Where Is Svedka Vodka Made? + Other Common FAQs

It is impossible not to know about Svedka Vodka if you are a vodka aficionado. After all, Svedka Vodka has been around for over 20 years and Svedka Vodka continues to be a bestselling brand.

In case you are curious about what makes a brand like Svedka successful, you have to know where Svedka Vodka is made. I did the research, and here is what I discovered!

Where Is Svedka Vodka Made?

Svedka Vodka is a Swedish brand made in Lidköping, which is located in Southern Sweden and recognized best for Lake Vänern. Additionally, Svedka Vodka was founded by spirits industry veteran Guillaume Cuvelier in 1998 and sold to Constellation brands in 2007. Currently, Svedka is still being produced in Lidköping by the Swedish farmers’ co-op called Lantmännen.

If you want to learn more about the origins of Svedka Vodka’s ingredients and facilities as well as who owns Svedka Vodka, keep reading!

Is Svedka Vodka Made In The USA?

Svedka Vodka is not made in the USA and never has been. Additionally, Svedka Vodka currently does not have facilities in America or known plans of setting up one in the future.

What Country Makes Svedka Vodka?

Svedka Vodka is made in Sweden. In fact, the name “Svedka” is a combination of two words, the first being Svenska, meaning Swedish, and Vodka.

Moreover, Svedka Vodka was formulated in Sweden and has always been produced there.

Is Svedka Vodka Imported?

Svedka Vodka is imported to the US from Sweden and has been since 2007 when the founder of Svedka Vodka sold Svedka Vodka to an American beverage company.

Where Is Svedka Bottled?

Currently, there is no mention of where Svedka Vodka’s facilities are specifically located, and whether Svedka Vodka’s distillery and bottling facilities are under the same roof.

What is known is that Svedka Vodka is manufactured in Lidköping, which is a locality in southwestern Sweden best associated with Lake Vänern.

Where Is Svedka Distilled?

Svedka Vodka is distilled in Lidköping, Sweden, although it is not known where the exact location of the distillery is in Lidköping.

Additionally, there is no information about Svedka Vodka being distilled in other parts of Sweden, so it is reasonable to assume that Svedka Vodka is manufactured only in Lidköping.

Where Is Svedka Vodka Sold?

Where Is Svedka Vodka Sold?

Svedka Vodka is sold mainly in Sweden where Svedka Vodka is manufactured and in America where Svedka Vodka’s new owner is headquartered.

Nonetheless, Svedka Vodka is also distributed worldwide although availability may vary from country to country.

However, with the prevalence of online stores, Svedka Vodka is easier to purchase from foreign and local retailers in both Europe and Asia.

Who Distributes Svedka Vodka?

Around 70% of Svedka Vodka in the United States has been distributed by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits since April 2021.

Another major distributor of Svedka Vodka is Lotte Liquor, which is responsible for importing and distributing Svedka Vodka in South Korea.

Additionally, Lotte Liquor is the second-largest producer of soju in the South Korean market, making it the ideal partner for Svedka Vodka.

Svedka Vodka has many other distributors internationally although not all of them are as high profile as Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits and Lotte Liquor.

Who Manufactures Svedka Vodka?

Svedka is manufactured by Lantmännen, a Swedish farmers’ co-op, on behalf of Constellation Brands, which purchased Svedka in 2007 and is based in New York.

Who Owns Svedka Vodka?

Svedka Vodka is owned by Constellation Brands, Inc. which is a Fortune 500 company that bought Svedka Vodka for $384 million.

While Constellations Brand is not the leading beverage company in the spirits industry, Constellations Brand is currently the largest beer importer in the US based on sales.

Additionally, Constellation Brands has one of the largest market shares in the beer industry and is establishing itself in the spirits industry with brands like Svedka and Casa Noble.

Who Founded Svedka Vodka?

Svedka Vodka was founded by Guillaume Cuvelier, a liquor importer and founder and managing director of Spirits Marque One.

Cuvelier has been a leading player in the wine and spirits industry since 1984. He has worked with Moet Hennessy for a long time until he decided to create Svedka in 1998.

After Cuvelier had catapulted Svedka Vodka to success by capturing around 7% of the imported vodka market, he agreed to sell it to Constellation Brands.

Currently, Cuvelier is working on another brand called TYKU, which is a premium sake designed for American consumers.

When Was Svedka Vodka Made?

Svedka Vodka was made in 1988 in Sweden.

What Is Svedka Vodka Made Of?

Svedka Vodka is made from 100% Swedish winter wheat and water collected from underground springs.

While Svedka Vodka does not disclose where they get their winter wheat and water, the winter wheat and water are likely sourced within or near Lidköping, Sweden where Svedka Vodka is manufactured.

Meanwhile, Svedka Vodka’s flavored line is made by infusing the classic Svedka Vodka with natural flavors.

Nonetheless, Svedka Vodka does not clarify whether they use real fruits and botanicals or naturally derived concentrates.

Where Does Svedka Get Wheat?

Svedka Vodka does not name its source of winter wheat. However, since Svedka Vodka is made in southern Sweden, Svedka Vodka’s wheat might be harvested within the vicinity.

Regardless, what is for certain is that Svedka Vodka uses only Swedish wheat for its products.

Where Does Svedka’s Water Come From?

Svedka Vodka is diluted with water from underground springs, but Svedka Vodka does not specify which springs they use.

Nonetheless, these springs may be located in southern Sweden since that is where Svedka Vodka is primarily made.

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Svedka Vodka has always been made in Sweden where Svedka Vodka launched in 1988 and made waves in the vodka industry by attracting a lot of attention from vodka drinkers all over the world.

In 2007, Cuvelier decided to sell Svedka Vodka to American beverage company Constellation Brands for millions of dollars.

After Svedka Vodka was sold, Constellation Brands decided to continue manufacturing Svedka Vodka in Sweden through the Swedish farmers’ co-op called Lantmännen.

While it is commonly known that Svedka Vodka is produced in Lidköping, Sweden, Svedka Vodka does not disclose where exactly Svedka Vodka’s distillery and bottling facilities are.

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