Where Is Finlandia Vodka Made? + Other Common FAQs

When choosing a new vodka brand to try, you will undoubtedly come across Finlandia Vodka, as Finlandia Vodka is one of the most highly recommended brands in the market today.

If you are unfamiliar with Finlandia Vodka, you would naturally be curious about where Finlandia Vodka is made. I looked into it, and here is what I found!

Where Is Finlandia Vodka Made?

Finlandia Vodka is made in Finland, specifically in the villages of Koskenkorva and Rajamaki. To produce the ethanol used in Finlandia Vodka, barley is fermented and distilled in the Koskenkorva distillery. Afterward, the spirit is transported to the Rajamaki distillery to be diluted with glacial water from the Rajamaki springs. Currently, Finlandia Vodka is owned by Brown-Forman, an American company.

In case you are curious to learn more about where Finlandia Vodka is made, the places Finlandia Vodka gets its ingredients, keep reading!

Is Finlandia Vodka An American Brand?

Finlandia Vodka is not an American brand. Additionally, there is nothing to suggest that Finlandia Vodka was ever produced in America.

Is Finlandia Vodka A French Brand?

Finlandia Vodka is not a French Brand. Moreover, Finlandia Vodka was never produced in France, and Finlandia Vodka has no known distilleries or suppliers in any part of France.

Where Is Finlandia Vodka Distilled?

Finlandia Vodka is distilled at the Koskenkorva distillery near Ilmajoki municipality, which is 400 kilometers north of Helsinki and known as Finland’s breadbasket.

Furthermore, the Koskenkorva Distillery uses seven 25-meter tall stainless steel distillation columns to perform a rectification process called “Continuous multi-pressure distillation.”

Afterward, the distilled spirit is transported to Rajamaki Distillery, known for being the only distillery in operation during the Prohibition era in Finland.

Rajamaki Distillery is located in Rajamaki village in the Nurmijarvi municipality of southern Finland. It is in Rajamaki Distillery that the barley is blended with water to bottling strength.

Where Is Finlandia Vodka Bottled?

Finlandia Vodka does not disclose the location of Finlandia Vodka’s bottling facilities.

However, it is reasonable to assume that the bottling is done in Rajamaki village or nearby locations, as that is where Finlandia Vodka is diluted to bottling proof.

Where Is Finlandia Vodka Sold?

Finlandia Vodka is sold primarily in America, but Finlandia Vodka can be found in European and Asian countries too.

Currently, Finlandia Vodka does not have any list of countries where they directly import to. Nonetheless, Finlandia Vodka can be easily purchased through online liquor stores.

Where Does Finlandia Get Grain?

Finlandia Vodka doesn’t specify the farms or estate from which they get their barley, but it is likely that Finlandia Vodka collects its barley from within the vicinity of Koskenkorva in Ilmajoki.

Where Does Finlandia’s Water Come From?

Finlandia Vodka gets its water from the Rajamäki Spring. Additionally, Rajamäki Spring water is naturally filtered by glacial moraine created thousands of years ago, making it the ideal water to create vodka.

Furthermore, Finlandia Vodka does not treat the water at all either through osmosis or deionization. They simply use a mechanical filter to extract visible particles.

To ensure the quality of the glacial water they use remains the same, Finlandia Vodka owns twelve square kilometers of virgin forest surrounding their wells.

Who Owns Finlandia Vodka?

Finlandia Vodka was first established by Finland’s state-owned alcoholic beverage company named Alko.

Currently, Finlandia Vodka is owned by the American company Brown-Forman who secured the final 20% of the shares for Finlandia Vodka in 2004.

Brown-Forman was founded in 1870 and is one of the biggest spirits and wine businesses in the world today.

Some of the famous brands in Brown-Forman’s portfolio apart from Finlandia Vodka are Jack Daniel’s, Benriarch, Old Forester, Fords Gin, and Woodford Reserve Whiskey.

Who Distributes Finlandia Vodka?

Who Distributes Finlandia Vodka?

Finlandia Vodka has numerous distributors, one of the most prominent of them being Gruppo Montenegro who has exclusive rights to distribute Finlandia Vodka in the Italian market.

Apart from Gruppo Montenegro and Brown-Forman, who distribute the vodka themselves in certain countries, Brown-Forman hasn’t publicly disclosed the names of other distributors.

Where Is Finlandia Vodka Sold?

At present, Finlandia Vodka is sold in over 135 countries, which include the United States of America, Italy, and Belgium. However, Finlandia Vodka has not specified the other countries yet.

Nonetheless, Finlandia Vodka is a popular brand that is readily available in most markets, especially in online liquor stores that provide international shipping.

When Was Finlandia Vodka Made?

Finlandia Vodka was founded in 1970 in Koskenkorva, Finland.

Who Made Finlandia Vodka’s Design?

Finlandia Vodka’s packaging design is attributed to Tapio Wirkkala, a top sculptor and designer who resided in Esbo, Finland, and died in May 1985.

Additionally, Wirkkala is known for his post-war designs. To this day, Wirkkala’s Finlandia Vodka bottle design is considered one of his finest works.

How Is Finlandia Vodka Made?

Finlandia Vodka is made by fermenting Finnish six-row barley and distilling the barley at the Koskenkorva distillery in the municipality of Ilkmajoki.

Furthermore, Koskenkorva distillery uses a continuous multi-pressure distillation method using a seven-column still.

These columns consist of a beer still, a rectification column, an extractive distillation column, a rectification column, a fusel oil column, and an aldehyde stripper and methanol column.

Once the spirit has been distilled, it is delivered by rail to the Rajamaki distillery. There, the ethanol is diluted with glacial water collected from the Rajamaki springs.

Finally, Finlandia Vodka is bottled and shipped for distribution locally and internationally.

What Does Finlandia Vodka Taste Like?

Finlandia Vodka has a gentle aroma with faint white pepper, grain, and sugarcane notes.

On the tongue, Finlandia Vodka has a clean and smooth mouthfeel that has a pleasant combination of ginger, cracked black pepper, and nutty undertones.

As for its aftertaste, Finlandia Vodka has a lingering black pepper finish.

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Finlandia Vodka is a brand that was established in Finland in 1970 by Alko, an alcoholic beverage company owned by the state.

Over the years, the American beverage company Brown-Forman slowly bought all the shares for Finlandia Vodka in 2004, they claimed full ownership.

Nonetheless, Finlandia Vodka continues to be made in southern regions of Finland, specifically in Koskenkorva and Rajamaki.

Finlandia Vodka is distilled in the Koskenkorva distillery and transported to the Rajamki distillery where the spirit is diluted with glacial water and bottled to proof.

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