What Is Jello Called In Australia? + Other Commonly Asked Questions

Jello is a well-loved food not only in America but also in other parts of the world. However, unlike in America, other countries call Jello a different name.

If you find yourself in Australia craving for a Jello dessert, you might be wondering what the locals call Jello. I looked into it, and here is what I found!

What Is Jello Called In Australia?

Jello is called ‘jelly’ in Australia. Technically, Jello is a type of jelly, and Jello’s name is derived from the popular American brand Jell-O. In Australia, Jell-O’s equivalent is Aeroplane Jelly. Despite being called jelly, Aeroplane Jelly is generally the same as American Jello and can be used to prepare the same kind of desserts as any Jello brand.

If you are interested to learn more about Australian Jello and how Australian Jello differs from American Jell-O, keep reading!

What Is Jelly Made Of In Australia?

Depending on the brand, jelly in Australia can be made from the same variety of sources as American Jello.

Generally, Australian jelly is animal-based and can be sourced from pigs and cows. However, there may also be Australian Jello with plant-based gelatin.

What Is The Australian Equivalent To Jello?

Aeroplane Jelly is the Australian equivalent of America’s Jell-O. While one is called jelly and the other Jello, they are technically the same type of flavored gelatin.

Unlike in America, Australians use ‘jelly’ instead of ‘Jello’ because Australia’s staple brand is not America’s Jell-O.

Is Aeroplane A Jelly?

Aeroplane is a jelly and is similar to American Jello brands. Like American Jello, Aeroplane Jelly is made from animal-based gelatin, sweeteners, and artificial ingredients.

Additionally, it is important to note that Aeroplane Jelly is not the same as American jelly, which is a sandwich spread that is made from sugar and preserved fruit.

What Is Aeroplane Jelly Made Of?

Aeroplane Jelly is made of beef gelatin, sugar, flavoring, acidity regulators, and food coloring. Depending on the specific Aeroplane Jelly format you are buying, the ingredients may vary slightly.

Why Is It Called Aeroplane Jelly?

When Aeroplane Jelly was conceived, aviation was on the rise, and people found airplanes to be an exciting invention.

Aeroplane Jelly’s creator, Bert Appleroth, was also a huge fan of aviation, and thus named his jelly brand Aeroplane Jelly.

Additionally, Appleroth used to deliver Aeroplane Jelly to rural areas in Australia using a Tiger Moth plane, which boosted Aeroplane Jelly’s reputation.

Is Aeroplane Jelly the Same As Gelatin?

Aeroplane Jelly contains gelatin and is considered a gelatin product. However, unlike gelatin which is traditionally plain in appearance and flavor, Aeroplane Jelly is produced with sweeteners and food coloring.

How Long Does It Take For Aeroplane Jelly To Set?

Determining the amount of time it takes for Aeroplane Jelly to set depends on the recipe you are following and the volume you are making.

Typically, Aeroplane Jelly only needs around two to three hours to set in the fridge if you are following the recommended recipe on the back of the package.

Does Aeroplane Jelly Expire?

Does Aeroplane Jelly Expire?

Like all Jello and jelly products, Aeroplane Jelly eventually expires. Nevertheless, the rate of expiration depends on several factors.

If the Aeroplane Jelly is left unopened, Aeroplane Jelly can remain in edible condition for several years after the expiration date has passed.

However, if the Aeroplane Jelly has been opened or exposed to air when partially used, you have only three to four months to use the remainder of the Aeroplane Jelly.

As for prepared Aeroplane Jelly, you can store it in the fridge for a maximum of ten days. After which, the Aeroplane Jelly’s quality may deteriorate or show signs of spoilage.

How Long Can You Keep Aeroplane Jelly In The Fridge?

Plain Aeroplane Jelly can last up to ten days in the fridge. However, if you add fruits or other ingredients that spoil fast, the Aeroplane Jelly will for a few days in the fridge.

Is Aeroplane Jelly Halal Certified?

Aeroplane Jelly uses halal-certified gelatin, but Aeroplane Jelly itself is not halal-certified. Currently, some Aeroplane Jelly products are halal and others are not.

Here is a list of all the halal Aeroplane Jelly products for your reference:

  • Aeroplane Jelly Original Blackberry
  • Aeroplane Jelly Original Creaming Soda
  • Aeroplane Jelly Original Create A Jelly
  • Aeroplane Jelly Original Lemon
  • Aeroplane Jelly Original Lime
  • Aeroplane Jelly Original Mango
  • Aeroplane Jelly Original Orange
  • Aeroplane Jelly Original Passionfruit
  • Aeroplane Jelly Original Pineapple
  • Aeroplane Jelly Original Portwine
  • Aeroplane Jelly Original Raspberry
  • Aeroplane Jelly Naturals Blackcurrant
  • Aeroplane Jelly Naturals Orange Mango
  • Aeroplane Jelly Lite Dark Cherry
  • Aeroplane Jelly Lite Lemon
  • Aeroplane Jelly Lite Lime
  • Aeroplane Jelly Lite Mango Passionfruit
  • Aeroplane Jelly Lite Orange Mango
  • Aeroplane Jelly Lite Pineapple
  • Aeroplane Jelly Lite Port Wine
  • Aeroplane Jelly Lite Raspberry
  • Aeroplane Jelly Lite Vanilla Berry
  • Aeroplane Jelly Ready To Eat Blackcurrant
  • Aeroplane Jelly Ready To Eat Orange
  • Aeroplane Jelly Ready To Eat Pineapple
  • Aeroplane Jelly Chocolate Mousse
  • Aeroplane Jelly Topping Caramel
  • Aeroplane Jelly Topping Chocolate
  • Aeroplane Jelly Mug Cake Caramel
  • Aeroplane Jelly Mug Cake Sticky Date
  • Aeroplane Jelly Choc Hazelnut Shake
  • Aeroplane Jelly Peanut Butter Fudge Shake
  • Aeroplane Jelly Salted Caramel Shake
  • Aeroplane Jelly Lime Flavored Glitter Jelly
  • Aeroplane Jelly Vanilla Flavored Dessert Mix

Additionally, it is important to note that the Aeroplane Jelly flavors not listed above are not halal suitable because the flavors either contain alcohol, carmine flavoring, or both.

How Much Gelatin Is In Aeroplane Jelly?

Aeroplane Jelly does not indicate the amount of gelatin they use in their jelly.

Nevertheless, based on the ingredient list, gelatin is next to sugar in terms of quantity. As such, you can expect that a large portion of Aeroplane Jelly is gelatin.

Is Aeroplane Jelly Australian Owned?

Aeroplane Jelly was created by Bert Appleroth, who ran a backyard business called Traders Pty Ltd.

After Aeroplane Jelly became successful, Aeroplane Jelly was acquired by McCormick Foods Australia, which is a subsidiary of America’s McCormick & Company.

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In Australia, Jello is called jelly, and must not be confused with American jelly, which is a spread made with preserved fruits.

Australia’s top jelly brand, Aeroplane Jelly produces the same output as America’s Jell-O and can be used interchangeably in making Jello desserts.

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