Is Orange Juice Acidic? (pH, Comparison To Other Fruits + More)

Have you ever sat at the breakfast table, looked at your everyday bottle of orange juice, and reminisced about that certain discussion in your science class?

Maybe you need a little refresher about citrus beverages – is orange juice acidic? I did the digging so you won’t have to and here’s what I found out!

Is Orange Juice Acidic?

Orange juice is acidic with a pH level of 3.3 to 4.2. This makes orange juice lie in the moderately weak range, not surpassing soda, apple juice, pineapple juice, or lemon juice. The combination of citric and ascorbic acid in orange juice makes it a great addition to the diet as it has alkalizing properties.

Keen on knowing more about the acidity of orange juice, how potent it is compared to other acidic beverages, and its effect on the body? Keep on reading.

Is Orange Juice Strongly Acidic?

Orange juice is high in citrus but it’s moderately acidic at most.

Fruit juice pH levels vary but orange juice, in particular, has a range of 3.3 to 4.2. It’s actually one of the least acidic when it comes to natural juices.

For reference, those above the pH scale of 7 are alkaline and those belonging on the lower numbers are classified as acidic.

Is Orange Juice Acidic For The Stomach?

Yes, orange juice is acidic for the stomach.

Freshly squeezed orange juice has a pH level of 3 and is considered a weak acid that responds well to dilution. When mixed with water, it can lower the pH levels in the stomach.

Additionally, drinking orange juice 15 to 30 minutes before eating promotes the production of digestive juices which is good for metabolism.

Is Orange Juice Acidic Or Alkaline In The Body?

Although orange juice is considered a weak acid, it has an alkaline effect on the body.

Once OJ or any natural citrus beverages are digested, it alkalizes the body and detoxifies the system. It stabilizes the acid balance and restores a healthy pH level.

However, this only applies to natural and organic orange juice because store-bought ones contain preservatives and other flavorings that can increase acidity.

Why Is Orange Juice So Acidic?

Orange juice is acidic because it contains a combination of citric and ascorbic acid.

Orange juice is sourced from citrus fruits which are rich in citric acid. This naturally-occurring compound gives OJ its natural sour and zesty taste.

Additionally, OJ contains ascorbic acid which adds to its acidity and prevents bacterial growth and infections.

Is Tropicana Orange Juice Acidic?

Yes, Tropicana orange juice is acidic.

It has a pH level of 3.5 because it is made of pure oranges. However, there are other Tropicana orange juice variants that have lesser acidity.

In particular, the one that contains calcium has an acid level of 4.09 while the low acid variety has a pH level of 4.18.

Which Is More Acidic Orange Juice Or Apple Juice?

Apple juice may taste sweeter than orange juice but it is higher in acidity.

Apple juice has a pH level of 3.4 to 3.5. It can be preserved as it is and lasts for 18 to 24 months because of its high acidic content.

On the other hand, orange juice is less acidic and requires quite a few preservatives to lengthen its shelf life.

Is Orange Juice More Acidic Than Pineapple Juice?

Pineapple juice has a pH value of 3.45 but is more acidic than orange juice.

Although OJ and pineapple juice belong in the same pH range, orange juice has more alkalizing properties while pineapple juice has a more acidic effect on the body.

Is Orange Juice More Acidic Than Lemon Juice?

Is Orange Juice Acidic?

No, orange juice is not more acidic than lemon juice.

On the contrary, lemon juice tops the list of the most acidic fruit beverages because it has a pH level of 2.0. It is a strong acid that is several times more acerbic than orange juice.

While both juices have ascorbic and citric acid, the ones in lemon juice are more potent. Lemon juice has a much higher acid level and is not alkalinizing at all.

Is Orange Juice More Acidic Than Soda?

No, orange juice is less acidic than soda.

Soda beverages have a pH level that ranges from 2.5 to 3.5. This makes them more acidic than orange juice because OJ only belongs in the pH 3 to 4 threshold.

Is Orange Juice Too Acidic For Toddlers?

No, orange juice is not too acidic for toddlers.

Several studies indicate that OJ or any fruit juice can be served in small amounts for babies aged one year and up.

In addition, toddlers should only consume all-natural orange juice.

Is Orange Juice Too Acidic For Pregnancy?

No, orange juice is not too acidic for pregnancy. In fact, it is recommended that OJ be a part of a pregnant woman’s diet.

Orange juice, especially pasteurized and with calcium content, is advised because it can regulate blood pressure. It can also strengthen the bones and prevent preeclampsia.

Additionally, OJ offers a lot of nutrients that are vital for a healthy pregnancy.

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Orange juice is a weak acid that is beneficial in a lot of ways. Although it is considered acidic, it is not too overwhelming and has just the right pH level to help stabilize the body’s system.

Moreover, its acidity and alkalizing effect are beneficial to toddlers and pregnant women.

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