How To Make Orange Juice Without A Juicer? (Methods Listed)

Whether you’re looking for ways to put excess oranges to use or you just want a fresh alternative to your store-bought drink, juicing will present as an option.

If you don’t have the specific machinery, you may be wondering how to make orange juice without a juicer. I’ve compiled the different ways for you. Here they are!

How To Make Orange Juice Without A Juicer?

Making orange juice is possible without a juicer by manually squeezing the orange fruit or using a fork to extract the juice. Orange juice can also be obtained by using blenders and food processors as long as you remove the peel and the seeds. Additionally, orange juice can be extracted using either type of juice processor.

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How Do You Make Orange Juice By Hand?

You can make orange juice by hand by following several easy steps using a knife and a strainer. However, before doing so, it is best to roll the oranges on a hard, flat surface to release more juice.

Step 1. First, use a sharp knife to cut your oranges in half, or into smaller even pieces for greater convenience.

Step 2. Second, squeeze the orange slices by hand into a large, shallow bowl. Use more pressure to extract more while making sure to catch the juice as much as possible.

To ensure that you get most of the orange juice, use a fork or a toothpick to poke holes in your oranges. Then squeeze them once more to free liquid unreleased on the first try.

Step 3. Third, if you prefer to go pulp-free and eliminate the seeds, pass the juice through a sieve, coriander, or strainer to remove the solid particles in the mixture.

How Do You Juice Orange With A Fork?

You can extract orange juice with a fork by first selecting oranges that are cultivated for juicing, particularly those with thin peels and thick flesh like navels, blood oranges, or valencias.

Softening the oranges before the extraction process is vital. Pop them in the microwave or roll them using the heel of your hand.

Next, cut the citrus in half, making sure to use the sharp part of the knife to create the initial incision.

Use a fork to poke all over the surface of the sliced oranges. Once you’ve finished, stab a definite middle point in the citrus and twist the fork in to release the juice.

Move the fork in a tight, circular motion towards one edge of the peel, then do the same to the other half. This squeezes the pulp and stimulates the release of more juice.

You can pick out the seeds in the mixture using the same fork, or run the juice in a fine-meshed strainer to remove the pulp and other sediments.

How To Make Orange Juice With A Blender?

How To Make Orange Juice Without A Juicer? 

Using a blender to make orange juice includes the whole fruit minus the peels.

Proceed by dividing the orange in half instead of separating the segments one by one. Once you’ve done this, slice it in the middle part to reveal the seeds and remove them gently.

When you’re done removing all the seeds, you can put the oranges in the blender. Add a bit of water and blend for two minutes.

Since blended orange juice contains the pith, you may still taste some traces of bitterness. This makes the juice healthier, but you can add some salt or honey to eliminate the taste.

Can You Make Orange Juice With A Food Processor?

You can make orange juice with a food processor just like you would with a blender. But be sure not to put too much of the orange slices in the space to avoid spilling.

Once your orange juice has liquefied, you can strain it to remove the extra pith if your oranges are too fibrous.

Can You Make Orange Juice Smoothies Without A Juicer?

Making an orange juice smoothie is possible without a juicer, in fact, you won’t need it at all. This is because you will need the whole peeled frozen oranges to make a smoothie and not just the juice part.

Once you’ve peeled and removed the seeds from the oranges, you can store them in the freezer or immediately pop them in the blender. Add ice according to preference and other fruits such as bananas or apples to make the juice thicker.

Can You Make Orange Juice With Juice Extractor?

Juice extractors are made especially to separate the juice from the fruit, unlike juicers where you mash the whole fruit. There are two types of juice extractors and they give you different orange juice consistency.

A centrifugal extractor will give you a thin, runny orange juice. On the other hand, using a masticating juice extractor will yield thick juice filled with bubbles.

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Extracting orange juice is doable even without a juicer and you can squeeze your oranges manually, or use a fork which will require more work.

Blenders, food processors, and juice extractors are also useful when you want to make orange juice but do not have a juicer available.

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