What Is Jimmy Mustard? (Uses, Taste + More)

Mustard’s soaring popularity has made mustard one of the most sought-after condiments on every restaurant table.

If you’ve ever heard of Jimmy Mustard, you may be wondering what it is. Read on to see what I discovered!

What Is Jimmy Mustard?

Jimmy Mustard is a whole grain brown mustard that is made by Jimmy John’s, an American sandwich and cold-cut chain restaurant. Jimmy Mustard is also known as deli mustard, as Jimmy Mustard is a perfect addition to sandwiches. Jimmy Mustard contains whole grain seeds that give the mustard a great texture and crunch.

How did Jimmy John’s make their own mustard and why did Jimmy John’s make mustard? Let’s find out below!

What Does Jimmy Mustard Taste Like?

Jimmy Mustard is almost similar to Dijon but has more kick and heat, and Jimmy Mustard also offers a different texture in your mouth because of the whole grain seeds.

Generally, Jimmy Mustard is like a whole grain Dijon mix, so Jimmy Mustard is combining the distinct flavor profile of the two mustards while adding texture.

Jimmy Mustard has also been compared to a Grey Poupon, but Jimmy Mustard is milder and tamer in taste and heat than the original Grey Poupon.

If you can’t get a hold of Jimmy John mustard, a great replacement would be spicy brown mustard, stone ground mustard, or classic yellow mustard.

What Is Jimmy Mustard Made Of?

What Is Jimmy Mustard Made Of?

Since Jimmy Mustard is made and produced by the company Jimmy John’s, there is no legitimate recipe available to the public.

However, you can try to make a homemade version of Jimmy Mustard, but it may not taste exactly the same.

If you want to experiment, simply mix a jar of Dijon with any type of whole grain brown mustard.

Making your own version of Jimmy Mustard will be a great alternative so you can control the ingredients you add and bring the mixture into your desired flavor.

Is Jimmy Mustard Only For Sandwiches?

Jimmy Mustard can be used on anything, so you can use Jimmy Mustard like regular mustard.

Typically, Jimmy Mustard is great on sandwiches, but you can also use Jimmy Mustard on meats, cheeses, dips, and as a dressing.

With its tangy taste and subtle heat, Jimmy Mustard can be used on a variety of food and not just the deli meats and burgers.

Where Can You Get Jimmy Mustard?

Jimmy Mustard can be bought at any Jimmy John’s location for a few dollars, but the prices may differ at various locations, and some branches may not have the mustard in store.

You may also browse online shops to see if they carry Jimmy Mustard. Most online stores don’t, but sometimes you get lucky and find Jimmy Mustard online.

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Jimmy John’s has made a name for itself in the restaurant business and also in producing mustard.

You can get Jimmy Mustard at Jimmy John’s, and you can use Jimmy Mustard like regular mustard.

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