Does Coke Clean Silver? (Methods + Other FAQs)

While there are cleaning products available in most stores, you would be surprised what pantry items you have that can be used to clean.

If you’ve ever heard about Coke being able to clean silver, you might be wondering if it is true. I gathered all the facts and here is what I got!

Does Coke Clean Silver?

Coke is an effective multi-purpose cleaner that can clean items like silver. Due to Coke’s phosphoric acid content, Coke can dissolve the dirt and grime off silver, including sterling and plated silver items. Additionally, Coke can also clean off heavily tarnished silver, including old coins and rings. 

If you want to learn more about Coke and its effects on silver items, how long you can leave silver in Coke, and more, keep on reading!

Why Can Coke Clean Silver?

Coke has an active acid that you can find in many industry-grade cleaning products, which is phosphoric acid.

Phosphoric acid is the main reason why Coke has a pH level of 2.6 to 2.7 and is why Coke can dissolve dirt, grime, rust, and hard-to-reach stains.

How Long Do I Leave Silver In Coke?

You can soak your silver items in Coke for a minimum of an hour if you want to effectively kickstart the cleaning process.

Since the acid in Coke is food-grade, you don’t have to worry about your silver item dissolving.

Depending on how much grime and rust is on your silver, you can leave your silver items in Coke for a longer period.

However, you must rinse your silver items thoroughly after you soak the silver in Coke.

Does Coke Clean Pandora Silver?

Pandora uses only 925 sterling silver in all of its silver jewelry, which Coke can safely clean.

Moreover, you will have no trouble dissolving the unwanted debris attached to your silver Pandora accessories.

Sterling silver is durable and considered high-grade, so the silver will benefit from Coke’s acidity.

To use Coke to clean Pandora silver, soak your Pandora silver jewelry in a cup of Coke for an hour or longer.

You will only need to check your silver every 15 minutes or so to ensure that the Coke is working.

Can Coke Clean Heavily Tarnished Silver?

Can Coke Clean Heavily Tarnished Silver? 

Coke can clean heavily tarnished silver when you soak tarnished silver in a cup of Coke, and you can leave your silver in the Coke for 3 hours or longer depending on how tarnished your silver is.

Remember to rinse the silver with warm water and wipe the silver down with a soft cloth after soaking.

Additionally, avoid brushing the silver with a hard-bristled brush as you can scratch the silver.

Can Diet Coke Clean Silver Jewelry?

Diet Coke is made like Classic Coke’s formula, except that Diet Coke has the sugar removed, so Diet Coke can still clean silver like regular Coke.

Since Diet Coke is sugar-free, it is easier to rinse off Diet Coke after you have soaked your silver, meaning you will not have to deal with a sticky residue on your silver.

How Much Coke Do I Need To Clean Silver?

Typically, you will only need enough Coke to fully submerge your silver item, so the exact amount of Coke will depend on the size of your silver item.

Does Coke Clean Silver Rings?

Coke can clean silver rings that have accumulated grease and dirt over the years.

Soak your silver rings in Coke for a few hours, depending on how dirty your rings are.

Remember to check your rings occasionally to check any painted accents since Coke can remove painted designs if the silver ring soaks for too long.

Can Coke Clean Plated Silver?

Coke can restore plated silver because plated silver items are base metals that have been coated with a thin layer of silver to make them more durable and aesthetic.

However, you cannot soak plated silver items for a long period because plated silver is not pure silver material.

Some inner components of the plated silver item may degrade when exposed to Coke’s acidic properties, breaking the item.

Can Coke Clean Silver Coins?

Coke is an excellent way to remove traces of tarnish and corrosion on old coins.

To do so, fill a bowl with Coke and soak the silver coins in the Coke for about 5 minutes then check if the corrosion has softened or melted away.

If the silver coins still have large traces of tarnish then leave the coins in the Coke for a maximum of 15 more minutes.

Next, thoroughly rinse the coin and ensure that there is no leftover Coke on the coin then dry the coin.

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Coke has highly acidic properties that can dissolve grime and dirt sticking right off your silver items.

You only need to soak most silver items in Coke for an hour to see the cleaning effects. Additionally, you can also leave silver to soak for longer if the dirt is stubborn.

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