How Many Vodka Shots To Get Drunk? (Men, Women + Brands)

Vodka is a powerful liquor and if you don’t drink it responsibly, you may easily get drunk and end up in embarrassing or even dangerous situations.

Before you indulge in vodka again, it’s worth knowing your limit so you don’t exceed it unintentionally. So just how many vodka shots does it take to get drunk? Here’s what I found!

How Many Vodka Shots To Get Drunk?

In general, it takes 5 to 6 shots for women to get drunk, while men need around 7 to 9 shots. However, vodka affects people differently. There’s no universal limit to determine when vodka can get any person drunk. Factors like gender, weight, and food intake determine people’s alcohol tolerance. Moreover, these estimates can change depending on your vodka’s alcohol content.

If you want to know more about vodka’s effect on different people, and what types of vodka get people intoxicated faster, keep on reading!

Will 4 Shots Of Vodka Get You Drunk?

Four shots of vodka can intoxicate some people, but not others. Intoxication depends largely on factors like gender, weight, mood, and consumption of food and side drinks.

Since women typically have smaller physiques compared to men and have more body fat, 4 shots of vodka can more likely get them drunk.

Additionally, women have lesser alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), which is the enzyme that breaks down alcohol.

In most cases, men might not be affected by 4 shots of vodka due to their larger physique and the number of ADH in their stomach and liver.

Weight also plays a crucial role in whether 4 shots of vodka will get you drunk. Cases vary per individual, but generally, the more you weigh, the less 4 shots of vodka will affect you.

Moreover, your mood can impact how fast you get intoxicated. A person of average height and weight can tolerate 4 shots of vodka better when they consume it without any anxiety.

Finally, 4 shots of vodka are less likely to get you drunk if you pair it with food and other drinks. Crackers, olives, peanuts, and fruit juices can slow down the alcohol absorption in your bloodstream, and therefore prevent you from getting tipsy too quickly.

How Many Vodka Shots To Get Drunk If You’re A Woman?

Generally, it takes women 5 to 6 shots of vodka to get drunk, but they should start feeling the effects after the 3rd shot. Anything more than that could lead to blackout, vomiting, or hangover.

That said, 5 to 6 shots of vodka might not be enough to intoxicate some women. For instance, those with a higher body mass index (BMI) will need more shots of vodka to get drunk.

Furthermore, women who drink vodka regularly have increased tolerance. As time goes by, these women would have reduced sensitivity to vodka and would require more and more shots to experience intoxication.

How Many Vodka Shots To Get Drunk If You’re A Man?

How Many Vodka Shots To Get Drunk?

Men have naturally higher alcohol tolerance, thanks to their larger physique and the copious amounts of ADH they have.

It would take around 7 to 9 shots of vodka for men to get intoxicated, but some don’t feel the effects until after the 10th shot. Anything more than 11 shots of vodka, however, would typically get a man severely drunk.

Additionally, regular consumption of vodka could increase a man’s tolerance to vodka of certain proofs. Drinking vodka with 80 proof frequently would decrease sensitivity to it.

Moreover, a man with increased tolerance to vodka and consumes it alongside protein-rich foods like salmon, pasta, and chicken could need more than 11 shots to get drunk.

How Many Vodka Shots To Get Drunk If You’re A Teenager?

Teenagers require fewer shots of vodka to get drunk compared to adults. This is because they’re less experienced, and they would typically have a smaller BMI.

Vodka with a proof of 80 or higher can get a teenager drunk after 2 to 3 shots. Three or more consecutive shots could make them pass out.

Taking shots in longer intervals could prevent a teenager from getting drunk too fast. Nevertheless, inexperience and vodka intensity can still result in severe intoxication.

How Many Shots Of Vodka To Get Drunk For The First Time?

People who are taking shots of vodka for the first time may get drunk faster, but it would still depend on their alcohol tolerance.

For those who are not accustomed to hard liquor or alcoholic drinks in general, 3 or 4 shots may be enough to give them a buzz.

How Many Shots Of Vodka To Get Drunk 120 Pounds?

To determine the number of vodka shots a 120-pound person needs to get drunk, they have to refer to a blood/breath alcohol concentration (BAC) chart.

According to the chart, a 120-pound female could get legally drunk after the third or fourth shot of 80 proof vodka. Her BAC at this point would be somewhere around 0.94 to 0.125%.

All states in America consider a BAC of 0.100% to be legally drunk because it’s when most people exhibit deterioration in their reaction time and control.

Additionally, a 120-pound male would require 4 to 5 shots of 80 proof vodka to reach a BAC of 0.107 to 0.137%.

How Many Shots Of Smirnoff Vodka To Get Drunk?

Smirnoff vodka has a proof of 80. People with a small physical build and low alcohol tolerance could get drunk after the 3rd or 4th shot.

Meanwhile, a person with a bigger build will naturally have a higher tolerance and will need around 5 to 7 shots to get drunk.

Any estimated number of shots could go up or down depending on gender and the intervals between each shot. Diluting the vodka can also impact its ability to intoxicate.

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Vodka is a deeply intoxicating drink, and it can take only 2 to 3 shots for some people to start feeling its effects.

Anything from 5 to 6 shots can get most women drunk, while it would take most men at least 10 to 11 shots to get inebriated.

That being said, getting to know the exact number of shots it would take for you to get drunk depends on factors like your BMI and gender, as well as drinking frequency.

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