What Is Yellow Mustard? (Types, Ingredients, Uses + More)

Mustard has so many varieties that it can be overwhelming. So, many brands and recipes for prepared mustard have slowly emerged that consumers sometimes are not sure what their choice will be.

One of the most popular mustards is yellow mustard, and you may be wondering what yellow mustard is. I looked up the facts, and here is what I found!

What Is Yellow Mustard?

Commonly used in the United States, yellow mustard is a staple in every family home pantry. Yellow mustard is a very mild tasting mustard that is bright yellow thanks to turmeric powder. Yellow mustard is the condiment used to regularly top hot dogs, pretzels, and hamburgers and is usually just known as “mustard” when used.

In the vast world of condiments, what makes yellow mustard a pantry staple? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Prepared Yellow Mustard?

Prepared yellow mustard is the condiment you buy in ready-to-use form, and is normally packaged in a bottle or jar in groceries.

Typically, prepared yellow mustard is processed, unlike unprocessed yellow mustard powder that is only finely ground yellow mustard seeds.

Some famous names in the prepared mustard world are Plochman’s, Heinz, and French’s.

What Is American Yellow Mustard?

American yellow mustard is the gold standard for yellow mustards. Yellow mustard’s bright yellow hue is known everywhere and comes from the colorful spice turmeric.

Typically mild in heat flavor, yellow mustard is an all-purpose product in America.

What Is In French’s Yellow Mustard?

French’s is an American brand known for condiments and other food items, and French’s is now owned by McCormick, but the food items that are sold were created by Robert French.

French’s famous yellow mustard used to be called “cream salad mustard”, and the same mustard was introduced to the St. Louis World’s Fair on top of a hot dog, which started mustard’s early history.

Prepared yellow mustard, which is French’s best-selling condiment, boasts simple ingredients: distilled vinegar, water, 1-grade mustard seed, salt, paprika, spice, natural flavors, garlic powder, and turmeric.

What Is The Best Yellow Mustard?

What Is The Best Yellow Mustard?

So many brands producing and selling prepared mustard have emerged and the best one is still practically up for debate. Preferences vary, and some like one brand’s taste better than others.

Though the most famous brand known for yellow mustard is French’s, this does not guarantee them a spot in the favorites and the best list.

However, the top 5 yellow mustard in most surveys are:

What Is Yellow Mustard Made Of?

Typically, yellow mustard is made of yellow mustard powder and turmeric mixed with any liquid like water, vinegar, wine, and even beer.

However, some brands add other spices or flavorings for a tastier mixture. This depends on which brand or recipe you prefer to your taste, and you can also make homemade yellow mustard using your own ingredients.

Yellow mustard in its simplest form is just ground or dry yellow mustard with water but yellow mustard will only become yellow when you add turmeric.

What Is Yellow Mustard Oil?

Yellow mustard oil is a form of basic mustard oil except yellow mustard oil is less pungent thus maintaining the original and natural flavor of the food.

Visibly lighter in color and less thick in texture, yellow mustard oil is a great source of vitamins and minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, iron, protein, and more.

What Is Yellow Mustard Used For?

Yellow mustard is used for endless things, and yellow mustard is a very versatile condiment that most people can use almost on any food or dish.

Additionally, yellow mustard gained its popularity when yellow mustard was used over hotdogs at state fairs, and yellow mustard made headlines all over the United States.

Recipes that call for sauces, glazes, and gravies can benefit from yellow mustard for yellow mustard’s tangy yet balancing flavors.

Salads and greens also pair well with yellow mustard, especially in vinaigrettes and dressings. Most salad dressings are incomplete without the addition of yellow mustard.

Yellow mustard is also great as spreads and toppers for sandwiches and burgers. This was the first primary use of mustard before yellow mustard was incorporated into recipes.

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Being one of the most popular American condiments, yellow mustard lives up to the expectations of being a versatile ingredient.

Additionally, the uses of yellow mustard in recipes are so vast that yellow mustard can be incorporated in almost any dish for yellow mustard’s flavor.

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