What Is Heavy Duty Mayonnaise? (Uses, Taste + More)

Mayonnaise is a popular sauce loved for its versatility, and mayonnaise has gained many variations with different uses, flavors, etc. throughout the years.

One such variation is heavy duty mayonnaise, and you may be wondering what heavy duty mayonnaise is. I looked up the facts, and here is what I discovered!

What Is Heavy Duty Mayonnaise?

Heavy duty mayonnaise is very thick and heavy mayonnaise, and heavy duty mayonnaise is often used to bind ingredients together thanks to heavy duty mayonnaise’s thick and creamy texture. Typically, heavy duty mayonnaise tastes the same as regular mayonnaise. Moreover, heavy duty mayonnaise has a thick texture because heavy duty mayonnaise is extra-emulsified.

Do you wish to learn more facts about heavy duty mayonnaise, how to use heavy duty mayonnaise, and more? Keep reading!

What Does Heavy Duty Mayonnaise Taste Like?

Typically, heavy duty mayonnaise tastes the same as regular mayonnaise because heavy duty mayonnaise is not meant to taste different.

Instead, heavy duty mayonnaise has an extremely thick and somewhat heavy texture, which is what makes heavy duty mayonnaise stand out.

What Is Heavy Duty Mayonnaise Used For?

Generally, heavy duty mayonnaise is used for binding ingredients, such as egg salad, potato salad, tuna for sandwiches, and more.

While you may use regular mayonnaise to bind ingredients, heavy duty mayonnaise is particularly effective due to its thick and dense texture.

Plus, heavy duty mayonnaise offers more stability than regular mayonnaise, making heavy duty mayonnaise excellent at keeping all your ingredients together.

Moreover, heavy duty mayonnaise is ideal if you wish to make creamier dressings if you find that regular mayonnaise is too thin for your liking.

Additionally, heavy duty mayonnaise is great if you want to brown meats since cooking meats with heavy duty mayonnaise can create a golden brown color.

Generally, oil only heats meat thermally whereas mayonnaise can chemically brown food, making heavy duty mayonnaise a very versatile mayonnaise to have.

What Ingredients Are In Heavy Duty Mayonnaise?

Typically, heavy duty mayonnaise has the same ingredients as regular mayonnaise, which can include egg yolks, oil, and lemon juice or vinegar.

However, heavy duty mayonnaise contains more egg yolks than regular mayonnaise because more egg yolks create a denser texture.

How Do You Make Heavy Duty Mayonnaise?

How Do You Make Heavy Duty Mayonnaise?

Heavy duty mayonnaise is extra-emulsified mayonnaise, and the extra emulsification is achieved by using more egg yolks.

Normally, heavy duty mayonnaise is created by whisking an egg and an egg yolk with lemon juice or vinegar.

Next, oil is whisked with the egg mixture, but the oil must be poured in a very thin and slow stream as the egg mixture constantly gets whisked.

Constantly whisking while adding the oil slowly is crucial to emulsify the mixture to create mayonnaise because the mixture will not combine if the oil is added quickly.

Whisking the mayonnaise can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the amount and what item was used to combine the eggs and oil.

What Is The Difference Between Heavy Duty Mayonnaise And Regular Mayonnaise?

Generally, the main difference between heavy duty mayonnaise and regular mayonnaise is texture.

While regular mayonnaise features a thick and creamy texture, heavy duty mayonnaise is much denser and heavier than regular mayonnaise, making heavy duty mayonnaise a popular choice for many restaurants.

On the other hand, regular mayonnaise has a “lighter” texture, making regular mayonnaise easier to spread over bread, wraps, etc.

Moreover, heavy duty mayonnaise often contains more egg yolks than regular mayonnaise because the extra egg yolks help make heavy duty mayonnaise “extra emulsified.”

However, those are the only differences between regular mayonnaise and heavy duty mayonnaise since they share the same appearance and flavor.

Does Hellman’s Make Heavy Duty Mayonnaise?

Hellman’s does create a heavy duty mayonnaise, which is called Hellman’s Extra Heavy Real Mayonnaise.

Does Duke’s Make Heavy Duty Mayonnaise?

Duke’s has a variation of mayonnaise called Duke’s Heavy Duty Mayonnaise, which is said to feature a creamy and extra-thick texture.

Does Nola Make Heavy Duty Mayonnaise?

Nola does not have heavy duty mayonnaise, but Nola does create an ultra creamy variant called Nola Ultra Creamy Mayonnaise.

Do Best Foods Make Heavy Duty Mayonnaise?

Currently, Best Foods does not create a heavy duty mayonnaise, so opting for Best Foods Real Mayonnaise is the closest to heavy duty mayonnaise that you can get from Best Foods.

Does Vegenaise Make Heavy Duty Mayonnaise?

Unfortunately, Vegenaise does not create any type of heavy duty mayonnaise.

Does Miracle Whip Make Heavy Duty Mayonnaise?

As of now, Miracle Whip does not make any type of heavy duty or extra thick variant of Miracle Whip. Moreover, it is important to note that Miracle Whip is not real mayonnaise as Miracle Whip is only a cheaper alternative to mayonnaise.

Is Heavy Duty Mayonnaise Better Than Regular Mayonnaise?

Heavy duty mayonnaise being better than regular mayonnaise will mostly depend on your preference, your recipe, and more.

For instance, heavy duty mayonnaise works best in recipes that use mayonnaise as a binding ingredient since heavy duty mayonnaise offers a creamier and thicker texture than mayonnaise.

Therefore, heavy duty mayonnaise would be ideal in a potato salad, egg salad, tuna salad, coleslaw, etc., especially if you want a thick dressing.

On the other hand, heavy duty mayonnaise may be too thick for spreads on sandwiches, wraps, etc., meaning regular mayonnaise would be better as a spread.

Generally, most chefs will state that heavy duty mayonnaise is better than regular mayonnaise because of heavy duty mayonnaise’s thicker texture, so it may be more ideal to use heavy duty mayonnaise for cooking.

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Heavy duty mayonnaise is a very thick, creamy, and dense mayonnaise that is excellent for binding ingredients together for salads, sandwich ingredients, and more.

Typically, heavy duty mayonnaise contains more eggs than regular mayonnaise to make it thicker, which is why heavy duty mayonnaise is the preferred mayonnaise for many chefs.

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