What Is Beluga Vodka Made From? + Other Common FAQs

Beluga Vodka is a premium Russian vodka brand, and Beluga is so well-loved that Beluga vodka has become the 4th largest premium vodka brand around the world.

With all the hype surrounding this vodka, you may be wondering what Beluga vodka is made from. I looked into it, and here is what I discovered!

What Is Beluga Vodka Made From?

Beluga Noble is distilled from Siberian winter wheat. While Beluga Allure and Transatlantic are also made from wheat, it is malted to achieve a distinct taste. Additionally, Beluga Vodka uses water from a Siberian artesian well that is 1,000 feet deep. For flavor, additives like oat and milk thistle extracts, honey, sugar syrup, and malted barley extracts. 

If you want to learn more about Beluga Vodka’s ingredients, what makes Beluga Vodka special, and whether Beluga is considered vegan-friendly, keep on reading!

What Are The Ingredients Of Beluga Vodka?

Beluga’s flagship vodka, Beluga Noble, is made with Siberian winter wheat. As for the water they use, Beluga collects water from a 1,000 feet deep artesian well in Siberia.

Post-distillation, Beluga Noble is lightly flavored with milk thistle and oat extracts as well as honey, giving Beluga vodka a richer and more distinct flavor than the typical vodka.

That said, Beluga Noble is not considered a flavored vodka.

Meanwhile, Beluga Allure and Beluga Transatlantic are distilled from wheat malted spirit and a combination of two types of water: Getreidemalz Siberian spring water and softened water.

To achieve the unique taste of Beluga Transatlantic Vodka, Beluga uses malted barley extract, sugar syrup, and wild strawberry extract.

Is Beluga Vodka Made From Potatoes?

Beluga Vodka is made from grains, not potatoes. Moreover, at no point in Beluga Vodka’s history did they use potatoes to make Beluga vodka products.

What Makes Beluga Vodka Special?

Beluga Vodka is considered special because of the high-quality ingredients used to create Beluga vodkas and the meticulous processes the distillers follow.

Most impressive of them all is Beluga’s use of wheat malt spirit, which is rarely used by modern distillers because producing it is costly and labor-intensive.

Additionally, Beluga Vodka is distilled five times to achieve a high level of smoothness and purity. Afterward, Beluga Vodka is filtered three times.

Unlike most distillers, Beluga filters with more than just charcoal because Beluga also uses quartz sand and impregnated silver. As for Beluga Transatlantic, another filtration with cotton is done.

A 30-day maturation period follows wherein Beluga Noble is kept in stainless steel vessels to improve the flavor and neutralize the aroma.

As for the Transatlantic, the maturation lasts for 45 days. In contrast, Allure is matured for 2 months, and Gold Line is matured for 3 months.

Is Beluga Vodka Gluten-Free?

Is Beluga Vodka Gluten-Free?

Beluga Vodka does not have any gluten-free certification or label. Nonetheless, all unflavored vodkas are generally considered gluten-free even if the vodkas are made from grains.

When a grain vodka is distilled and filtered, all gluten-proteins are eliminated, making the vodka safe for people with gluten-related concerns.

Unlike most unflavored vodkas, Beluga Vodka is lightly flavored with additives like oat and milk thistle extracts, honey, wild strawberry extracts, sugar syrup, and malt extracts.

Except for the malt extracts, all of these additives are naturally gluten-free. Nonetheless, it still cannot be confirmed if Beluga Transatlantic is the only one containing gluten.

Is Beluga Vodka Kosher?

Beluga Vodka is considered Kosher, but it has not been confirmed if Beluga has also been classified as fit for Passover.

Is Beluga Vodka Vegan?

Beluga Transatlantic and Allure are considered vegan because they do not contain animal products and Beluga follows a cruelty-free manufacturing process.

Nonetheless, Beluga Noble and Gold Line cannot be considered vegan. Beluga Noble contains honey while the Beluga Gold Line contains lactose.

What Does Beluga Vodka Taste Like?

Beluga Noble has a sweet citrus and oatmeal aroma. When consumed neat, Beluga Noble tastes like a subtle mixture of vanilla, oatmeal, and honey with a light spice at the end.

In contrast, Beluga Allure smells like cinnamon and white chocolate. Upon drinking, Allure tastes sweet before making way for more earthy flavors.

Similarly, Beluga Gold Line smells like cinnamon and tastes like a combination of vanilla, sage, and white pepper.

Meanwhile, Beluga Transatlantic emits an aroma of corn, citrus, and toasted bread, and Beluga Transatlantic tastes soft and velvety, with subtle sweet notes and a spicy finish.

Just like Beluga Noble, Beluga Celebration possesses the subtle tastes of sweet oats, honey, and citrus.

Does Beluga Vodka Have Sugar?

Beluga Noble contains sugar in the form of sugar syrup and honey and there is roughly 2% sugar in Beluga Noble, but this can vary from one Beluga vodka product to another.

What Is The Alcohol Percentage Of Beluga Vodka?

All Beluga vodkas are bottled at 80 proof, which is equivalent to 40% alcohol by volume.

How Many Carbs Are In Beluga Vodka?

Beluga Noble, Allure, Celebration, and Epicure do not contain carbs. In contrast, Beluga Transatlantic and Gold Line contains 1 gram of carbs per 100-ml.

Is Beluga Vodka Keto?

Beluga Transatlantic and Gold Line contain carbs, meaning Beluga Transatlantic and Gold Line cannot fit a ketogenic diet.

However, Beluga Noble, Celebration, Allure, and Epicure have zero carbs and are classified as keto-friendly.

Where Is Beluga Vodka From?

Beluga Vodka comes from Russia, specifically in the Mariinsky distillery, which is located in the heart of Siberia.

Likewise, Beluga sources its wheat and water from nearby sources in Siberia.

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Beluga Vodka comes in five varieties, and all of them are made from Siberian wheat and water collected from an artesian well.

However, Beluga vodkas have nuances in their ingredients and manufacturing that differentiate them in terms of aroma and flavor, making Beluga vodka a premium vodka brand.

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