Who Makes Bama Mayonnaise? (Manufacturer, Owner + More)

Mayonnaise has become a staple ingredient in many households due to mayonnaise’s mild flavor and versatility, which led to many companies making name-brand mayonnaise products such as Bama Mayonnaise.

If you enjoy Bama Mayonnaise, you may be wondering who makes Bama Mayonnaise. I did the research, and here is what I discovered!

Who Makes Bama Mayonnaise?

Currently, GBfoods makes Bama Mayonnaise for the Nigerian market whereas Bama Mayonnaise is produced in Greenville, Alabama by Welch Foods for the American market. Currently, Bama Mayonnaise is owned by Welch Foods Inc. since Welch Foods Inc purchased the Bama Foods products line. C.F. Sauer Company was the original owner of Bama Mayonnaise.

Do you want to learn more facts about Bama Mayonnaise, if Bama Mayonnaise is the same as other mayonnaise brands and more? Keep reading!

What Company Manufactures Bama Mayonnaise?

Currently, GBfoods manufactures Bama Mayonnaise in GBfoods’ production factory in Sango, Ogun State.

During the same time that GBfoods began manufacturing Bama Mayonnaise, Bama Mayonnaise also created a new packaging design for Bama Mayonnaise in hopes to make Bama Mayonnaise popular in the Nigerian market.

However, Bama Mayonnaise is also still being created in the United States of America by Welch Foods, and their production factory for Bama Mayonnaise is in Greenville, Alabama.

Who Owns Bama Mayonnaise?

As of now, Bama Mayonnaise is owned by Welch Foods Inc. because Bama Mayonnaise was part of the Bama Foods products.

Therefore, since Bama Mayonnaise was a Bama Foods product, Welch Foods Inc. also owns the rights to Bama Mayonnaise.

Before Welchs Foods Inc bought Bama Mayonnaise, Bama Mayonnaise was owned by the C.F. Sauer Company, which created a number of products including salad dressing, tartar sauce, and even Duke’s Mayonnaise.

Is Bama Mayonnaise Made In Alabama?

Bama Mayonnaise is made in Greenville, Alabama for the production of Bama Mayonnaise for the United States of America.

What Ingredients Are In Bama Mayonnaise?

Currently, the ingredients listed in Bama Real Mayonnaise are soybean oil, water, eggs, onion flavoring, salt, lemon oil, oleoresin paprika, natural flavoring, sugar, and cider and distilled vinegar.

While Bama Mayonnaise opts to choose cider and distilled vinegar as its acid of choice, adding lemon oil to Bama Mayonnaise gives the mayonnaise a “fresher and brighter” flavor.

Additionally, the exact “natural flavoring” added to Bama Mayonnaise is unknown, but the paprika and sugar are added to boost Bama Mayonnaise’s overall flavor.

How Can You Tell If It Is Real Bama Mayonnaise?

Generally, Bama Mayonnaise is real if you purchase Bama Mayonnaise from a reputable store, and if the packaging is the same as the new design by Bama Mayonnaise.

Moreover, be sure to check the manufacturing date and expiry date on the Bama Mayonnaise to ensure that the product has not been recycled.

Is Bama A Mayonnaise?

Is Bama A Mayonnaise?

Bama Mayonnaise is mayonnaise because the ingredients of Bama Mayonnaise are soybean oil, water, eggs, cider and distilled vinegar, etc.

Almost every mayonnaise recipe involves eggs, oil, and acid such as vinegar to create an emulsion, which makes Bama Mayonnaise considered as mayonnaise.

Is There Carbs In Bama Mayonnaise?

Bama Mayonnaise states that there are zero carbs in Bama Mayonnaise.

However, the ingredients list for Bama Mayonnaise states that there is sugar, meaning there could be a minuscule amount of carbs in Bama Mayonnaise.

Is There Fat In Bama Mayonnaise?

Bama Mayonnaise contains 11 grams of fat per tablespoon whereas Bama Light Mayonnaise contains 5 grams of fat per tablespoon.

How Many Calories Are In Bama Mayonnaise?

Currently, Bama Mayonnaise states that Bama Real Mayonnaise has 100 calories per tablespoon while Bama Light Mayonnaise has 50 calories per tablespoon.

Does Bama Mayonnaise Have Eggs?

As of now, all types of Bama Mayonnaise contain eggs, but some variants may only contain egg yolks while others contain whole eggs.

Is Bama Mayonnaise Dairy-Free?

Based on the given ingredients list, Bama Mayonnaise is dairy-free since all of the ingredients do not contain milk or lactose, especially since eggs do not count as dairy products.

Are Bama Mayonnaise And Dukes Mayonnaise The Same?

Previously, Bama Mayonnaise and Dukes Mayonnaise were owned by the same company, which was C.F. Sauer Company, which caused many people to believe that Dukes Mayonnaise and Bama Mayonnaise were the same.

Despite being part of the same company at the time, Bama Mayonnaise and Dukes Mayonnaise are not the same because they have different formulas.

For instance, Bama Mayonnaise is sweet because of added sugar whereas Duke’s Mayonnaise does not contain any sugar.

Now, Bama Mayonnaise is owned by Welchs Foods Inc while Dukes Mayonnaise is owned by Falfurrias Capital Partners.

Are Bama Mayonnaise And Hellman’s Mayonnaise The Same?

Bama Mayonnaise and Hellman’s Mayonnaise were never the same because they were owned and manufactured by different companies.

For instance, Hellman’s Mayonnaise is currently owned by Unilever, and Unilever bought Hellman’s Mayonnaise from Richard Hellman and Bestfoods Corporation.

However, Bama Mayonnaise is currently owned by Welch’s Foods Inc.

Is Bama Mayonnaise Good?

Bama Mayonnaise being good is fairly subjective since each person will have different tastes for mayonnaise, but Bama Mayonnaise is a decent mayonnaise to use at home.

For instance, some people, particularly those who grew up in South Africa, are very fond of Bama Mayonnaise because they grew up with Bama Mayonnaise.

On the other hand, other people have compared Bama Mayonnaise to Miracle Whip, stating that Bama Mayonnaise does not taste like “real” mayonnaise.

However, Bama Mayonnaise is still a fine mayonnaise brand to opt for if you just want a basic mayonnaise for spreads, a base for dressings, binding ingredient, and more since Bama Mayonnaise is creamy with a somewhat neutral flavor.

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Bama Mayonnaise is a very popular mayonnaise, and Bama Mayonnaise is currently made in Greenville, Alabama for the American market and in Sango, Ogun State for the Nigerian market.

Currently, Welchs Foods Inc. owns Bama Mayonnaise, and Welchs Foods Inc. bought Bama Mayonnaise from C.F. Sauer Company.

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