What Is Spicy Brown Mustard? (Ingredients, Uses + More Related FAQs)

Most mustards are known for giving a pungent, tangy flavor to the food mustard is added to. If you love good mustard with a kick of heat, your best bet is to try the spicy brown mustard.

What more is there to spicy brown mustard apart from the heat? I looked up the facts, and here is what I found!

What Is Spicy Brown Mustard?

Spicy brown mustard is a type of mustard that started its roots in Germany. Spicy brown mustard is made with brown mustard seeds, and the seeds are soaked in much less vinegar than other mustard seeds. Less vinegar means spicy brown mustard stays hot and is less acidic. Best with meats, spicy brown mustard is more known as the “deli mustard.”

What exactly makes spicy brown mustard different? Keep reading to find out!

What Does Spicy Brown Mustard Look Like?

Mostly darker in color than other mustards, spicy brown mustard is brown instead of yellow like traditional mustards because of the brown mustard seeds.

Generally, spicy brown mustard looks very textured and coarse, and spicy brown mustard offers the same mouthfeel as its appearance.

What Is Spicy Brown Mustard Made Of?

Spicy brown mustard, as the name suggests, is made with brown mustard seeds.

Brown mustard seeds are left with the bran on, giving spicy brown mustard a much coarser texture compared to other mustards.

Though most mustards typically have vinegar in the ingredients, spicy brown mustard soaks brown mustard seeds in less vinegar than most mustards do.

Other spices can also be incorporated into spicy brown mustard as additional ingredients depending on the brand and the manufacturer.

What Spices Are Found In Spicy Brown Mustard?

Aside from the basic and popular ingredients, the most common spices added to spicy brown mustard are turmeric, allspice, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

These spices are what give the spicy brown mustard a leg up in the mustard category, and the flavor is perfect to pair with almost any kind of food as a spread or dip.

What Is Spicy Brown Mustard Good For?

Known as the “deli mustard,” spicy brown mustard is great to pair with strong-flavored meats, such as pastramis, roast beef, and other deli meats.

Sausages are also very good to pair with spicy brown mustard as a dip or a spread to the sandwich the sausages are in.

Additionally, hot dogs, bratwurst, even pretzels, are made more flavorful when paired with a dollop of spicy brown mustard to balance out flavors.

What Does Spicy Brown Mustard Taste Like?

What Does Spicy Brown Mustard Taste Like?

Because spicy brown mustard contains less vinegar, this gives the flavor of spicy brown mustard a reduced acidity and spicier punch.

Moreover, spicy brown mustard is made from brown mustard seeds to make spicy brown mustard spicy, hence the name “spicy brown.”

Some spices such as cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg can be added to give more earthiness and a more robust flavor to spicy brown mustard, which is perfect for balancing flavors in other foods.

What Is The Difference Between Spicy Brown Mustard And Dijon?

Spicy brown mustard is considerably hotter than Dijon mustard, meaning extra heat is the defining factor in their flavor difference.

When it comes to texture, spicy brown mustard offers a coarser and more intense texture than the smooth Dijon mustard since spicy brown mustard seeds are left whole with the skin on.

Additionally, other additional spices are a big difference between spicy brown mustard and Dijon mustard because Dijon mustard typically does not have other spices in the ingredients.

What Is The Difference Between Spicy Brown Mustard And Stone Ground Mustard?

In terms of ingredients, spicy brown mustard and stone ground mustard are very similar to each other.

However, ingredients are where the similarity ends because spicy brown packs more spice than stone ground mustard.

Stone ground mustard does not have the additional spice that spicy brown mustard has that makes spicy brown mustard’s flavor pop.

For example, turmeric, ginger, or cinnamon will likely not be found in stone ground mustard.

What Are Good Substitutes For Spicy Brown Mustard?

When replacing spicy brown mustard, it is good to consider the level of spice and heat spicy brown mustard gives off.

Some of the best substitutes for spicy brown mustard in terms of heat are prepared horseradish or wasabi since both pack heat that can imitate spicy brown mustard in dishes very well.

Since horseradish is in the same flavor category as mustard, horseradish is great when you want the sour, pungent, spicy mustard kick to your food.

Moreover, horseradish offers a strong burn in the back of your nose as most mustards do.

On the other hand, wasabi does little in terms of taste but makes up for it in heat. Wasabi’s burn is enough to remind you of a strong mustard heat, such as the spicy brown mustard.

Yellow mustard with a little bit of cayenne or chili powder is also a great substitute for spicy brown if you want the traditional mustard taste with a kick.

In terms of texture, whole grain and stone ground mustard are your best choices because they have the same texture and mouthfeel as spicy brown mustard because of the mustard seeds in the mixture.

Dijon mustard is the best-known substitute for brown mustard because they both give the same distinct pungent flavor that they are sometimes mistaken for each other.

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When looking for a condiment that pairs well with meaty sandwiches, spicy brown mustard will fulfill your needs. Spicy brown mustard’s texture, flavor, and heat are perfect to balance strong flavored meats and dishes.

Spicy brown mustard may not be as versatile as an addition to food because of the spice and heat, but spicy brown mustard is still a well-loved condiment.

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