What Kind Of Mayonnaise Does Subway Use? + Other Common FAQs

Subway is a popular fast-food chain famous for creating various sandwiches and salads, and one of the most popular ingredients Subway uses to make these dishes is mayonnaise.

If you are a fan of Subway sandwiches with mayonnaise, you may be wondering what kind of mayonnaise Subway uses. I did the research, and here is what I discovered!

What Kind Of Mayonnaise Does Subway Use?

Generally, it is assumed that Subway uses a somewhat traditional recipe for mayonnaise judging by the ingredients list, but the exact recipe for Subway mayonnaise is unknown. Moreover, Subway does not use a specific brand of mayonnaise in its stores. Furthermore, Subway does not sell their mayonnaise in grocery stores nor Subway branches.

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What Mayonnaise Does Subway Use?

If there is an exact brand used for Subway mayonnaise, it is not known because Subway does not share what brand of mayonnaise they use or if Subway creates their own mayonnaise.

However, Subway likely creates their own mayonnaise at a factory, but Subway did not share the recipe.

Moreover, it may be fair to assume that Subway uses a traditional recipe to create their mayonnaise because some of the ingredients used to make Subway mayonnaise are soybean oil, water, vinegar, eggs, etc.

What Ingredients Are In Subway Mayonnaises?

Subway has not shared the exact ingredients that Subway uses to create their mayonnaise. However, it may be safe to assume that Subway opts for common ingredients used to make mayonnaise, which can include:

  • Soybean oil
  • Water
  • Eggs
  • Distilled Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Sugar

It is also highly likely that Subway uses a type of preservative or added flavoring in their mayonnaise, but we cannot know what types they use for sure until Subway releases their exact ingredients list.

Can I Buy Subway Mayonnaise?

You cannot purchase Subway mayonnaise because Subway does not sell their mayonnaise at grocery stores or Subway branches, meaning only Subway franchises have true Subway mayonnaise.

However, many people state that S&W Mayonnaise tastes very similar to Subway Mayonnaise if you want to purchase mayonnaise similar to Subway’s mayonnaise.

Does Subway Mayonnaise Have Egg?

According to most sources, Subway mayonnaise does contain eggs because eggs are found in the ingredients list for most Subway mayonnaises.

However, some Subway branches may offer eggless mayonnaise to their customers, but you must ask the store directly before placing your order.

Otherwise, the Subway branch may give you regular mayonnaise that contains eggs since they will assume that it is fine for you to eat eggs.

Does Subway Use Pasteurized Mayonnaise?

Technically, Subway does use pasteurized mayonnaise for their mayonnaise because the eggs used to make Subway mayonnaise are pasteurized, making Subway’s mayonnaise pasteurized.

Most companies will opt to use pasteurized eggs because pasteurized eggs are safer to consume, especially since they will be serving eggs to thousands of customers.

Therefore, it will be highly unlikely that any branch of Subway will use unpasteurized eggs to make Subway mayonnaise.

Does Subway Have Light Mayonnaise?

Most Subway stores still carry light mayonnaise, but you will need to ask for light mayonnaise in your order if you want to have light mayonnaise since most branches may add regular mayonnaise instead.

Is Subway Light Mayonnaise The Same As Regular Mayonnaise?

Is Subway Light Mayonnaise The Same As Regular Mayonnaise?

Subway’s light mayonnaise is not the same as regular mayonnaise because regular mayonnaise has 12 grams of fat and 110 calories per tablespoon.

On the other hand, Subway’s light mayonnaise generally has 4.5 grams of fat and 40 calories per tablespoon.

Does Subway Use Light Mayonnaise In Tuna?

Subway does not use light mayonnaise in tuna, particularly for the tuna salad, because Subway’s tuna salad is pre-made with a regular mayonnaise.

Moreover, it is unlikely that you can request light mayonnaise in a Subway tuna salad because Subway’s tuna salad is often prepared before the store opens using regular mayonnaise.

How Many Calories Does Subway Mayonnaise Have?

Subway mayonnaise has around 99 calories per tablespoon of Subway mayonnaise.

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Is Subway Mayonnaise Better Than Hellman’s Mayonnaise?

In some cases, Subway mayonnaise may be better than Hellman’s Mayonnaise since many people want to have more access to Subway mayonnaise because Subway mayonnaise is tasty.

However, Hellman’s Mayonnaise can be better than Subway mayonnaise because you can actually buy Hellman’s Mayonnaise to use at home whereas Subway mayonnaise is not for sale.

Is Subway Mayonnaise Good?

Based on how many people ask if they can buy Subway mayonnaise, it is safe to assume that Subway mayonnaise is good mayonnaise.

However, we do not know the actual quality of the mayonnaise since we do not know how they make Subway mayonnaise, what ingredients are used, etc.

Is There A Recipe For Subway Mayonnaise?

Unfortunately, Subway has not released a recipe nor the ingredients Subway uses to make mayonnaise, but many people have created “copycat” recipes of Subway mayonnaise.

Surprisingly, most of the recipes that try to mimic Subway mayonnaise are very similar to a traditional mayonnaise recipe.

One popular recipe for copycat Subway mayonnaise includes canola oil or vegetable oil, whole eggs, granulated sugar, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, mustard powder, and garlic powder.

Likely, this recipe adds garlic powder and mustard powder to boost the overall flavor of the mayonnaise, making the mayonnaise tasty like Subway’s mayonnaise.

However, we have no confirmation as to whether this recipe truly mimics real Subway mayonnaise since we do not have access to the official ingredients list.


What brand of mayonnaise Subway uses is currently unknown since Subway does not share what brand or recipe they use to create Subway mayonnaise.

However, it is very likely that Subway produces its own mayonnaise and sends the mayonnaise to other Subway branches, and you cannot purchase Subway mayonnaise.

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