Can You Freeze Mustard? (How To Do It + Types Of Mustard)

It’s a shame when the little packets of sauces and condiments that stack up in the kitchen drawers or fridge expire. Not to mention the extra bottles in the pantry that are leftover from weekend cookouts or holiday festivities.

One condiment in particular that often goes to waste is mustard. As you’re considering ways to make it last longer, you may be wondering whether or not you can freeze mustard. Here is what I discovered!

Can You Freeze Mustard?

Mustard, and most varieties of mustard, can be safely stored in the freezer to extend its shelf life. As long as it is placed in an air-tight container away from moisture and air, mustard can last for 14 to 16 months in your freezer without degrading in quality and taste.

If you want to know how to freeze mustard, what happens when you freeze mustard, or what varieties of mustard are better left out of the freezer, this article can help!

Can You Freeze Dijon Mustard?

You can freeze dijon mustard, but it is not necessary because the condiment is made from natural preservatives that, even after opening, allow it to last over a year in the fridge.

Beyond a year of refrigeration, however, the quality will start to degrade but it will still be usable for a few months.

Moreover, freezing will not add more months to the shelf-life of dijon mustard that’s just left in the fridge. So there’s little to no benefit of storing it in the freezer.

Can You Freeze English Mustard?

Yes, you can freeze English mustard, just like regular mustard.

Compared to storing English mustard in the fridge, freezing it will extend its shelf life by a few months.

Can You Freeze Mustard Seeds?

You can freeze mustard seeds but it is not necessary and will only take up space in your freezer.

This is because mustard seeds stored in an air-tight jar can last 3 to 4 years without losing their flavor, so freezing them to maximize shelf life won’t be necessary.

Can You Freeze Raw Mustard Greens?

Yes, you can freeze raw mustard greens. Raw mustard greens can last 2 to 3 days in the fridge, but freezing them increases their shelf life to around 12 months.

Additionally, it is advised that you blanch them before putting them in the freezer so they don’t lose their texture and flavor.

Can You Freeze Mustard Greens Without Blanching?

Yes, you can, but they don’t freeze well without blanching. Mustard greens that have been frozen without blanching will have a duller color, taste-off, and have fewer nutrients.

Blanching is easy and only takes a few minutes, so if you want your mustard seeds to have the best quality, it’s recommended that you blanch them before freezing.

Can I Freeze Honey Mustard Sauce?

While its package will always remind users to refrigerate after opening, you can also freeze honey mustard sauce to preserve it and increase its shelf life to over a year.

Same as regular mustard, honey mustard can be frozen for around 14 to 16 months, but you’ll need to store it in an air-tight container to keep air and moisture from diminishing its flavor.

Can You Freeze A Sandwich With Mustard?

Can You Freeze A Sandwich With Mustard?

You can freeze just about any sandwich that contains mustard.

Unlike mayonnaise, mustard isn’t a type of emulsion that breaks after being thawed, which means it can retain its flavor even after being frozen for extended periods.

However, a frozen sandwich’s quality will take a dip after 2 to 3 months so it’s best to consume it before then.

Will Freezing Mustard Affect Taste?

No, freezing mustard won’t affect its taste.

Mustard is one of the condiments whose ingredients remain intact after thawing, so freezing won’t affect its taste as long as it’s kept in an airtight container, away from air and moisture.

How Do I Freeze Mustard?

To freeze mustard, it’s best to partition the mustard into individual serving portions and put them in an airtight container to freeze.

This will make it easier to thaw the amount of mustard you need when you need it while leaving the rest in the freezer.

How Long Can Mustard Remain Frozen?

As long as it is properly stored, you can keep your mustard frozen for around 16 months. The quality and taste will begin to deteriorate beyond that.

How Can You Tell If Mustard Has Gone Bad?

You can tell if mustard has gone bad by checking how it looks and tastes.

If it has developed a dark greenish color and tastes off, it’s time to discard it.

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Freezing mustard is an option you can take to prolong the life of the condiment beyond its expiration date. However, it isn’t necessary as keeping it refrigerated works just as well.

Additionally, it’s important to note that mustard that’s frozen for longer than 16 months will begin to degrade.

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