitute would be horseradish to get the same kick. But horseradish should be used in moderation since horseradish is stronger than English mustard.

For wet English mustard, you can use Dijon, spicy brown mustard, or medium-hot mustard because the flavor of these is great for strong meats.

Who Invented English Mustard?

English mustard was invented by Jeremiah Colman, a man from the village of Bawburgh in Norwich by mixing brown and yellow mustard seeds in a water mill.

Colman’s of Norwich was later on founded in 1814, south of Norwich. His then nephew, James, took over the business and by 1855, created Colmans distinctive yellow packaging and bull’s head logo.

Colman’s has remained the favorite English mustard of almost every household in the United Kingdom.

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With its strong kick and great flavor, English mustard has been widely known to enhance flavors in dishes.

Colman’s English mustard is the most popular English mustard, and Colman’s can be found around the world.

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