What Is New Amsterdam Vodka Made From? (Ingredients + Properties)

New Amsterdam Vodka is the world’s fastest-growing vodka brand. In spite of its sleek appeal, it is surprisingly affordable too.

If you’re curious about their success, you probably want to know what New Amsterdam Vodka is made from. Here’s what I discovered!

What Is New Amsterdam Vodka Made From?

New Amsterdam Vodka is made from a mixture of Midwest Grains. Around 95% comes from corn, and 5% comes from unspecified cereal grains. Moreover, New Amsterdam claims to use the purest water in their vodka, although they refrain from identifying their source. Similarly, New Amsterdam doesn’t disclose whether they infuse their flavored vodkas with natural or artificial flavors.

If you want to learn all there is to know about this exciting brand of vodka, keep on reading!

What Are The Ingredients In New Amsterdam Vodka?

New Amsterdam Vodka is made from Midwest grains, the majority of which is corn, and the rest being a mixture of other unspecified cereal grains.

While New Amsterdam mentions that they use the purest water to make their vodka, they do not disclose the specific type of water or its source.

As for New Amsterdam 100 Proof, they make it from the finest quality corn, but it’s not clear whether it contains other cereal grains like its 80 proof counterpart.

Additionally, New Amsterdam comes in 11 flavors, namely orange, coconut, lemon, mango, red berry, raspberry, apple, pineapple, peach, grapefruit, and watermelon.

However, New Amsterdam does not divulge their recipes, and whether they achieve these flavors through natural infusions or artificial flavoring.

What Grain Is New Amsterdam Vodka Made From?

New Amsterdam Vodka is made from 95% corn and 5% cereal grains. However, they do not disclose what type of cereal grains they use and could be any such as barley, rye, oats, sorghum, quinoa, and buckwheat.

How Is New Amsterdam Vodka Made?

New Amsterdam does not disclose the exact manufacturing process of their vodkas. All they tell the public is that New Amsterdam Vodka is distilled 5 times and filtered 3 times.

In addition, New Amsterdam Vodka is produced in Modesto, California, where its distributor, E&J Gallo, is based.

How Many Times Is New Amsterdam Vodka Distilled?

What Is New Amsterdam Vodka Made From?

New Amsterdam Vodka is distilled 5 times as the brand believes that this enables them to remove all impurities from their vodka while retaining its mouthfeel.

Is New Amsterdam Vodka Made From Wheat?

New Amsterdam Vodka is mainly produced from corn, but it also contains a mixture of cereal grains.

Since New Amsterdam does not name the specific type of cereal grain they use, there exists the possibility that their vodka also contains wheat.

Is New Amsterdam Vodka Made From Potatoes?

New Amsterdam Vodka is not made from potatoes. Moreover, at no point in New Amsterdam’s history were potatoes used as an ingredient to make their vodka.

Is New Amsterdam Vodka Vegan?

New Amsterdam Vodka is not vegan. While New Amsterdam won’t share their exact recipe and manufacturing process, they confirmed that they use a wide assortment of fining agents.

Fining agents are commonly derived from animals and animal by-products, thus making New Amsterdam Vodka unsuitable for vegans.

On a positive note, New Amsterdam confirms that they are cruelty-free, claiming that they do not test their vodkas on any type of animal.

Is New Amsterdam Gluten-Free?

Whether all New Amsterdam Vodkas are gluten-free has yet to be confirmed.

After all, New Amsterdam Vodka is made from multiple grains. If it were made purely from corn, then it would be naturally gluten-free.

Since this is not the case, however, there’s doubt among celiacs that the distillation process removes all gluten-proteins from grain vodkas like New Amsterdam.

Additionally, New Amsterdam Vodka hasn’t confirmed whether their flavored vodkas use additives that contain gluten.

That said, there is a New Amsterdam Vodka that has no gluten. New Amsterdam Gluten-Free is made from American corn and bottled at 80 proof.

Is New Amsterdam Vodka Keto?

New Amsterdam Vodka has not confirmed whether it’s suitable for a ketogenic diet.

However, it’s worth noting that unflavored New Amsterdam Vodka has no carbs, while some of their flavored vodkas such as Red Berry Vodka do.

Is New Amsterdam Vodka Kosher?

New Amsterdam has no Kosher label on their bottles, and they haven’t confirmed on their website whether all or any New Amsterdam products are Kosher.

Moreover, New Amsterdam is not listed on liquor sites as suitable for Kosher or Passover.

What Is The Proof Of New Amsterdam?

Regular New Amsterdam Vodka has 40% ABV or 80 proof. Additionally, there is an unflavored New Amsterdam Vodka that has 100 proof.

As for New Amsterdam flavored vodkas, they typically have 35% ABV or 70 proof.

How Many Calories Does New Amsterdam Vodka Have?

Unflavored New Amsterdam Vodka with 80 proof has 100 calories per standard drink while New Amsterdam 100 Proof has 120 calories per standard drink.

Additionally, New Amsterdam flavored vodkas typically have a maximum of 85 calories per 1.5 ounces.

Does New Amsterdam Vodka Have Sugar?

Unflavored New Amsterdam Vodkas contain no sugar. However, there’s no way to confirm as of yet whether New Amsterdam Flavored Vodkas are also sugar-free.

Nonetheless, online nutrition labels claim that New Amsterdam Flavored vodkas have zero sugar in them.

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New Amsterdam Vodka is an American brand made from Midwest grains. While 5% of these grains are a combination of cereal grains, the rest is made from corn.

Moreover, New Amsterdam uses pure water in their vodka. But where they get this water is something they do not disclose.

On account of New Amsterdam’s confidentiality with regards to their recipes and manufacturing process, there’s no way to tell whether their products are gluten-free.

Similarly, New Amsterdam has not confirmed if their vodkas are Kosher. However, they did verify that they are not vegan.

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