9 Ground Mustard Substitutes That Are Actually Good (Guide)

Mustard is a condiment that has a lot of varieties thanks to mustard being popular in many countries.

If you have a recipe that calls for ground mustard but does not have any ground mustard, you may be looking for ground mustard substitutes. Here are some ground mustard substitutes I discovered!

Ground Mustard Substitutes

1. Mustard Seed

Since ground mustard is made out of mustard seeds, mustard seeds are probably the best replacement.

All you need to do is to ground up the mustard seeds with a mortar and pestle, or a spice grinder if you have one, and you can decide how coarse or how fine you want your ground mustard to be.

2. Prepared Mustard

Any form of prepared mustard of your choice can be a suitable replacement for ground mustard.

The kind of prepared mustard you should use will depend on your dish and your taste preference.

However, any type of sweet mustard may not fit the equation in most dishes where ground mustard is used because sweet mustard is sweet, and sweetness might not suit the dish.

3. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric will give you almost the same color and flavor as mustard without the added spiciness.

Generally, turmeric is milder than mustard, so if your dish requires a hint of kick, then you need to add a few other spices.

However, the overall flavor and color from turmeric powder will be similar to ground mustard.

4. Horseradish Powder

Horseradish powder will give you the same nose-clearing heat as mustard, but with more spiciness to the tongue.

Additionally, horseradish powder is a good replacement if the dish requires your ground mustard substitute to have a bit of heat.

5. Wasabi Powder

Wasabi Powder

Just like horseradish powder, wasabi powder offers the same heat and pungency as mustard.

However, wasabi powder is hotter than ground mustard, so be careful when adding wasabi powder to your recipes.

6. Arugula

While not as common as other ground mustard substitutes, arugula has the same spicy taste as mustard.

You can chop up or blend arugula to create a slight paste to add to your recipes.

However, arugula does not have the signature yellow color of mustard because arugula is green, but the hint of spiciness from arugula will be there.

7. Dijon Mustard

Although Dijon is prepared mustard, Dijon is probably the best substitute for ground mustard.

Dijon mustard has a more pronounced mustard taste, which is why Dijon is preferred over other prepared mustards when replacing ground mustard.

8. Mayonnaise

While mayonnaise may seem an unconventional substitute to ground mustard, most mayonnaise recipes contain ground mustard.

However, mayonnaise should be considered a last-resort option to ground mustard because mayonnaise generally has a very different flavor profile compared to mustard.

9. Yellow English Mustard

English mustard is very hot, as mustard heat goes, so be careful when using this as a ground mustard replacement.

You can use dry English mustard for rubs and as a spice, and English mustard paste for sauces or dressings.

Ground Mustard Substitute In Mac And Cheese

For your mac and cheese, you can substitute ground mustard with Dijon mustard, yellow mustard, or turmeric powder.

Dijon mustard offers heat that can cut through the creaminess and richness of mac and cheese, making Dijon is a very good substitute to make the mac and cheese lighter.

Yellow mustard is a bit milder than ground mustard, but yellow mustard adds to the color of the mac and cheese.

Plus, yellow mustard acts as a great emulsifier, binding the pasta with the creamy cheese well.

Additionally, turmeric is great as turmeric has the same color as mustard and mac and cheese.

Since turmeric is also a bit spicy, turmeric also adds the heat that mustard does. Just don’t add too much turmeric lest your mac and cheese be bitter.

Ground Mustard Substitutes For A Dry Rub

For a dry rub on meats, you can replace your ground mustard with wasabi powder, horseradish powder, or turmeric, especially if you want a very dry rub.

However, if you are open to options, Dijon mustard also works very well.

Wasabi and horseradish powder will give your meats the heat and the pungency that ground mustard offers.

Turmeric is also another great substitute if you want spiciness despite not being as pungent as mustard.

Dijon mustard is also great for wet rubs because Dijon binds the meat and the other spices together, keeping the spices on your meat.

Ground Mustard Substitute For Egg Casserole

If you do not have ground mustard within reach while making your egg casserole, you can always use regular yellow mustard.

Yellow mustard adds flavor without overpowering the main ingredients of the dish. Since yellow mustard is mild, yellow mustard does not compromise the overall flavors.

Another bonus is that yellow mustard’s color perfectly matches the dish.

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Ground mustard is a staple in many dishes, but it is helpful to know about good substitutes for ground mustard if you do not have any.

Wasabi powder, turmeric powder, and horseradish powder are all great replacements whenever you cannot find ground mustard within reac, but the best substitute for ground mustard is still always mustard.

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