Where Is Ketel One Vodka Made? + Other Common FAQs

Fans of vodka cocktails would have heard of Ketel One Vodka already. Currently, Ketel One Vodka is one of the most popular brands for mixing because of Ketel One Vodka’s incredible taste and smoothness.

To understand what makes Ketel One Vodka a prime choice for cocktails, you have to know its origins. Where is Ketel One vodka made? I looked into it, and here is what I found!

Where Is Ketel One Vodka Made?

Ketel One Vodka is produced in the Netherlands by the Nolet family in their historic Nolet distillery in Schiedam. Additionally, Ketel One Vodka is also bottled in the bottling facility within the Nolet distillery. Half of Ketel One Vodka’s equity is owned by Diageo, but the rights to the Ketel One brand are still owned by the Nolet family.

In case you are curious to learn more about the origins of Ketel One Vodka’s ingredients and where Ketel One Vodka’s manufacturing facilities are, keep reading!

Is Ketel One American?

Ketel One Vodka is not American and has never been distilled or bottled in America before. Additionally, Ketel One Vodka does not claim to use any American ingredients.

Nonetheless, Ketel One Vodka’s parent company, Nolet Spirits, does have a branch in America named Nolet Spirits USA and they are based in Aliso Viejo, California.

Is Ketel One French?

Ketel One Vodka is not a French product. Moreover, Ketel One Vodka has never been manufactured in France, and Ketel One does not claim to source its ingredients from France.

That said, Ketel One Vodka does get their winter wheat in Europe, and since France produces high-quality winter wheat, it is possible that they source winter wheat from France.

However, until Ketel One Vodka confirms this, there is no way to verify whether Ketel One Vodka’s supplies come from France.

Is Ketel One Vodka Russian?

Ketel One Vodka is not made in Russia and never has been. At present, Ketel One Vodka does not have facilities in Russia, and Ketel One Vodka has not disclosed plans to branch out to Russia.

However, since Ketel One Vodka gets their wheat from Europe, there is a small possibility that Ketel One Vodka’s wheat supply comes from Russia.

Where Is Ketel One Vodka Distilled?

Ketel One Vodka is distilled in the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Netherlands. Moreover, the Nolet Distillery was established in 1691 and is around 325 years old.

Since the Nolet Distillery was founded, the Nolet Distillery has encountered numerous challenges like the French Revolution and continues to be one of the most successful Dutch distilleries.

Where Is Ketel One Vodka Bottled?

Ketel One Vodka is bottled in the bottling plant of the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Netherlands.

Additionally, the Nolet Distillery’s bottling plant uses modern technology to maintain the quality of its operations, and this can be viewed by the public during scheduled tours.

Where Does Ketel One Get Wheat?

Ketel One Vodka gets its non-GMO winter wheat in Europe.

However, Ketel One Vodka does not disclose where in Europe they get their supplies, and whether Ketel One Vodka’s wheat comes from a single country.

Where Does Ketel One’s Water Come From?

Ketel One Vodka hasn’t confirmed the type of water they use for their vodka and where their source is.

Since a lot of brands build their bottling plant near their primary water source, it is reasonable to assume that Ketel One Vodka is diluted with water that is locally sourced in Schiedam.

Where Is Ketel One Vodka Sold?

Where Is Ketel One Vodka Sold?

Ketel One Vodka is sold mainly in the US and the Netherlands, but Ketel One Vodka is also available in many countries in Europe and Asia, as well as Australia.

Who Distributes Ketel One Vodka?

Ketel One Vodka is distributed by both Nolet Spirits and Diageo. Additionally, Diageo has the exclusive rights to market and distribute Ketel One Vodka.

At present, Diaego has not publicized the names of their distributors in any of the countries Diago distributes to.

When Was Ketel One Vodka Made?

Ketel One Vodka was released in 1983, but Ketel One Vodka was conjured by Carolus Nolet in 1979 in a desire to expand the Nolet family distillery’s portfolio.

When Carolus Nolet traveled to the USA in 1979, he was inspired by the emerging cocktail culture. Since vodka makes an excellent base spirit, he wanted to produce vodka too.

Who Owns Ketel One Vodka?

Ketel One Vodka is owned partly by the Nolet family and partly by a multinational beverage alcohol company, Diageo plc.

Diageo bought 50% equity interest in Ketel One Vodka on March 31, 2008, for $900 million.

How Is Ketel One Vodka Made?

Ketel One Vodka is made by fermenting wheat and distilling the wheat through a column still to produce ultra-wheat spirit (UWS).

Ultra-wheat spirit is a type of spirit produced through a specific process that yields higher purity levels when compared to other grain spirits.

Afterward, a portion of the ultra-wheat spirit is re-distilled in copper pot stills. One of the stills used is a 19th-century copper pot still which is coal-fired.

Once the heart of the distillates has been obtained, they are filtered and blended to produce the Master Pot Still Batch.

Using the Nolet family recipe, the distillers blend the UWS with the Master Pot Still Batch and water to create Ketel One Vodka.

For flavored Ketel One Vodka, essences and citrus oils are infused with the original Ketel One Vodka at this stage of the process.

What Is Ketel One Made Out Of?

Ketel One Vodka is made from winter wheat that is sourced in Europe, although it has not been specified which country or countries supply Ketel One Vodka’s wheat.

Moreover, Ketel One Vodka hasn’t confirmed what type of water they use.

To make flavored Ketel One Vodkas, essences from fruits and botanicals are infused with the original Ketel One Vodka.

Where Ketel One Vodka gets these essences are also not public knowledge.

What Does Ketel One Vodka Taste Like?

Ketel One Vodka has a sweet and subtle aroma that is reminiscent of wheat and fresh herbs.

On the palate, Ketel One Vodka is well-rounded with a soft texture and hints of cereals, and subtle spiciness.

As for Ketel One Vodka’s finish, Ketel One Vodka tastes slightly of pepper and is mostly dry.

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Ketel One Vodka is a Dutch brand formulated and produced by the Nolet family of the Netherlands.

Furthermore, Ketel One Vodka is distilled in the historic Nolet distillery, which has been around for over 325 years.

Moreover, the Nolet family itself has been in the spirits industry since 1691, and they are one of the oldest and largest distilling companies in the Netherlands today.

Currently, Ketel One’s rights belong to the Nolet family, but Ketel One Vodka is owned partly by Diageo, which has exclusive rights to market and distribute Ketel One Vodka internationally.

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