What Is Dusseldorf Mustard? (Uses, Taste + More)

Mustard is a famous condiment around the world, and Germany has their favorites of the many varieties of this condiment.

One German mustard you may be wondering about is Dusseldorf mustard. I checked out the facts, and here is what I found!

What Is Dusseldorf Mustard?

Dusseldorf mustard is like a more pungent Dijon. Instead of verjuice, Dusseldorf mustard uses vinegar and that adds to its pungency. Dusseldorf mustard mostly uses brown and white mustard seeds for production, but decorticated black seeds may be used. Additionally, some Dusseldorf mustard recipes include ground clove and black pepper. 

What else makes this German mustard so unique and different? Let’s find out together below!

What Does Dusseldorf Mustard Taste Like?

Depending on the seeds used, Dusseldorf mustard’s flavor can range from mild to spicy.

Dusseldorf mustard has a deeper mustard flavor and many chefs have noted that Dusseldorf mustard has a stronger mustard flavor and is much darker than other mustards.

Most Dusseldorf can have a sweet and sour taste, though less acidic, and have a bit of a kick.

Additionally, Dusseldorf mustard is a very popular mustard in Germany because Dusseldorf mustard is not as sharp as other mustard.

What Is The Origin Of Dusseldorf Mustard?

Adam Bernhard Bergrath mustard, or ABB, is an old brand of Dusseldorf mustard, and ABB started production in 1726 and is still a center for mustard production.

ABB uses brown and yellow mustard seeds and Brandy vinegar or “Branntweinessig” for its mixture.

Typically, ABB puts their mustard in grey earthenware pots and sells their mustards in most high-end stores.

Packaging for ABB mustard was immortalized by Vincent Van Goh in one of his paintings, making the mustard even more popular.

Dusseldorf mustard started as a medicine for Germans and was later on used to flavor bland food at that time due to lack of available and known spices.

When ABB mustard was first invented, the way Dusseldorf mustard is made has remained unchanged since 1726, as a 500kg granite millstone is still used to grind the mustard seeds.

Is Dusseldorf Mustard The Same As German Mustard?

Dusseldorf mustard is German mustard, but Dusseldorf mustard is merely one type of German mustard.

There are so many types of German mustard, like Mittelscharf or medium hot, which is the most prolific with its distinctive spiciness.

On the other hand, Dusseldorf mustard is a pinch hotter than Dijon because there are more spices and a bit more brown mustard seeds.

Bavaria sweet mustard is sweet because of the addition of honey, brown sugar, or applesauce, being called the sweet mustard of Germany.

Dusseldorf mustard is just one of the types of German mustard that is now known to the world.

How Do You Use Dusseldorf Mustard?

How Do You Use Dusseldorf Mustard?

Dusseldorf mustard is great as a topping for hot dogs, bratwurst, and hamburgers, and you can use Dusseldorf mustard as a spread for corned beef sandwiches.

Moreover, Dusseldorf mustard is a key ingredient for many authentic German dishes.

Dusseldorf mustard is also great to mix in with potato salad recipes and deviled eggs.

Plus, Dusseldorf mustard is also used as a rub and additional spice when grilling pork or chicken.

Dusseldorf mustard is crucial to a German dish called “mostertpottche”, and Dusseldorf mustard is also great in meat and cheese trays with crackers or pretzels.

In restaurants all over Germany, mustard is served in a stoneware pot with a tiny spoon at the center of the table so you may add mustard to your food.

What Is The Best Dusseldorf Mustard?

Germany’s best settling Dusseldorf mustardis from Loewensenf, and Loewensenf Dusseldorf mustard is also the most popular Dusseldorf mustard around the world.

Loewensenf, or white lion mustard, is an authentic German brand sold all over the world.

Loewensenf sells an extra hot variety of mustard, which is the most popular variety in Germany because of its extra hot spiciness and dry, sharp flavor.

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Dusseldorf mustard is one of the many varieties of  German mustard, and Dusseldorf mustard is one of the staple condiments of every home and every restaurant in Germany.

Dusseldorf mustard compliments the flavor of dishes without masking it yet enhancing the overall flavor of the food.

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